World Carnivore Month: Day 24

in #food4 years ago



I'm still going strong with no carbs for sure at least until Anarchaforko this time I've made it this far and I need to be mentally all there for the next month.

Got some more of my favorite finishing salt which is a fancy term for salt that's best at serving. Flor de Sal is harvested in a special way which makes it have higher calcium content among other things. The bag says it's a salt substitute but it's really just a super salty form of salt with super flaky texture that is great on all things meat.

So for me it's meat, salt and water for the next month at least. Soon I'll be a month no carbs which will be the longest I've gone without a cheat.

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That is always a tough one to do. Good for you and best of luck to you.

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