Our 4th Give Away Clothing and feeding them

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We succeeded in making the 4th donation on February 26, 2018. We toured a brick factory 25 miles away. This was our great happiness and peace that we fed and distributed clothes among the poor people. We fed 120 people and handed out clothes to 58 children. We had a busy and hard workout day. Thanks to all my colleagues.

One of the most needed is to provide medicines to the most ordinary people. They work all day long for minimal food requirements. Obviously their miserable life makes us sad.
We learned a lot from this survey.

  1. Supplying medicines to people who are suffering
  2. Free education for very poor children

Special thanks to @asksisk for the donation and support. We really respect and love you.

The Beautiful Moments:








Moment's videos;


Some captures within the Brickyard



The People Beyond the Projects




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