Just a little walk and some needlework practice - "What does TODAY :: October 30 2019 :: Mean to ME?" #ccc 2.20”

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As I recover from flu, I resisted from doing too much chores. In the morning was some laundry and breakfast preparation plus a little bit of sweeping.

Then, what better thing to do when you can’t move around much? Take a guess :D

I missed #needleworkmonday this week which was a bummer but today I managed to practise my continental style knitting (which I wrote about earlier) with one of the knitting patterns from https://theghanaproject.wordpress.com/about/ and I chose the ‘Very Simple Pattern’ which the author made up herself.

The pattern asked to cast on even number of stitches with knit 1, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1 all the way in the first and second rows. Then on the third row, it was knitting all the way across the stitches before finishing off the fourth row with purling across the stitches. Then, we repeat these 4 rows. I casted on 60 stitches and I worked the pattern.

My first try was with continental style:

I am still not used to it although I love how little movement it takes to work the stitches, especially when we need to work on the 1 knit and 1 purl stitches. My challenge is the yarn tension that I keep losing grip of. The fingers still feel awkward too. This resulted in rather loose stitches and I think I missed calculated some stitches too.

I decided to unravel the piece and start all over using the English style which I am used to. True enough, I do notice that the fingers move quite a lot more but I was able to control the tension much better. The stitches looked better and neater too.

I’ll just keep practising so that I can control the yarn tension better with the continental style knitting.

Happy Wednesday!

All photos were taken using my faithful iPhone 6.

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I hope you're beginning to feel better @marblely🌡🤧
Being sick is no fun and nobody has time for the flu! Get well soon!

Both of your knitting stitches are lovely and I commend your choice of the soft, ivory colored yarn. The continental stitch caught my eye -- then I saw the elegant English style stich and agree with your preference.

I haven't tried to knit or crochet in many decades. The part I liked best was how I could pull the string of yarn to start over anytime I wanted if I made a mistake or didn't like the way the stitching looked.🧶

Life should be that easy!💫

Thank you so much @ninahaskin 😘 You are very kind and sweet. Yup, yup. Being sick sucks. I am recovering though my voice still sounds like a donkey😅. My stitches still look weird but thank you so much for the encouragement 😊And yes, I liked that part too hehe, pulling the yarn and restart. But its not so fun when you are halfway through. I need to learn how to fix stitches 😜. I wish you a happy day and a wonderful coming weekend!

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I have no hand on knitting. I wish I can do any!

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:) thank you for dropping by. I still am pretty bad at it. I am learning very very slowly from youtube with lots of rewinds :D

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I don't find the patient to learn handicrafts! My bad.
It always feels good to see others are doing great!

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Same with me, mine is high blood pressure. Prayer to us, we must be healthy!

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We gave you an upvote and hope you get well soon. 👍

Argh fluuuuuu - I hope it went away super fast (if not I will send you some virus away beams!)
And with the knitting: to be honest, to my eyes both samples look fine. But as knitting should be fun, I think you should use the style you are most comfortable with. Speed is not everything. Interestingly I somewhere read that the fastest knitter uses a style others would deem complicated and slow. It’s called irish cottage knitting and its a kind of English style where you have the right needle fixed under the armpit.

ANd although I knit continental combined (which is said to be very fast) I am a slow knitter.... I have changed to this style as it is better for my fingers and wrist (less movements), but if you have no problems with the fingers, why not stay with the English style?
Indifferent of the style I am happy you are trying knitting 💕💕