Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Forks: Thank You Forkers! It Forking Worked! Details Inside

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The fork was a success, and I know it was because of the number of people that came up to me to tell me so. Some of them had interesting ways of saying it so I’m going to take some time to try and remember some of the things people told me on their thoughts of the fork. I’m also going to find some comments and personal messages from Facebook about @anarchaforko to share.

Photo caption: Some gems that were being sold by some pretty cool forkers, @elamental

“This is a true anarchist conference and I’ve really enjoyed myself.”

“Before I came today I thought this was going to be boring, but I had a really good time, thank you”

“Hope you’re getting some good rest - thanks so much for everything! The fork was epic and I will certainly be in touch - would love to help with things next year”

“I like the vibe of this event a lot”

“your talk was really inspiring yesterday. thanks again for sharing with us and for creating anarchaforko.”

Photo Caption: Awesome wire wrapped gems for sale

“most definitely a success.”

“Wonderful success! I have so many ideas for next year!!!!”

“Really superb for your 1st conference... Can't wait for next year!”

“Wish I could have stayed for the fork.”

“ Thank to all of you to support my daughters passion !!” (From the Mother of the Mexican Henna Artist Daphne who will for sure be forking with us again next year!)

Photo Caption: More unique wares for sale

“I really appreciate the container you guys created, and am glad I was able to help out as much as I could, and I'm really looking forward to helping it be even better next year”

“I didn't know about Anarchaforko until I got down there, so I was unable to attend. But next year I'll stay for that too. I'm hoping to hear about how it went.”

Photo caption: Some printouts sharing information for and contact for the nice people who sold the juices and gems at the fork

“I had a blast”

“This is forking awesome”

“You guys fucking did it”

Photo Caption: A closer shot of that information printed.

“First off, I would like to mention that what brought me to Acapulco was Anarchaforko. It is truly an event made by and for anarchists. When I say by anarchists, I actually mean it. The participants make it happen. It is an event that gives us a chance to put our ideals in practice, in that we propose the events, talks and workshops. The participants are responsible in making the event great. The first ever Anarchaforko was a beautiful and fun display of anarchists in action. What better setting that hanging out with like minded people and enjoying a funky city like Acapulco.”

Photo Caption: Pins for Sale!

“I loved the space, I loved the vibe, and I think you have something big with it. More help from people like Amanda and Larken. Get some help from anyone willing to put in free hours. This event is important and I truly believe it be more so in the coming years! I seriously mean this! Look, people are waking up, but its slow, but coming from someone who has searched and searched, there will be more people looking for these types of venues and it is good that this one coincides with Anarchopulco. I went to that, and it was great, but I am still very drawn to you all. Dont give up on this event. It is a great event to put effort into, for sure.”

Photo Caption: Another Pin!

“The fiesta people and potential for future fiesta was impressive... Next time I'll work harder on getting the rave festival hippie girls imported. Ya gotta get forked! ;)”

“This was an awesome experience to have, thank you for organizing this”

“I’m glad I came and forked with you!”

Photo Caption: They made cool wire wrapped dab tools to sell!

“I love how punny this whole thing is”

Photo Caption: John and I were each gifted one of these limited edition pins, thank you!

“I’m having way more fun than I expected”

And there was more but I’ve sadly forgotten many of them already in just a few days of rest (rest for me being a return to my normal busy life, with a little sleep and food thrown in). Nearly every attendee came up to me to share their thoughts on the fork, almost all of them seriously happy and excited for what they can offer the next year. This thing was a great way to give people a chance to share without much pressure. The talk I gave with @kennyskitchen and @erikaharris with my first speech of that sort ever and it honestly felt natural I think largely due to the atmosphere of the fork.

  • Photo Caption: Copper, Gems and Dabs!*

By midway through day one it was clear that the concept was working. The only thing we wish there was more of was people and time to prepare. Our biggest regret is not taking this seriously sooner but we’re glad we didn’t give up at the many points we seriously considered doing so. It was sometimes hard to keep focus in the months and weeks before the fork as I worked like I literally had never done before but I’m happy to say it was all worth it and I do not regret all the time and work put into the fork. It forking worked!

Photo Caption: Another Shot of those cool tools

Putting it simply this was several months of hard work on the part of many people to make @anarchaforko happen this year and I’m seriously grateful for the help we had this year. Just as John and I were exhausted from the main conference that is Anarchapulco, @kennyskitchen came in and did what he does best, keep the momentum going when literally no one else has the energy. He added events, wrote posts and got his friends to do the same to help flesh this thing out. He sold more tickets than anyone through the program, making himself a good hunk of crypto to be paid out soon.

Photo caption: There were gems and stones of many kinds available, for crypto too of course

If there’s one person that seriously impressed us through this whole thing in it was @kennyskitchen. We really got to know him this year and he has impressed us both with his work ethic and his personal growth as a person just in the time we’ve known him. He’s been pretty open about his journey on Steemit and it’s been interesting to read his perspective. You’re on the right path Kenny, mad respect :) Part of our personal goals for the fork was to help highlight the people worth paying attention to, and I think it really worked especially as far as he is concerned.

Photo Caption: The nice ginger selling the juices and gems

For anyone interested we did an interview with Kenny pre fork to explain how things would go, and I did one with him solo post fork to talk about how things went, which was a fun interview to do despite being worn out from three days of forking. Click here for the link to my post-fork interview up on dTube! Keep an eye out as Kenny filmed the talk we did with @erikaharris to share with all of you on Steemit, likely in three parts!

Photo caption: Here's a shot of another table that was setup all weekend selling products from all over the world

With @kennyskitchen came a truckload of a bunch of interesting individuals who were a large part of why the fork went the way it did. Many were selling their wares or offering interesting talks and workshops and I appreciate what everyone offered for the fork. Thank you all for forking with us!

A special thanks to @erikaharris for her awesome multisensory workshop as well as her pre-fork promotion and involvement. Before the rush of the fork, she was the only person other than @kennyskitchen to have posted an event on the website calendar. She’s also been a vocal supporter of the fork since day one, sharing her thoughts publicly which helped us get this idea off the ground. The text to that first trailer we shared was more than halfway written by @erikaharris. So thanks, again!

Thanks to everyone who did the work and added their events, even if most of them were last minute. We expected the schedule to change and be dynamic and it was. I often had people asking me what was happening that day and I often had to check the schedule right in front of them to be able to give accurate timing. It was literally thrilling to look at the schedule the morning of the first day to see more than ten events already listed for that day alone.

Thank you to the folks at Anarchapulco who allowed us to borrow a lot of sound equipment we were using for much of the fork. We also had the help of the sound people who did the sound for Anarchapulco, which took a huge weight off our shoulders. We had some equipment ourselves for that but it was nice not having to worry about that.

Thanks to @larkenrose and @dragonanarchist for coming and sharing their awesome musical stylings. It was a blast to have you. We also want to say thanks for believing in the fork when no one did, you’re a big part of why it happened. Thanks for the support, it was crucial. Also thanks for being awesome people, you two have impressed me.

Thanks to Daphne, the young local Mexican artist entrepreneur that was giving awesome henna tattoos for pesos during the fork and selling her wares. She was so busy the second and third days that I wasn’t able to get my second henna tattoo I wanted, which isn’t actually a bad thing because she made out well. Thanks to all the people who supported her and her art, encouraging young artists is one of my favorite things.

Thank you to the ice cream cart guy that pushed his cart up and down a hill in order to sell locally made ice cream to the forkers.

Thank you to the staff at the Acapulco International Center for being both tolerant and curious of our adventures on their premises. We appreciate you giving us a chance to use your premises for our first fork event and likely plan to fork there in the future, as everyone loved the place as much as we did. If things go well, next year we’ll rent the outdoor amphitheater too!

Thank you Verde Vegan for selling their awesome juices and providing delicious vegan delivery during several of the fork days. Our close proximity allowed many forkers to venture into the city to their main location without a long or hard walk. We encouraged forkers to venture over there for food, as well as to other local businesses for breakfast and lunch.

Thanks to the people who sat selling beer, food, smoking materials and the other vendors that brought their things to share. I know it wasn’t easy sitting there the whole weekend, you people are part of what make these things awesome and are often not thanked for what you provide. Thanks to the cleaning crew, especially the guy that had to clean up the vomit in the men’s bathroom (Dana’s intense workout was a little too intense for some).

And lastly thank you to the forkers who held the faith and believed in what we were doing enough to give it a try with us this first time. I can’t think of one person who told me they had a bad time and honestly it was awesome in my opinion. All I could think about was how well it was working and how awesome next year will be.

Even now just a few days after the end of that main event we’re already pretty motivated and excited for the next year. We plan to have things finished early this time to give everyone that wants to be involved ample time to plan to do so. This was forking awesome, you don’t want to miss out on 2019.

While the main fork event is over, @anarchaforko is still actually going. Today there was a kids day at a water park organized by @catherinebleish and tomorrow there will be a Snorkeling/scuba diving adventure that we will be going on and filming to share with all of you. I’ve never done anything like that so I’m really forking excited.

Over the next few weeks we expect lots of events to be added, both by us and by other forkers who have stayed in town. We’re really excited to continue to fork with all of you still here left to fork with us!

There’s still so much to share and discuss. There was so much we intended and planned to do that we just were not able to handle this first year. The biggest complaint forkers had was one we ourselves had, lack of internet due to short notice and plans falling through. Next year we plan to have the high speed internet arranged far in advance, even if we are personally setting it up ourselves with our own equipment.

Thanks again to everyone that made this possible, including our sponsors at @smartcash.

The photos in this post were taken the first day early on by me of basically anything that was happening that I found interesting. I got a lot of photos to share from those three days and even more thoughts and ideas for next year!

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I have many ideas for next year as well. If anyone likes any of the items from the first few pics, feel free to contact me. Connect on discord or leave a comment on one of my posts @elamental


I recommend it. I was gifted a pin that I am now hoarding as I know I have a chronic problem of losing pins that I wear.

Wow! Sounds like you had a real blast. At the very least, you've got a huge list of testimonials for next year's fest.:)

Looks like a success, indeed. And now you know how to better prepare, and what to offer, for the next one. Experience is key!


The fork next year will surely more awesome and more exciting.

Lots of cool things and people at the fork, thanks for sharing here on Steemit.

Never got to read all this till now. I'm so happy to read that you all had a blast and that the fork was a success. And even though I was a bit sad not to be able to attend, I LOVE how it all turned out for you guys. Not that I ever had a doubt that it would @lily-da-vine, because you have some mad planning skills! Next year, I WILL be there. No doubt about it.


It worked! And I actually thought of you repeatedly during the fork main event, you better make it next year!! The woman you donated your ticket to had a blast, by the way.


I'm glad to hear she had a blast and good to hear you thought of me. Yes, I am working on making it next year already. This time my planning will be better and nothing can stop me :)

nice post @lily-da-vine, please follow me @iban-kjp and vote my post, thanks.

nice work dute..