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No two sunsets are exactly alike, each is unique. And no matter how often we see a beautiful sunset, we always and always appreciate the glorious spectacle.

Artists paint countless sunsets, and their works sell for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Yet, Jehovah God, the Grand Artist and Originator of sunsets, gives us one each day​—free. The originals far surpass the copies.

Hence with each passing day, stunning sunsets should make us appreciate the Creator of the sun, the earth, and the atmosphere, Jehovah God, who makes possible such glorious displays of different hues, an ever-changing beauties and wonder, and who wants his intelligent creation to enjoy his artistry.

"Praise Jehovah from the heavens ... Praise him, sun and moon. Praise him, all shining stars. Let them praise the name of Jehovah, for he commanded, and they were created."--Psalms 148:1-5.


  • Upvote this post, if at all possible your 100% voting power, in order for this contest to continue.
  • Resteem this post so that others may learn of this contest as well.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Create a post using the tag #allaboutsunset. Your title must begin with All About Sunset Contest: (the title of your entry).
  • Make a comment with a link of your work in the thread of this post.
  • Post the picture in the comment section so that it would be easier to remember what you have posted.
  • Feel free to use editing and effects.
  • All entries must be your original work.

The PRIZE will be at least 5 SBD divided between not more than 10 winners.

If you have an idea for a topic and would like to be a guest judge, let me know!

Each week has a theme. And as suggested by @roxy-cat, the theme for this week is:


![image]() **This is my favorite because I am with the love of my life, savoring the golden sun as it gives a spectacular show of golds, and purples, and reds. And we struggled a lot in order to chase this marvelous sunset!**


So, please share with us why it is your favorite sunset.


And perhaps, what you have gone through in order to capture your favorite one.


Lastly, have fun.


Truly yours,


very high quality photography. Some very beautiful sunsets to share with a loved one.

Oh! Thank you Sir! Sunsets are more beautiful if you're with your loved ones!!! 😉

Great entry

Thank you @abdoon. Finally i made it so busy.

Hi Bro! This is my entry for today.

Enjoy it


Thank you for a very heartwarming entry. Please put the link of your post so that I could visit your blog as well. Thank you.

Thank you for participating, as always. 😊

Thanks very much for a nice comment and for a nice contest

Another cool theme I will try and remember to submit an entry

Oh! Can't wait for your entry! 😉

@gingbabida just preparing it now I have so many sunset shots it was a challenge but in the end I choose one more for the meaning of the night rather than the quality of the shot itself :)

I'm glad you liked my idea, Ging. Wonderful photos...I believe your love is what gives that sunset its beauty. As The Beatles once said, All you need is love. 💕💖💞💕

Very true @roxy-cat! 😉 Hope to see your favorite sunset too! 😍😍

Hi #gingbabida i missed last week i seemed to have lost track of time i had a terrible flu but am back this week here is my entry good luck to everyone :)

Oh! I'm sorry to hear about your flu. Hope you feel better now. Take care my friend! 😉

Thank you Ging am back on my feet now feeling a lot better. You take care also my friend God bless.

Beautiful! where was it taken?

Taken of my balcony in Bangkok city , Thailand.

Love you pic! I would like to know where it was taken?

thanks for your words @milacabana captured from the back side of hotel

Thank you for a stunning entry! 😍

You welcome mam😊

Very syunning entry! Thank you! 😉

thank you friend 😊😊

What a sweet moment with your daughter! 😍 Thank you for participating.

I'm sorry, but I cannot upvote a post that is two months ago. If you wish to participate, please follow the rules stated above. Thank you.

Ohh! As I'm sorry, I was wrong. I have fixed the link, I hope I have done it as you indicate. Thanks for notifying :)

Stunning colourful and calm sunset at Curonian Gulf, Lithuania. Amazing cloud formations and completely still water to get perfect reflection

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Wow! Thank you @axeman for your stunning shot, as always! 😍

You can always count on me if we are talking about sunsets :D

Oh yes!!! With that talent? You're the man!!! 😉😍

Oh, what a glorious sunset this one was! @axeman

Thank you for participating. 😊

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What kinda camera do you use?

With these ones I used Samsung Galaxy S7. That's the only thing I have on hand then. 😊😉

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Thank you @tattoodjay. I feel honored that you support this contest. It means a lot!

And thank you for the tip. You are very generous! 🤗

@gingbabida it is my pleasure to join this contest :) and the tip is to help a bit with it since I cant give a full vote

Ahahaha! Well, thank you for that! 😉

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Every sunset is my favorite, Ging! 😀Upvoted and RSD to get the word out. I'll post my entry once I get it narrowed down to one @gingbabida Have a great day!

Thank you my dear. Looking forward for your entry. 😉

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Hello @gingbabida! As every week I leave my participation to the contest. My favorite sunset is also with my love haha, our sunsets are very romantic :)

Yes, and I look forward for your incredible entry week after week!!! Thank you so much for supporting this contest!

And sunsets need to be shared, not hidden. So if we are with our loved ones, then it is beautiful than ever!!! 😍😍😍 Let the LOVE flow with sunset!!! Hahaha! 😂

Thanks to you we can show all those beautiful and different sunsets! It is a real pleasure! And now our loving sunsets, haha :)

Great topic this week! I love your photos!

Yes, it's a great topic. But would be the hardest to judge, as well! Hahaha! 😂😂😂

Hope to see an entry from you, Mel. 😉

@gingbabida this sunset clicks are just awesome. This are so beautiful.

You are welcome to participate @airdrophunter. 😉

Hard to narrow down to just one favorite sunset photo, Ging! Here's my entry @gingbabida image
"A Snowfallen Sunset Moment"

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