Even More about SteemCampUK: March 5 2019

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Yes, SteemCampUK is just a month away! I posted about it earlier using the new version of dlike.io, a DApp that incentivises sharing links.


Last week, I was down at the Phoenix and had a look at the space we'll be using. We're going to be in the Creative Tech Studio (I know!) which, as well as the usual tables and chairs and whiteboard, houses some amazing Virtual Reality equipment. Let me take you on a little tour ...

Here's the studio. On the work surface on the right and on the tripod, middle back, you can see the sensors that are used in creating a virtual reality experience. On the left you just catch the edge of the roundtable and chairs. That's Chris with his back to us - Chris manages the Digital Art Gallery.

I was thrilled with this: the first time I'd seen a 3D printer. It looked like Meccano, I thought. I love the way the scissors and tape have been left there.

I asked about this: "It's stuff".

Just along from the Studio is the Courtyard. This housed a VR installation during half-term - over a thousand people tried it out. If the weather is fine, we can use this as extra breakout space. If the weather is fine, we might want to be here anyway :)

The Phoenix has its own onsite cafe bar ...

... and a varied menu with specials ...

... and lots more room for smaller breakout conversations.

The cafe courtyard. Plenty of space for talking and thinking.

The Phoenix is a short walk from the Rail Station (shortest journey time from London 62 minutes; Nottingham 25 minutes; Sheffield & Birmingham 50 minutes and Leeds 2 hours). The Premier Inn is halfway between the station and the Phoenix.

SteemCampUK takes place in Leicester on Saturday 6 April Saturday 11 May from 10am until 4pm at the Phoenix, 4 Midland Road, Leicester, LE1 1TG, facilitated by @lloyddavis. Tickets for the day are £10 including booking fees and available at https://steemcampuk2.eventbrite.co.uk

Look forward to seeing you there!

Steemians in the UK

Courtesy: @pennsif and @steemclub-uk

London & the South East (49)

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The Midlands (23)

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Wales & the South West (25)

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Scotland (9)

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Northern Ireland (2)

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I'm really impressed how they have a 3D printer that looks like it was 3D printed! And all those shelves filled with "stuff", that is very familiar just like my work - just a bit less dusty lol.

Looks like a really good venue, have you got any ideas of number of attendees yet? I have made a note of the date, but as things tend to suddenly happen in my life (like my partner breaking two of her toe's two weeks ago, which means I still jugging the school run and work now and for another 3 weeks) - I can't really commit until the week before at the earliest.

Anyway, I am sure it will be a superb event for the Steem Blockchain and to bring together a range fo Steemians.

#thealliance #witness

So sorry to hear about your partner and here's to a speedy recovery. Obviously, we like to encourage people to sign up early (it's reassuring for the co-hosts), but I'm sure we would be able to find a place for you nearer the time. Just let us know. It would be great to meet you!

Good point about the early sign up, I just booked my place - fingers crossed nothing crops up before the day!

It will be so fun to get to meet everyone!! :)

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It certainly will be fun :)

Humans really need to invent some sort of teleportation device... I would teleport straight away to the UK to go to one of these!

I wonder if we could 3D print ourselves?

Probably in the future... there are some 3d organic printers already, they are getting better day by day, but if we could 3d print ourselves, would we? I mean, we would be creating another human being that is just like us but not us at the same time

Potential for a sci-fi novel/film/series?

Only if Danny Devito can play the main role

Because he wouldn't need so many resources to reproduce?

Well... I was just saying it because I wanted the movie to be a comedy xD But you def got a point!! We need to save resources, so... no Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lookin good @shanibeer, can't wait to see you all there!

Looks great. I guess we don't need to bring our own food this time. See you there

Maybe some little snacks to share? 😊

Looks very interesting, I’ll check the date and see what’s what for the 6th 👍🏻

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Would be great to see you!

Well I just bought my ticket, looks like a great venue, thanks for all your effort organising it!

That's good to hear 😊

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