Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: Only 3 Days Left for a Half Priced Ticket!!

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If you don't yet have a ticket, now is the time to take advantage of our half price ticket deal. It's only good until February 1st, then tickets will remain that price. All you have to do is start by reserving a room at Hotel Copacabana through our website using our website.

The minimum stay is one night and it doesn't even technically have to be during the main event if you don't want it to be. Once you reserve your room, email us at [email protected] for your unique coupon code.

Here's some photos both from their website and that we've taken of the Hotel, check for our surprisingly affordable food and drink packages:

Here's a shot of the entrance to the hotel

This is a shot of the pool area, which has direct beach access.

A shot of the view from sunset.

This is a shot of the nicest room available, one with a head on view of the bay. It only costs 600 pesos more per night regardless of the package to upgrade to this one!

This is an example of the double bed room that can hold up to four people. Our bare essentials package is a flat rate per night regardless of people and costs less than 20 dollars a person if you split it between four people!!

A beautiful shot from by the jacuzzi of the building. It's curved to help give all the rooms a great view.

A giant chess board that I really want to make use of during Anarchaforko

This is the standard king. Which room you get depends on how many people in your room. One to two people will end up in one of these.

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