Introducing 5 Word Stories Daily Challenge - Your Chance to Win SBD

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Tell 5 Word Stories, Win SBD


Five Word Stories

(A Daily Challenge)


What Is The Goal?

Tell Short Stories, Win SBD.

See!, I just described the entire challenge in 5 words.

How Does It Work?

1- Everyday I post a picture titled "Daily 5 Word Stories Challenge"
2- You have until the next Saturday to comment your "5 word stories" on that picture
3- On each Saturday, I select top stories for each picture and announce winners in a new post titled "5 Word Stories Winners"

What do Winners Receive?

1 - 0.1 SBD For Each Winner (Will be increased if we get good traction on the challenge)
2 - 100% Upvote on their "5 word story comment"
3 - Honorary Mention in the Winner Announcement Post

How To Participate?

1 - Follow my feed @b2travel or follow challenge hash tag #fivewordstories
2 - Post your entry as a comment under each challenge (try to be creative)

Where The Results Get Published?

Results will be published every Saturday on @b2travel blog.

When Do Winners Get Their Prize?

On Saturdays, right after announcing the winners.


I would be happy to know your opinion about the challenge, please let me know in the comments below.
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Our main goal in life financial freedom when you have much more time as you want and spent at your favorite place to make happy with life. Thank you @b2travel for inviting in contenst have a great day.

You got it :)

Im glad that I was invited in this challenge sir..This is my entry for the "5 Word Story Challenge"

thank you for your contest it's great

@b2travel thanks for the contest you made, this is good

Thank you @b2travel
A very useful post, I will try to work together.

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Fun! I'm glad I found this. I'll be following your blog.

this is my first entry

Cool! but this is not a challenge post. You gotta post under either of the Four challenge posts that are out now.

I am very glad, you have invited me to this challenge.
I will try to win it, once thanks to you @b2travel

I'm happy to be a part and luckily I got heere following your comment on my post.

I am done trying on challenge 1-4 hope you like it.

Thanks a lot for participating :)

if indeed this is a true contest to win and there is a law of reciprocity I really like let's write a more vigorous because the proverb says pen eyes sharper than the sword eye writing will not disappear even though the author has no one sentence that will be remembered forever

I'm totally in

Done with my five-word stories. Thank you for inviting @b2travel

Wow. very good work, good english and clear, i like your post '@b2travel

Saya senang mendapatkan undangan pada #fivewordstories dan akan belajar banyak

thank you for inviting me

Brilliant concept! just jealous I didn't think of it first :)

Looking forward to the challenges

Hey bro i am very exciting being a part of your team.I will participate heartily.IMG-20180225-WA0048.jpg

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