AI: "The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous..."

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What are AI applications?

We need to figure that out, and that's something the AI community is trying to figure out."

I don't want to see artificial intelligence replace all of us, but I do want to see a society that benefits from the use of artificial intelligence. The next 50 years will be one of the most important and transformative eras in human history, and if we don't think about what AI is and how it will impact us as a society, we'll get it all wrong.

"This is a very, very complex issue. I don't think anybody can understand the future."

And it's not just one issue. There's also the question of AI safety. The United Nations has established a group to address this. In the long-term, the World Economic Forum projects that human unemployment will increase as a result of the growing impact of AI, and if robots have jobs, there won't be much for humans.

**What are the risks AI? **

Is it a risk for humanity as a whole?

The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous, if we ignore its potential impact on humanity.

This is why I believe that the development of artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to our collective future and our lives as humans. AI is a process of design, engineering and development of artificial intelligence.

An AI is an intelligent computer system that can do things for you and with your help.

What is AI?

The process of design of an AI is called Artificial Intelligence.

The first computer systems that could be considered as AI were created in the early 20th century.

In 1936, Alan Turing's theory of artificial intelligence was published by mathematician John von Neumann. It predicted how computers could solve complex problems in logic, language and mathematics.

Today, modern artificial intelligence techniques are used in all fields of science, from biology to physics to engineering...

And on, and on it goes.

But wait... what?

Mind you, the above text was written by AI, only prompted by a few keywords. So coherent and realistic, it could have easily been written by you or me. Even got Turing and Neumann's year right.

And it concedes: "[...] artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to our collective future and our lives as humans."

And finally, what does the fact that we now have these AI capabilities mean for the future of Steemit and the likes?

And it doesn't mean to be all doom and gloom either.

But tell me. I have an answer for myself. Curious to hear your thoughts.

Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI | A WIRED Film



AI: "The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous..."

Two questions that can be answered with one word.

Everything else will be an affirmation of what you propose...


Greetings, my good friend.

Now, the users will be the real protagonists and those who can lose everything.

Thanks for your, comment, @lanzjoseg. I agree.

Did you check the end of the article though, lol :)

There is a phrase that I have heard a lot: crisis and opportunity are written the same in a certain oriental language. With this they usually indicate to me that in situations that can be dangerous or of instability of some kind, you can find opportunities for success that there would not be otherwise.

Certainly, I think AI can be dangerous, it's like what happens to me with the SETI Project, that of handling signals to deep space for extraterrestrial contact is very risky ... we don't know if they get to answer us and it turns out that they see us as food or something worse.

In this case, with AI, we run the risk of creating a species that surpasses us and I don't think it ends well. Even when we place restrictions on them, humans tend to fear a lot of things and make life very difficult for what we fear. I can imagine a tyrannical humanity that dominates the inorganic races with AI and exploits them as exclaves without mercy, in the long run they may rebel and as "masters" I doubt we will let them go without putting together a massacre that can also fall upon us.

Very interesting thoughts. I think it's not a matter of if they will surpass us but when. And we're already seeing this in certain domains but this is mostly narrow AI. We're talking about general intelligence and then things might get hairy. I'm an optimist by nature but we do need to be very careful and the thing is, we don't know how to be careful with this one. We don't know what to expect.

And it's not like we can stop evolution either. As someone said, we may be remembered as that species that made AI possible..

I admit that I distrustful, that can make me pessimistic in some circumstances. That is why I use the example of the SETI Project or the search for the creation of a portal between dimensions, in these cases we are like an English explorer screaming in the middle of an unknown jungle so that whatever exists there finds us ... in the most Optimistic cases will not be something that kills us or gives serious problems, but I already said that I am not so optimistic.

I think you're right with that the question is not if they succeed but how much time we have before it becomes a reality. I do not think that evolution matters much to him that another dominant species disappears, it already happened with dinosaurs and if we want a few closer cases, we have several ancestral hominid branches that became extinct and we are descendants of their successors.

I wonder if an intermediate point could be achieved, some kind of peaceful coexistence, but I think that we humans are not going to endure being with another species that surpasses us without trying to exterminate it even if it leads to destruction.

Hi dear friend @varioso.

First of all I must clarify that I noticed this wording with a somewhat precarious semantics in several sentences.

The design process of an AI is called Artificial Intelligence.


Every time I read an article about AI, at least here on steemit, all authors cannot avoid addressing the issue that AI is going to replace human beings and that threatens our future.

And it concedes: "[...] artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to our collective future and our lives as humans."

I do not agree with these hypotheses.

When gunpowder was created it was said that it would end the future of the human being. Yes, it is over with many lives, but not with the future. On the contrary, it has become part of humanity.
Humanity is made up of weapons, wars, death. But also by the mining exploitation, where the minerals have been obtained to elaborate the circuits and micro chips of the processors of our telephones and of the spaceships.

AI is a creation of the human being for its own benefit. It is now part of today and will continue in everyone's life until it is part of the story. It will not displace us and it will not end human beings. That is a fallacy.

Your friend, Juan.

Hi my friend @juanmolina,

Thank you for your insightful comment. I like your thoughts and would like to think the same we. The truth is no-one knows how things are going to unfold and everything might go very wrong if we're not careful. I too tend to think that our relationship with AI will be one of collaboration and co-creation. And it's already one. But when we get to AGI, we just don't know.

Ray Kurzweil believes that we're going to merge with technology as part of the next level of our evolution which is a romantic idea.

While Peter Diamandis thinks that AI will just get bored with us and leave us, similar to what happened in the movie Her if you've seen it.

One thing for sure, we need to be careful.

And btw, did you read the last part of the article? :)

You friend, varioso

Hello friend @varioso.

In the long-term, the World Economic Forum projects that human unemployment will increase as a result of the growing impact of AI, and if robots have jobs, there won't be much for humans.

I think this has become the main fear as far as the use of AI is concerned, that applications, robots that run with artificial intelligence gain more ground, limiting the use of humans in work pestos, but beyond that, I fear more to the military developments based on this technology

Hello friend @ fucho80 and thank you for your comment.

What you're saying is true. And the military is already deploying robots and drones in unmanned missions. It's progress but not as we know it.

It could all be very exciting if we play our cards right. I'm still an optimist because let's face it, technology has brought about an unmatched wave of potential and hope in this world. Judging by what we've created so far. Just think of us being able to communicate and engage in the way that P#H and blockchain has allowed us it. Isn't it amazing?

Hi @varioso

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Hi @crypto.piotr,

Thank you. Appreciate it. I'm checking the post as we speak. :)


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Maybe the greatest risk to AI is how society keeps down some people and staunches creative thinkers.

That might be the case in some societies, true. Luckily, technology also has a liberating and democratizing role, though, I agree, AI is a totally different ballgame.

Indeed. I did mean it as a potential rather than absolute thing. A caution for sure.