SteemCampUK 2019

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Here we are sharing SteemCampUK 2019 through the latest version of @dlike ( one of the great DApps (decentralised applications) built on the Steem blockchain.

According to taskmaster4450:

"Dlike answers the question of why is a blockchain needed. Like all of Steem, the content/reward pool alters how people are incentivized on the Internet. Posting comments and pictures is now a way to earn currency instead of just helping multi-billion corporations."

He goes on to say:

"Pinterest is going public at some point this year. From the valuations I came across, the range is believed to be $12B-$16B upon IPO. Reddit has an estimated value of a couple billion dollars. This tells me these types of sites are very popular with the Internet community and the financial sector richly rewards them."

DApps will be just one of the topics of discussion at SteemCampUK - I'm pretty certain we'll be looking at a Contest Dapp as well - along with the 10k Minnows Project. Will the price of Steem rise and when? will be another hot topic; and what of the wider arena of cryptocurrencies?; How do we manage the challenge of governance in a decentralised world and make the best use of the talent on the Steem blockchain? Lots to think about :)

See you there?

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a Contest Dapp

This is an interesting one, could the dapp give out big votes such as what dtube does for the one hosting the contest. What account could do this, besides @misterdelegation?

If the contest holder pledged the rewards to the contestants, would they get a larger vote? What if the contest holder decided to NOT do pledge them after ticking a box (I promise...), would there be a blacklist and them added to it?

A contest dapp could potentially explode if it holds out big enough carrots, but if used that way would need to be closely monitored for greed.


Lots to think about there ... it would be another great way to engage and grow Steemians, and attract new Steemians. I was trying to see how big the Compers market is, these people do nothing but enter contests all the livelong day.


these people do nothing but enter contests all the livelong day.

Im sure these kind of people exist, and Im happy to giveway more SBI's but only to the right people. My fear of this is abuse like everything else here.


Different people will be interested in different things, not all of them about blogging, but mass adoption will help increase the price of steem.

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Definitely going to be some good conversations there. The #TenKMinnows project is going well. I am confident of seeing the minnow numbers rise before the event. See you there!


Good news about the #tenkminnows project!

Please let us know, and we will provide you with accounts that you can instant onboard new users to Steem with the scan of a QR code


Thank you - will do!

Will be catching you there! :)


Be great to see you!

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