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AI: "The technology is very powerful and potentially very dangerous..."

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Hi dear friend @varioso.

First of all I must clarify that I noticed this wording with a somewhat precarious semantics in several sentences.

The design process of an AI is called Artificial Intelligence.


Every time I read an article about AI, at least here on steemit, all authors cannot avoid addressing the issue that AI is going to replace human beings and that threatens our future.

And it concedes: "[...] artificial intelligence is one of the greatest threats to our collective future and our lives as humans."

I do not agree with these hypotheses.

When gunpowder was created it was said that it would end the future of the human being. Yes, it is over with many lives, but not with the future. On the contrary, it has become part of humanity.
Humanity is made up of weapons, wars, death. But also by the mining exploitation, where the minerals have been obtained to elaborate the circuits and micro chips of the processors of our telephones and of the spaceships.

AI is a creation of the human being for its own benefit. It is now part of today and will continue in everyone's life until it is part of the story. It will not displace us and it will not end human beings. That is a fallacy.

Your friend, Juan.

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hi my friend @juanmolina,

Thank you for your insightful comment. I like your thoughts and would like to think the same we. The truth is no-one knows how things are going to unfold and everything might go very wrong if we're not careful. I too tend to think that our relationship with AI will be one of collaboration and co-creation. And it's already one. But when we get to AGI, we just don't know.

Ray Kurzweil believes that we're going to merge with technology as part of the next level of our evolution which is a romantic idea.

While Peter Diamandis thinks that AI will just get bored with us and leave us, similar to what happened in the movie Her if you've seen it.

One thing for sure, we need to be careful.

And btw, did you read the last part of the article? :)

You friend, varioso