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AI: "The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous..."

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Hello friend @varioso.

In the long-term, the World Economic Forum projects that human unemployment will increase as a result of the growing impact of AI, and if robots have jobs, there won't be much for humans.

I think this has become the main fear as far as the use of AI is concerned, that applications, robots that run with artificial intelligence gain more ground, limiting the use of humans in work pestos, but beyond that, I fear more to the military developments based on this technology

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Hello friend @ fucho80 and thank you for your comment.

What you're saying is true. And the military is already deploying robots and drones in unmanned missions. It's progress but not as we know it.

It could all be very exciting if we play our cards right. I'm still an optimist because let's face it, technology has brought about an unmatched wave of potential and hope in this world. Judging by what we've created so far. Just think of us being able to communicate and engage in the way that P#H and blockchain has allowed us it. Isn't it amazing?