Anarchaforko Interview with John & @lily-da-vine, Focalizers of the First Annual Anarchapulco Fork

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"That's the idea, is to build a giant sandbox and let all the anarchists play" - @lily-da-vine

Earlier today, I had a chance to sit down with John & Lily and discuss @anarchaforko: what it is, how it's coming together, who's sponsoring it, how you can earn crypto by promoting it, and much more! There was a TON of background noise, which I filtered out, but the audio still isn't great, sorry about that.

Watch the video:

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Because I really prefer to include a some text with my videos, but I've also just written two posts about the fork in the last week, I'm going to just cut & paste some parts of them here :-)

What is Anarchaforko

Anarchaforko is a conference, but a more decentralized, DIY version of a conference than anything you've likely seen before. Instead of having a set list of speakers, their are a variety of meeting spaces, and a collaborative calendar, which anyone (who bought a ticket) can use to schedule events.

The event is being focalized by @lily-da-vine, and will definitely feature some folks you know like @larkenrose, @dragonanarchist, and @erikaharris. Other than that, it will be exactly what you decide to make it! Come give a talk, create a discussion circle, lead a yoga class, organize a poker tournament, or whatever else your heart desires. As soon as you buy your ticket, you not only get the ability to add events to the calendar, but you receive your own affiliate link (and receive 50% of the ticket sales that go through it). *Think about that alone, everyone who buys a ticket automatically is automatically an affiliate, and can get their ticket paid for (and maybe even earn something extra), just for promoting the event!

From the website:

Criticisms falling on the right ears become opportunities and the criticisms of Anarchapulco have helped us to shape our vision for this project. The idea is to try and provide fertile ground for these ideas to grow and blossom into something awesome.

This is not just our idea but the ideas of many people which we have attempted to bring together in a constructive way. The only way to see change in this world is to make it happen and Anarchaforko is our attempt to change our world. There will be no speakers or attendees, only participants. What happens at this thing is up to you, from parties to workshops.

Get your ticket via my affiliate link:

Join the fork discussion at:

For LOTS more info on Anarchaforko, check out:

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Coming down to Anarchaforko or the SteemFestFork? I would be quite grateful if you used my affiliate link:



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Wonderful discussion you three!

Thank you for everything you bring to the movement and to Steemit in particular.

Because this post features 2 of the beautiful humans of The Tribe, it's been re-steemed by our communal account: @tribesteemup

Congrats @kennyskiitchen , @lily-da-vine and @erikaharris on this sandbox project . I WILL BE CLOSELY FOLLOWING IT


This looks like you made your comment by simply tagging some people that were tagged in it and using a word from the first line...


I first read about this project in @lily-da-vine 's post written some minutes ago. That was what brought me to your blog


Oh, cool. Sorry, that first comment looked very similar to a string of very spammy comments my posts have been receiving lately, where the person just mentions the tags or people tagged in the post.


I actually took time to read through the post

This is an exciting idea. I think it is so cool that you can reach so many people, and share your experiences. Love you man!

good post