Indian Cat-Clever animal!

in animal •  2 months ago

Indian Cat

Felis catus
Very Clever animal

Found in ashore wandering
Pachnpota ,North 24 PGS,Kolkata,India
Look at its eyes ,it is posing in front of camera.

Canon 700D
250.00mm F L
Day light,No flash

IMG_1643 - Copy.JPG

IMG_1641 - Copy.JPG

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Your post on "Indian Cat-Clever animal!" is really cute. The photos are exceptional and charming. I really liked the cat.

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It's true in Indian culture get his scary animal it looks like too scary it slowly comes in our kitchens and it milk and any other foods that's why you don't like but many of us will likes him as per only when they are babies. They are too clever because when they can't there is no sound of their feets..

Scary :)

I love cats, I also love animals, in fact I wrote a post about a dog is a good story, I appreciate a lot of you read it.