Humanity Trapped In a Soul Mill

in anarchy •  6 months ago

The whole idea of a soul recycling mill when we die is not a pleasant one but it absolutely needs to be discussed. Could it be that the white light often reported when we die could be fake to lure us in for another round on Planet crazy?

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Nah. That's just a natural, biological response that the mind produces at death.

I agree, I think there is a high probability that this light is related to some system of reinsertion into this world. In fact, in the Tibetan Book of the Dead they explain that one should resist to follow the lights, of course, I am saying it in a very vague way, you should look for a copy of that book and read it so you can see what it is about. regards


Yes Ive heard about this and I need to read it.

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The recycling model is false, it is the Hindu model, not the Buddhist model. The personality is an expression of the soul, which is an expression of its source, which is an expression of the divine.
So it is more like a tree.
There is also a lot of "fake light", which attaches to our soul and makes us follow religions. But there is also a real light to which we return, and reconnect with the divine. This real light is via the inner child, sometimes via nature.

People that are disconnected from the divine do think that only the physical is reality. They get stuck in fixed believe systems, as they can not experience much outside their believe systems. (Unless get get in an accident).

The problems cause a "samsara" of our personalty in this world, as it gets stuck in desires and belief-systems.