More Bizarre and Threatening Behavior from @adamkokesh / Kokesh2020 - RECORD FOR STEEM BLOCKCHAIN

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Here is the recent Kokesh video alleging theft by former staffer Angela Fisher Owens:

The following are screenshots I received directly from Angela Fisher Owens of a Google Plus "Adam Kokesh" account messaging her 9-year-old son, Liam. This account is allegedly the personal account of Adam Kokesh. The profile picture is the same as the only Adam Kokesh account on Google + with this picture, and when a search of Kokesh's verified private email, [email protected], is done, the account that pops up is one with the same picture and 6,244 followers. I have asked Adam Kokesh in the comments section of this post and directly, via email, if he sent these messages to Liam. He has not yet responded. As Fisher Owens was part of his core team, however, in constant communication with Adam, it seems unlikely that the account she would be communicating with, and which her son had access to via Google Hangouts/Google +, would be someone else.

Another message to Liam, 9 years old, from the same account, in a Google Hangouts chat:

It is my understanding that Fisher Owens has since filed a restraining order against Kokesh.

Here is what I know about the account at the time of writing:

By all rational estimations at this point, it certainly appears that @adamkokesh was putting pressure on a 9-year-old child about his parents' and kokesh's legal dispute. I use the word "alleged" only to be safe. I will let the reader draw their own conclusions. If this account was hacked, or there is some other unusual explanation, Adam Kokesh should make that clear immediately.


@benfarmer (Kokesh's campaign strategist) confirming the origin of the above message via a Facebook comment:

You can find Tatiana on Twitter and Facebook to verify. However, as can be clearly seen, the message was acknowledged by Farmer as having come from Kokesh. Farmer can be seen sitting on the couch, far right, in the Kokesh YouTube video embedded at the top of this post.

It is interesting to note that in my recent conversations with Angela Fisher Owens, Owens claimed that she had also been prompted at the time by Kokesh to issue threats to Moroz, but did not do so.

Stacey Cook, who Moroz mentions in the screenshot to the left, is Kokesh's current girlfriend, and is also featured in the video at the top of the page.

Regardless of the debated innocence or guilt of Angela Fisher Owens, or the "advice" given by Moroz, what we see here are two examples of threatening, manipulative behavior, one of which was directed at a 9-year-old child. The pattern, however, does not stop here.

3. UNADDRESSED DEATH THREATS AND KOKESH-UPVOTED COMMENTS CALLING FOR MOB STYLE "HITS" issued by Kokesh supporter in his Steemit blog's comments section.

After implying that Angela Fisher Owens may be a government "plant" in his video, Kokesh upvoted a comment an account, @fundposhprincess made, calling for a "hit" to be placed on the "thieving bitch":

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 22.43.50.png

Kokesh has since reversed his vote, with no explanation. When initially I notified him of the comment, he flagged the account's comment heavily (so it stands to reason he read my notification/the comment in question), which seemed appropriate to me (calling for someone to be murdered or maimed is serious business), and I thought the ordeal was over.

When I questioned @fundposhprincess as to the nature of his comment calling for a "hit," he confirmed it was a call to physical attack, and then proceeded to threaten me with violence, and even death, several times, amongst other bizarre claims that I am a gay, Zionist, illuminati Jew.

Kokesh would later reverse his flag on the comment, and even go so far as to upvote the comment--again, a comment calling for murder of a human being--for some reason yet unknown. It could be that he wished to restore the rep score of @fundposhprincess, one of his dedicated supporters, or that he wished to somehow "get back" at me, as I have been posting about Kokesh's delegated Steem voting abuse on the platform a lot recently. I do not know the reason for the upvote. Was it an accident? I do not know.

None of this is being addressed. Nor are the multiple threats and death threats being issued to me via the @fundposhprincess account. Kokesh did, however, have time to upvote the following frat boy comment on my post about the threats of murder:

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.24.48.png

Finally, after I wrote a post about the upvoted "hit" comment, @adamkokesh changed his vote back to a downvote, while having simultaneously restored the rep score of the account calling for the murder/assault of his former staffer.

I post all this here as a record for the Steem blockchain. I hope others here will ask @adamkokesh to address the issues raised in this post.

Please form your own views/DYOR

@adamkokesh, many individuals in the libertarian/anarchist community would appreciate it if these things were each specifically addressed.


(There are many other pertinent details and relevant pieces of information supplementing this now years' long emergent pattern concerning Kokesh and his various "teams'" threatening behavior, questionable business practices, and abuse. If you wish to contact me to discuss any of this you may do so via email: [email protected] Many are afraid to speak out and question Kokesh, and many of the Kokesh supporters seem to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to these types of things. As you can tell from this post and the documentation of recent threats leveled against myself and others via erratic Kokesh sycophants and (according to his own team) Kokesh himself, many may indeed have good reason to be afraid to speak up. My conviction, however, is that both Voluntaryism and Steemit are too good for this slimy political and emotional manipulation, financial exploitation, and threatening behavior. I hope the reader will do their own research, and join me in speaking out against this bullshit until we actually get an answer from this fellow seeking to be a "leader" of millions. This is precisely why Voluntaryism prescribes NOBODY FOR PRESIDENT. No man is fit to rule another. If you see all of this as a problem as I do, please join me in speaking out. Finally, I used the definition of "insidious" at the beginning of this post for good reason. Adam is charismatic and subtle, and yet these things keep happening while everyone remains quiet, defending these actions, and many even call those pointing out the nature of the harmful actions "divisive," or "bad for liberty." In my view, nothing could be further from the truth. It is absolutely necessary to yell if a poison gas is creeping in. The fact that it spreads slowly and quietly does not change this.)



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DTube and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)


For those unfamiliar with the behaviors and tactics of toxic narcissists, here is a very good "crash course" on the subject. If the shoe fits...

#WhoIsLarkenRose lol nice "debate" you had with him, btw. This "not president" shit is so damn transparent.

Larken, I would discuss @adamkokesh with you if we can just keep it to fact and logic. Give me one of your top (specific) disagreements that you have with him for me to give some critical thinking to and I'll give you an honest response. good will and no disrespect

I don't know a lot about this guy, but I do know that about a year ago his ex-girlfriend started posting videos on facebook saying that Adam is a sociopath, and he broke her. I met him one time when he came to my city for a book tour, and I definitely remember being highly impressed as if under a spell. That's classic for a person to feel when they're around a sociopath. 🤷‍♀️ That's what I can say about that. Now after reading all this, I think it's pretty obvious this guy is a sociopath.

He's got so many duped. Just look at the comments left here from his fanboys. When I debated him, the charisma and charm was evident immediately. To anyone unaware of how Narcissism works, they'd be totally taken in. Once the "spell" (that's the exact right word) of emotion is put aside, the manipulation and objective reality of what is going on becomes apparent.

I have a friend with Narcissitic qualities in "real life." When I and others questioned his bullshit, those around us largely ignored us, "corrected" us, and assumed we were causing trouble. Why? The charm and "humble nice guy" act. The objective reality? "Humble nice guys" don't do shit like this.

Yeah, Sociopathy ain't no joke. They're the most dangerous people on the planet. Once you're taken by one, then you know. Ha ha. Until then.... people just gotta do their learnin'!

His ex-girlfriend made a sudden apology video redacting everything she had said about Adam. She must have been threatened in some way, too.

I just know sociopaths.

What a turd.

Has anyone ever considered that perhaps Kokesh is the plant? That maybe he’s actually a subversive government agent in the libertarian/anarchist movement? I mean...he’s not really helping with the spread of libertarian/anarchist philosophical principles, is he?

Just asking the (not-so-) tough questions.

I have actually. In psychology we study the art of suspicion and tells. Generally speaking most wrong doers tell on themselves time and time again. The person making the accusations is usually the one doing the thing they accuse others of...

Look at how vehemently and how often the accusations are made, too. @larkenrose is a "coward." I am an "annoying troll" who just wants attention and needs to do some "inner work" Why? Because, initially, I disagreed with Adam's platform. Everyone else who disagrees is a "plant." The actual ideas and points raised are almost never even mentioned. It's gaslighting.

Look at the bottom comment on this page. More of the same BS. Adam or any one of his other aggressive supporters could have penned it. Not a single address of the issues raised. Just *personal attacks. And then, they turn it around and say you need to not make things so personal! It's like the twilight zone. A bad fuckin' dream. I wouldn't be too surprised if all these weirdos were disinfo types.

I should mention that he tried to convince people that I was a plant as well. I laughed and moved on. This is the result of a month long failed attempt to bully me.

It is hugely concerning. But I am very, very thorough. So I was able to put up a Google drive with all of the evidence showing he is full of shit and that he knew it. I wish I could save others from the bullshit. He literally hates me because while he was trying to gaslight, I laughed at him. I guess he is not used to that. LOL

He's obsessed with projecting that onto others. It would be a great plan. Corral a bunch of naive people sick of the status quo, back into the system the status quo controls. Anyone that has two brain cells to logic with can smell his bullshit. He speaks totally contradictory positions in the same conversations constantly. People are so desperate to have someone to follow, though, they just ignore it. It also seems strange to me that he never seems to actually do real, extended time in prison. That's neither here nor there, for now, though.

If he is a federal plant, let it be known that I am happy, healthy, not suicidal, and don't take arsenic in my water ;)

To be fair, the only ones he's "duping" are likely those that still vote anyway...those of us that are ACTUAL anarchists aren't falling for it.

That's not entirely true, though. Many of his strongest supporters are folks who don't vote, but who think he is going to "get the message out" to the "masses." Unfortunately his message of "temporary centralized control" isn't compatible with the individual ownership axiom or the natural law of property.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." -Lenin

TYFYS, @kafkanarchy84, in continuing to document all of this. Calling him out on this platform, where he has managed to accumulate some type of clout, is even more commendable. As you know, I've had my own issues with attempting to point out the dishonest and disturbing history of this particular piece o' work. Even with all the documentation we provided in that Lolberts episode, plenty of people still chose to attack us for "daring" to question Adam rather than doing so themselves. Hopefully more people will start to see behind the Great Man Fallacy that has been erected around him.

Thanks, Jay. Something about him milking it here with the cheeseball carnival really gets to me. The rabbit hole just seems to get deeper and deeper. The more I look into it, the more I realize he's always been a kind of opportunist/shapeshifter...politician.

And yeah, the attacks come quick from the disciples.

I would like to note that Adam's POTUS campaign only saw $12K in funds raised. I can verify that about $10K he pocketed.

I had a discussion with FPP. It made me "suspect" or something along those lines. I didn't get half of what was said.

I started it by saying you were not a zionazi. With some explanation on why I thought that.

Now my english I not so good and I had not really an idea what all of his replies where about.....It contained a lot of terms jargon/slang of which I have not much of a clue what is meant. Somehow I managed to get through ......I think......
Now all is quiet again.

I really dislike the threatening (karakter) of his replies, it makes you want to shut up and not address certain behaviors.

Yeah. That account is actually three men, the most vocal of which is the crazy 62-year-old one. Honestly, it is very entertaining at times, but the shit about calling for a hit on Angela Owens, and the repeated shit about killing me was of course way over the line. Calling for murder is some serious shit. Kokesh never once addressed it, either, which I thought was funny, but continued upvoting sophomoric comments like the following on my post about the threats:

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.24.48.png

@adamkokesh is too damn slimy. @fundposhprincess is just fucking nuts. I gotta say, though, the lines about me being in the illuminati and him thinking I am a "furry faggot" "zionazi" Jew did give me a chuckle.

It is indeed way over the line.

Could it be that kokesh himself does not know how to handle this kind of "supporters" because he might become a target himself?
Maybe I'm thinking way to far ...I don't know much about him and who he hangs around with ...or not.

It's just a thought that crossed my mind.

Adam Kokesh is a politician.... and being slimy comes with the territory....... I guess.
Some video's make me cringe, I like the talks on the street better.
FPP.......If the threatening part was gone, he might actually be funny.

He's intelligent and charismatic. I used to be a very big fan because of his attitude and ability to question people. He displays characteristics of Narcissism, though. Lots of red flags and toxicity. These aren't always so easy for folks not looking for it to spot.

It's funny. When you are angry with or in disagreement with a Narcissist in "real life" (not cyberspace) many people will become angry with you for daring to take issue with such a "nice guy." The same thing happens if anyone dares to question Adam--name calling, projection, and a total non-address of the actual nature of the disagreement.

a total non-address of the actual nature of the disagreement.

Yes I've noticed....

But I think those things will never get addressed. It's a good thing you warn people of the behavior of politicians thought......... but, i.m.h.o. they have to learn for themselves by loosing a lot of money or supporting a lost cause. There is no better teacher than reality. You can see that now happening with people jumping of the Trump bandwagon for various reasons. Not sure if they jump on another wagon in 2-3 years though.... :) I hope not. Peace.

I think you need to do some inner work and take a look at why you're posting borderline slander against adam kokesh. In many of your posts and comments, you project your own shit onto others. I've seen you do it to lukestokes, kenny's kitchen and adam kokesh.

I think it's clear, to anyone really paying attention, that these hit pieces of yours are a way for you to boost your own popularity on the steemit platform and make a name for yourself. Your attitude towards those you disagree with, Kenny, Luke and Adam, is hostile and combative, and now you're starting a witchhunt against Kokesh.

See, if you really wanted to get to bottom of this (whatever this witch hunt is), you could speak to Adam in private. Instead, you're posting borderline slander on the blockchain.

I say all this as a neutral observer and someone who is concerned about your behavior on this platform. You make some great posts and are a phenomenal writer, but you need to stop with the personal attacks.

If you have an issue with someone, take it up in private. The anarchist community does not need this kind of drama on Steemit.

Here we go...

I think it's clear, to anyone really paying attention, that these hit pieces of yours are a way for you to boost your own popularity on the steemit platform and make a name for yourself.

Ooooh. The “inner work,” “you just want attention” deflection again. @lukestokes said something similar. So did @kennyskitchen. So did @adamkokesh. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not the one projecting here. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing alright here on the platform for some time now. Attention? “Inner work”? Maybe you should aim said prescription at the parties issuing threats and abusing the platform. I dunno. Call me crazy. I just thought calls for murdering people were a big deal and should be addressed. You people are truly unreal.

See, if you really wanted to get to bottom of this (whatever this witch hunt is), you could speak to Adam in private. Instead, you're posting borderline slander on the blockchain.

See, if you had read the article, you’d note that I did attempt to contact him directly several times. Are you guys okay? Who’s the plant? This is very bizarre. These cop outs and excuses for horrible shit sound a lot like stuff cops/politicians would say. More projection, perhaps.

I say all this as a neutral observer...

Bahahahah. I’ll just let folks look at your voting history with me, and previous interactions.

If you have an issue with someone, take it up in private. The anarchist community does not need this kind of drama on Steemit.

This is why I wrote the piece. We didn’t have these problems until your messiah and his disciples started accusing everyone who disagrees of being “divisive.” Drama??? Lol. Kokesh is the king of that type of stuff. Watch his cringey video (above) about Owens. OMG! She was sooooo drunk. More projection from you. Zero address of the issues at hand.

You’re right. Fucking with the minds of 9-year-olds, upvoting comments calling for murder, and threatening women with weird time limit ultimatums is no big deal.

Fuck off.

There you go again, projecting. Are you, like, incapable of any form of self-reflection? Do you ever stop to read over your own comments? Maybe there's a reason people keep calling you out on attention seeking.

Now you're tagging luke stokes and kennyskitchen to suck them into this shit show. You THRIVE off drama and online confrontations, and on that note, I'm out.

Good. Fuck off, as I said. Your "neutrality" has been well demonstrated in the OP already (see screenshot of bs frat boy comment). If you're cool with all the behavior addressed in the post, then let it go, homie. Peace and love and NVC. And all that other faux hippie shit you inane lot go on about but fail to practice.

I can provide the evidence that proves not only did I not steal a dime but Adam knew this and in fact, HE stole from the campaign. I have nearly $10k on the books he never turned in.

Also the campaign itself only raised $12k and spent $15k. Guess who owes whom money?

Did not expect that level of drama from Adam. Indeed, there should be a clarification made about all this dirty business.

It is pretty regular. Once I chose not to be bullied people came out of the wood works asking me to stand my ground.

Wow, it is a POS to involve a child in things beyond what they will ever be able to control or have a say in...

I agree. I wonder if he will address this.

I won't hold my breath for that...

wow this is really amazing

I just remembered seeing that he was locked up in jail a few months ago. I think it was in the county we bought our house in. 😂

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