Open letter to @Ranchorelaxo and @Haejin.

in #abuse2 years ago (edited)

There are multiple reasons why I've been flagging @Haejin in the last weeks (this is not an exhaustive list).

  • You do not up-vote anything other than your own posts.

  • You intentionally produce 10 piece of "content" per day to optimize your selfishness.

  • You engaged multiple times in censorship based flag wars (flagging legitimate content below zero).

  • I do not acknowledge any value to your technical analysis methodology.

  • I completely disagree with the conclusion of most of your technical analyses.

  • IMO technical analysis on tiny shitcoins that are overvalued / over-hyped by factors of 5-1000x are meaningless.

  • Your technical analyses are much more likely to make people lose money. (to you?)

  • All of your SP and votes come from a single account @RanchoRelaxo.

  • Most importantly, @RanchoRelaxo has failed to communicate with me or anyone on Steem, Slack (SteemDev), Steem.Chat or Discord.

My response,
I will stay honest to my fundamental beliefs about crypto-currencies and for the time being only flag analyses that predicts that any crypto-currency other than Bitcoin will go up again't BTC.
In other words, I will not flag any predictions about BTC:USD going up or down or predictions that an alt-coins will go down again't BTC.

For example:
Bitcoin Cash going down vs USD is OK.
SBD at 100 USD is somewhat OK
AquariusCoin UP at 2979 Sat is NOT OK,

*Doing technical analysis on ALT:USD using the derivative USD:BTC when no USD pairs exist might also get you flagged.

AquariusCoin has a market cap of less than 1m$ and has an average daily volume of less than 0.1 BTC

To me that mean you're most likely trying to defraud my fellow Steemians by promoting pump and dumps.



Eventhough he responded to your open letter. His response is by far inferior and is just to save his own ass. His TA is just ridiculous.. it doesn´t work on shitcoins with like zero marketcap come on. Get this boy down. I saw 4 of his posts in trending page with 200 to 300 dollar, showing the same pattern every single time on a different graph.

Is that the trending page we want to see on this platform? It only does more harm to steemit then make it a better place..
His posts are abuse and stating that he does 10 posts a day because he needs to keep up with the demand of his followers is just because his followers suck up to him because of his Steem Power. They just want to be friends with him to get a little piece of his pie.

Well no. whahah flag this man down.

u are just greedy and jealous. come up with ur own content that is worth upvoting by whales and 20k followers that bring attention to steem every day.

Ur vision of turning this platform into some nazi censorship having is something u can do by buying facebook or some other centralized content platform.

Here a free market is at work.

"u are just greedy and jealous"

Ad hominem fallacy, used to discredit a claim with unsupported and irrelevant accusations.

"come up with ur own content that is worth upvoting"

Red herring fallacy, you change the subject with irrelevant suggestions. Having others upvoting his posts is not what mystead was talking about. It's haejin upvoting himself.

"turning this platform into some nazi censorship"

Godwin's Law. A lazy way to try making the other side seem bad by calling it something it's not but everyone hates.

"Here a free market is at work"

Even free markets have rules. If I hack your account and take away all your earnings, will you say it's free market, so it's ok?

Even more sad is when the person is hiding behind an alt-account.

btc-dialog is probably @knircky

In my previous reply I didn't mention anything about me being greedy or say something where I could have been accused of being greedy. Also I come up with my own content and if it gets upvoted by a whale, yes! I would ofcourse be happy about it. But the power of this platform is the honest and fun interactions with other people sharing their opinion about certain topics. The currency you earn is obviously an incentive to reply and force yourself to put out some content. But if that is the drive, people will see that in the way you write or say thing in a fake way.

Also this is not a nazi censorship and us discussion about if he is abusing the system or not is the free market and free idea's we share. You may think im wrong for thinking that he is abusing the system or not. that's your own right and you should be doing that if you think that.

So I encourage you to think more before you say something. Otherwise you get rekt in any discussion. Thanks for replying.

I replied to btc-dialog and defended you at the same time; give it a look above ^

Hello, nice to meet you! Would you help me get 5 steem in a post for a task please

Hello, nice to meet you! Would you help me get 5 steem in a post for a task please

I just joined Steemit last week. I have had a financial blog for roughly 8 years now and racked up an email list of approximately 70,000. I posted 6 short "test" pieces just to see how the platform works. I'm remaining anonymous because I wanted to see how the system worked before I went all in.

I can say that the current system here is a waste of time for someone like myself. In the few first hours on this platform I was already testing bots to see how the feeds were manipulated. I could come on here and spend a couple hundred steem and get my way to the #1 spot without even blinking (but losing money in the process because of the way the bots work).

Has nothing to do with the quality of my work, where I come from, etc. It is just completely by gaming the system. Obviously, this is problematic for me. I have been published in the NY Times, Financial Times, Barrons, the Wall St. journal, and been on CNBC twice.

The day I joined, the top post was flooded with spelling errors (in the title), as well as being overall poorly written and flooded with grammatical errors. And then I go to see HOW it was ranked at the top, and it was all bots.

Of the top Steem power holders, the vast majority are bots or the Steem team itself. I looked into how the bots worked, bought a few bids, and my jaw dropped at how easy it was to get ranked.

Distribution of power in the cryptocurrency community is enormously skewed. It is only enhanced on this platform via the churning of bots, as they easily accumulate all the power in a short period of time.

There is no merit in any of this. It has more in common with playing a video game than writing.

Bots are openly discussed and encouraged for use by some of the top member of this community (they own some of the bots).

So I'm quitting before I get started here. This is a lose lose. Sadly, there is no incentive for me to create good organic content on this platform because, while it might be read, the votes given by people reading it with good intent are far too weak versus what I would see in ad and sales revenue on my own website. I would be crossing my fingers to bag one of the 50 "whales" that would actually incentivize me to keep writing.

And those odds are extremely small versus traditional avenues, where exposure is greater and chances of upside are greater, as well.

Per this author being criticized (@Haejin), he just played the system "right". He saw it for what it was (as I did) and played ball. Clearly, it worked for him and he is making a lot of money in both Steem and through his website. I know a lot about technical analysis (I was a former fund manager) and much of his content can be found similarly elsewhere - but his exposure is much better, which is why he will do better in the end.

I, on the other hand, plan on sitting on the bench. Kind of a bummer, because I did have high hopes for Steemit.

After reading some of your content, I advise to post it on D.Tube. The bots are still an issue but there is a dedicated curation team which will upvote good content in a video format. I do feel your content is solid so I'll leave that to you.

To add, I feel that the way Steem uses investment of votes as a method of valuing content, is not a great one as I could post a picture of a glass of Coca Cola and with enough investment, get onto Trending as you've mentioned. This is clearly not an indicator of good content but rather an indicator of investment backing. I don't know the answer to this issue but it's clearly not a good idea for Steem to be promoting content via by investment but rather the actual quality content.

Give D.Tube a try with an introduction with yourself, a well made video which you would be happy to give to absolute strangers on the street and hopefully the curation team notices you. The curation team checks for bots.

Thank you and yes, I'm not exactly the camera-loving type which is why I spend much of my life under fluorescent lights and in front of monitors. Video is not an easy medium for me.

As you know, economic models are subjective....those who benefit don't complain while rest revolts. All of them are criticized at one point or another, so there is never a perfect solution.

Regardless, I point to the primary purpose of the platform, from which it naturally steered away, though likely unexpectedly. Still, something can be done. The bulk of problems for the 90% of writers (with the least economic power) are not set in stone on the blockhain but rather this layer, the steemit website. I have a pile of ideas in the last week alone but unlikely anyone is listening. But we'll see. All of this (Steemit and beyond) is no bigger than a toddler in the greater scheme of things. Lots of time to go.

From what I can see, you're able to cut through the bullshit when it comes to "Youtube Blockchain Tipsters" and there is no doubt that someone who is able to deconstruct these posts isof heavy valuable to Steem. That's going to give you a lot of authority on this Blockchain and from there, you could even refer people to your content to extend on your reasoning.

I personally believe a lot of the problem is the curation. I can understand that a lot of Steem users, feel their vote isn't worth much whenever a "whale" can change the tide for reasons outside of the quality of said content. I would rather do this via by reputation. The investment would still go through depending on Voting Power and Steem Power, but now it's not a game of who has the most money but rather, how dependable is this person's vote to said content. You would have to believe that a person who is looking for the best content, is not going to be as easily swayed as their reputation could be tarnished because of "voting fraud". With the current model, this just doesn't happen.

Personally a system needs to be made where a vote can be trusted as a means of quality curation. I can fully grasp that if a person invests money into something, it's a show of how much confidence they have in said content but as said, it simply just doesn't work. That's why I'd like reputation to be used. That way, if you keep ripping people's content but being right about it, you'll be seen as someone bettering the blockchain and your vote would mean more because of it.

How much you invest to said content to keep content creators coming back, that's up to you and I hope this happens soon. Would make for far better content.

I agree. It does kinda suck that rep has zero necessary connexion to income. I also can't help but just see the stark obviousness of @swinn's opinion that this hijean person just "figured 'it' out--" in a way, it motivates me to do better. Personally, yes, of course I would like to make a bit more coin--but hey, frankly I'm just grateful I've made anything. And though I might not be the strongest steemain atm, I have confidence that I will grow stronger. That being said, it kind of saddens me to hear someone like you, @swinn, be so quickly discouraged... Heajin is only one person!! If he's truly "so bad," then, someone better--and that's the thing--there is always someone better--then they will show up and prevail. Then life will go on lol. If you are a capitalist--in other words, a "free market" economist--then by design, you must adhere to the belief that currency (money) is a accurate representation of desire; the last word being key here. In other words, the belief that basically the "demand" for a product is one and the same as an agent's willingness to pay for it. If that is the case, then, we must agree that, although we might not like x,y,z that, if people are freely giving them money that we must--assuming we respect their personal right to spend as they wish and they are doing so "without coercion"--agree the recipient of that "willingness to pay" is necessarily providing some kind of value.


When I figure out what that is, I'll (possibly) let you know ;)

So @swinn, I challenge you to stay--the platform is young--the "quality" will improve--but not if all the quality people run off before that can happen!!

Although I agree with what you wrote, please consider these:

Paying bots for the promotion of your work is not ilegal or immoral. It's simple advertisement, which everyone does for more exposure. It doesn't reward effort, that is true, but it's not wrong either if some are willing to pay money for more exposure.

What haejin is doing is NOT about paying bots. He has an alt-account from which he games the system. He paid a lot for it to get so much voting power, that is true, and now cashes in on his investment by abusing this loophole in the system.

What is actually harmful is how his tactics are ruinning the credibility of the platform with literally worthless content at the top of the trends.

I personally never paid a cent for buying steem. I slowly get rewards by simply reposting my topics from elsewhere (which never got any monetary rewards there), so even if I get a cent, it's still more than I was making on the other platform. I am not losing something by not paying bots, and I am gaining something by being active.

What I am basically saying, is that Steemit is fine for sharing content and bots are not its biggest problem. Self votes are.

Not even Self Votes, abusive or almost exclusive self-votes. There is nothing wrong with an upvote on your own post. When you're upvoting your comments it might be seen as abusive but a self-vote here and there especially on content will never move an eyelash.

Thanks for the comment and I get your first point, but these should be labeled as ads and obviously not so many of them. Right now they dominate everything in their path. There is a promoted section here that seems virtually useless.

I also agree that he saw what it was and just played ball.

I think the bigger issue here is that the current system is the primary cause of tit for tat arguments on this site (around this central issue) over and over and over again. And rightly so. Something that is so easy to game by anyone with cash deters from (what I understood to be) its main purpose.

In the short time I have been here I have come across a slew of arguments being promoted like this. People fighting over bones or scraps because at the end of the day, the system is busted. There is never a perfect solution, but to have a single guy dominate the trending feed every is very silly. His work is basic and standard (its just elliot wave after all, don't get me started on it), and there are better ones out there (as there are for me - I'm not claiming to be better at anything but I always believe someone can do what I do better in this world). But he gets in people's faces. So he wins. That's the world here. And its odd.

Thx again.

And thats exactly how the world works, people with enough money to pay ads will trend in google or anywhere for that matter, doesnt really means they have the best content...
Steemit is still a new thing, and the system is far from perfect, but it gives authors way much more opportunity to build a follower base and earn some reward than any other traditional social media...

This is by far the most eloquent description of Steemit I've read so far. I'm a content creator. I've done my experiments as well. I've posted content where I didn't use bots and it sank to the bottom of the heap. I've had some luck where my content broke the top 15 on the trending page with the use of bid bots but eventually started losing a lot of money using them. Bots are the least of the problems in this platform - the circle voting between whales are an even bigger issue.

I don't know how long I'm going to stay but if my account isn't gaining any sustained growth proportional to the amount of time I dedicate on Steemit, I'm also going to withdraw.

If you find another platform that will give you better revenue that steemit, its perfectly fine to spend more time there... But still you could keep posting for content here as an extra, there is nothing that would stop you from doing that... Getting 3$ extra and some 20 more views for your pictures is still better than nothing, considering that those 3$ could someday become 30$ just for market reasons...

There's always that possibility, SBD did jump to $34 at one point. But it could also go the other way.

What he meant is, just by sharing your content here, you make pennies you wouldn't make if you didn't. It will cost no money or effort on your part. Because of fluxuations, SBD may get to high value one day, maybe for just a day. If you take notice of that, you cash in and you made your gain.

No money or effort? But you are still investing in a platform. Safest is posting to your own website and be the owner.

Im talking long term here... steem should go up there soon or later, at least to 10$, and thats very reasonable...

@adonisabril I will apoligize ahead of time, but i have a question. Once again I am sorry but i saw you were a 67 and your comment struck me as strange that you were not making enough to stay here so i got curious and looked at you wallet. Under auther rewards you have for the last 7 days
0.000 STEEM
675.533 SBD

at current steem prices of $2.70 that puts you just a hair over $2300 for the last 7 days. How much more do you need to make to WANT to stay? I am sorry if i intruded or am coming off as being a dick, that is not my intent. It just seems like to a minnow piece of shit like me you made more in a week than my account will be worth in a year.

If you take another look, you can see I'm pumping my own money to get these so called rewards. I use bid bots and the ROI is negative 90% of the time. Long-term if Steem doesn't go up while I"m waiting for the rewards to roll in I'm losing money. Simple as that.

Okay, i got ya. I see what you are saying now. Thank you for honestly replying without beating me down.

This is also another disturbing pattern. You SHOULD not be afraid to voice your opinion. Whales have too much power skewed their way that they can destroy your account to oblivion. Flagging wars like this just serves to remind us of what's going on.

yeah. I'm sure you checked
For anyone else that hasn't, please understand that 2% of users (bots) on this website own 95% of the wealth.
thats the economy of a failed state, or a robotic-shitpost dystopia. not a revolutionary social media platform.

That wasn’t the one but the list was he same - posted by a 1%er sometime last week. Thank you for the comment and yep, if this was a country there would have been a revolution already. It’s more like your standard US corporate giant

There was a revolution, it was HF 17.5-18 or whatever they call it anyway when the reward structure was changed to linear instead of exponential, which previously gave whales unprecedented power and soon after we had another Revolution which was the Whale Experiment. When you called it that Steem is only a toddler that couldn't be more descriptive. There's some growing up to do and competition will make sure that the most stable and well-balanced platform reaches to the masses. This is the wild west, except here we don't have guns but sticks, and the bigger the man the easier it is to clobber everyone to submission.

I think you make some valid points. SteemIt is a distribution tool for Steem. It is currently being used in many ways, but rewarding the highest quality work by Authors isn't one of them. It can still be a great tool for those who are working on building an audience and those who want to fund another element of their writing.
If you see nothing of value here, I think it is a perfect decision to quit before you get started.

I respect that and thank you for commenting.

I hope there will be a "blogger" and Author community once we have the ability to support that.

On a personal note, as an investment, I am glad we have a broader reach.

Once we have communities it will be easier for people to see and reward the content they want to see. Authors should be able to find price support for their work. We will see.

Thanks again. I hope so too.

Regardless, the bots and power mechanisms here are noxious. They throw acid on quality authors striving to succeed, and in the most direct way possible. As long as they exist and power tilts in their favor, little is going to change. Example: Google goes great lengths to eliminate SEO spam and other abuses for ranking. My Google rankings have shot up over the years sheer through the elimination of spammers that used to outrank me. Here, it is the complete opposite and they are openly promoted for use.

Authors have it rough, and they are at the bottom level of the publishing food chain, money-wise. It is just very strange to see a platform that was created to rectify this issue become its biggest advocate. Thanks again and not to sound harsh - I LOVE the open discourse but I'm just calling it as I see it.

Understood and I don't disagree with anything you've said.
Right now I just see it as supply and demand. There are more people willing to write (not saying they are all equal) than there are people willing to pay for content under the current business model.

You're totally, right. I hope the platform will change for the better. To bad to see people like you leaving the platform.

@swinn You are correct about steemit. we will see this year group of people building applications with specific focuses. One may be TA, another fine Art. From there, depending on what you are interested in, you will have the ability to use different apps for curated feeds. All that powered by Steem. It is hard to predict the impact of steemit bots as it pertains to other applications.
perhaps reach out to @andrarchy on this matter.

And... please do not leave, the community will be stronger as more people like you join!

I think it would help if we could elect witnesses that want to eliminate bots. I'm not sure who they are. Is @andrarchy one of them? Who else? Please inform. I've only voted for 2 witnesses so far and one only because I use his website all the time. The other is @aggroed.

Complete BS... You can blog on your own website and earn by ad revenue and all that shit, and still keep posting the same content on steemit and earn additional money and additional exposure... Blogging in Steemit wont stop you in any way to continue doing all the stuff you where doing before joining here... Seems to me like you are complaining because you are not getting as much money as quick as you wanted...
As for my self, i will always prefer a blog where i don't get exposed to shitty ads all over the place... And community here is way nicer than in any other blog...

It took me 2 years just to find any moderate traction with my blog. Up to that point it was a tiny group of cult-like followers just reading my you gotta be kidding me. I thought I would get called out on a few things here but impatience wasn’t one of them. I dug into the system, saw what goes on. It’s basic math. Top two posts right now are pushed by one of the strangest economic systems I’ve ever seen. Just picture these articles at the top of any other reputable spot. It’s like night and day.

Some posts can take up to 12 hours to write. Organizing, checking sources, proofreading, etc. That’s a lot of time for a post and I want something out of it. Most people are like me. Otherwise I’m just another blogger pushing retail shoddy product who loses his base over time, because people eventually see it for the crap it is. Those guys never last.

Still you are totally ignoring my point... Blogging on steemit does not keeps you from continue using your site and your traditional system, this is just something extra and something new, and i can assure you it wont take you 2 years to get a followers base here... Your "im quitting" state is complete BS just for that...
If you write an article and it takes you 12 hours, you can post the same article here and on your main website, there is no reason you should make a different one for each platforms... You will be getting revenue from your site, and some little extra here, at some point you will be making more money here than in any other site...
Take youtube for example, videos there need millions of subscribers and views to make a small decent amount of money, the same video here will make a shitload more reward for the average user, and the experience of watching videos here is way more enjoyable than YouTube where are are tormented by ads every 2 minutes...

No you can't just copy paste and stop saying everything is BS - I mean, what's the matter with you - don't talk to people like that. Be constructive, not sloppy. Its fine that we disagree. Nothing wrong with it. Its normal.

Ask me questions, don't verbally hit like a caveman. Now its a lot harder for me to take you seriously.

This is why: - you don't put duplicate content out there with a lot of traffic without dinging your own site. If there was a noindex option for Google our conversation would be a lot different.

But you're bring up another point here. Tit for tat fights over this issue all the time on here. This is just one of many. Something you don't see anywhere else. You take one side, I take another. This guy takes one side, that guy takes another. There is huge division around here centered on this. seems like another story. Totally different curation tactics there.

I admit i was not too much aware of the duplicated content issue, still, there are many ways to post on both sites and overcome this issue: Like posting on your main website first, and then just making a a spotlight here linking to your main site, driving traffic to your site or vise versa... And thats just talking about blogging posts, as you have much more options like dtube as you mentioned...
The main reason i thing its just BS, is because you bring this issue in a total unrelated post, and you are calling to quit because you made some Experiment, you are just arrived, you dont have enough followers to really know, and you are already making conclusions...
Again, if you really are doing huge money on ad revenues on your site, whats the point on even trying to replace it with Steemit? stay with what works for you... If you where planning to replace your complete business model then you are just doing it wrong... Steemit ultimately is just a social media experiment, not a platform to build a business model, so its just like quitting facebook or instagram...

Agreed - social media experiment: this much it definitely is.

And you also bring up a good point about spotlights and replacing the whole business model.

Now we're getting somewhere.

And that's the thing. My first weekly reaction was like an alarm going off. I see a front page dominated by upvote bots and a "cryptocurrency" section (where I would probably be posting all the time) dominated by this guy playing the system as it is (literally almost all the time his posts constitute 3 of the top 6) and I say, what a joke.

Obviously I am already spending more time here than I planned on already. What I have found: several guys that should be making way more money than they are. Brains and work ethic.

My biggest problem is the bots. Not even the fact that they are doing what they are doing, but rather the fact that they are openly encouraged and able to accumulate massive hoards of power in such short periods of time. Its insane. So more of a big picture for me and a huge part of it is ethical.

I get your points re: making x here vs there, too. Google Adsense is a total screwjob (they take everything and leave scraps on the table). I built up my base to a point where I have better options (there are a number of ad networks that pay substantially more but refuse you if you only have x uniques / month - I'm on one of them), but newer bloggers do not. So in a way, you can make some direct comparisons here, minus the bots.

I wouldn't worry about duplicate content @swinn. The so-called "duplicate content penalty" isn't so much a penalty but something that forces Google to make a choice as to which one of the two versions is going to get posted in their results. If you are the author of both, you will be the author of the one that shows in search results. Google is smart enough to know that many authors post the same content on several different websites. They don't have a problem with it. If both articles are attributed they can figure out it's the same person. I've been posting the same material on both Steemit and on my own blog with impunity.

To clarify, i just dont think you are doing the big bucks on ads revenue, please prove me wrong and i will regret calling your comments BS...

Of the top Steem power holders, the vast majority are bots or the Steem team itself.

i did not know this!!! This explains a LOT!

I think your comment is driving a bit more traffic to your profile

You all correctly say, but you should agree that analysis from this narrow - eyed-SHIT!!!!!!!!!

Hi @swinn, thank you for your interesting analyses of the current situation on steemit. It is pretty much that what is hapenning here right now. I total agree. Im having the same issue with the contents that i want to post. I am not comfortable with the idea of spend a lot of time and effort to post contents that it won't fairly pays out my work. Is like, in the society that we know, greed start to take over. You are right, the current Steem power holders are bots and the Steem team itself, wich, in my opinion is doing a very bad job (Steem team). I am not happy. And my votes will change. Or I will move at any opportunity that might apear in the future. Yes, I am talking about of Dan Larimer and IOS.

Any way, for now i m glad having people like you and @coldbolt talking about important issue and creating value to the community. Following both for more. Cheers

most of his $ rewards come from himself and the 1 whale. I wouldn't consider this actual demand.

90% of whatever "predictions" @haejin is doing are just speculation. He is making a small fortune for what is essentially astrology or tarot reading, while many others struggle to make a few bucks with actually useful content.

how about u make 10 TA posts a day that are better than his. I bet u cannot even come up with 1. as a result he gets rewards and u do not. u are free to compete.

You are comical.

I challenged him to a duel, which he will not even respond to because he is to scared that it will show his incompetency. He do analyses that he doesn't even trade by himself and just rake massive rewards here instead!

If 1000 STEEM deposit is too low for him to show to all of us his exceptional skills then let's add another 1000.

No idea what you're going on about. TA doesn't need to complete a single trade to be good at there job... do you honestly think wall-street TA's are all investing based on their analysis.

What is the point of TA if you don't use it? What is the point of learning how to drive a car if you never will?

Wall Street is investing the opposite of what they are saying, obviously. There are too much gullible people that will trust them. Reminds me of Haejin's TA.

That's like asking why dancing instructors teach people to dance, or swimming coaches teach people to swim. People have hobbies and interests, and go to others to gain knowledge. They cannot make you a great investor, but you can learn from them and become a better version of yourself in that field. TA is rewarding in and of itself... if you invest $1 or $1,000,000, it's being able to maximize the profits that gives you a rewarding feeling...

It's not about how many posts I make every day, it's about how useful they are. I am mostly reposting my topics from a different forum some years ago, I can post 100 in an hour if I feel like it, and each one of them will be more useful than the worthless predictions of this self-voting abuser.

And the value of the content itself is very short-live.
In a few months, nobody will be reading content that he wrote this week.

That too. They have as much value as all those who do predictions and pre-airing hype for an upcoming episode or movie based on some unbased rumors they heard.

The platform should reward content providers with residual income if they want posts that provide long term benefits. The problem isn't the content providers but rather the model being implemented. If you reward short term content you get short term content.

And the voters decide, not you, what is useful. If we want astrology and tarot readings... who are you to say they are less useful than what you appreciate?

I still feel the same as you about TA, but watch Kay Kim on Youtube, go back to his older videos or you can check on Twitter too.
He almost never involves causality, just pure TA, and he is almost perfectly correct on every scale over 18 months straight, possibly more.
I have been following him about 18 months, so this is why I used this number.
He is brilliant.
In haejin's case, I follow him less, so I did not draw conclusive conclusions so far.

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His big payouts aren’t from his followers - they are the result of one single account that upvotes all of his posts, adding ~$200 to each one.

Small fortune? This man is leaving this platform being a multi millionaire.. not giving a shit anymore

Even millions are considered a small fortune nowadays. Not that I am excusing his abuse by saying that.

Sad sign of the times.

It is the same pattern... but that's the point. If others like his TA why complain... just don't follow his advice. You're upset he's earning too much... then compete and try to win over his followers, don't abuse them with downvotes and start conflicts.

Your still missing the point..

Maybe... or maybe you are ... but my perspective is that I like his posts... and find value in his content... so if he's making a lot of money from my perspective it will be a motivation for more like content.

I could go around being upset that posts of pretty pictures and videos of somebody saying Hi I have a large YouTube following get hundreds of dollars, but I assume others like their posts.

I don't see how down voting the content providers thousands of people appreciate makes this a better site. Build the site with good content, and stop worrying about the distribution... and we will all be richer in the long run.

If you want to earn like amounts, post 10 appreciated posts a day every day for months on end while also investing (or having other invest) large amounts in the platform.

Its mainly not about the amount of money get distributed but more about the content being deceiving. People who dont understand technical analysis will fall for hia bullshit. TA just doesn't have any value on coins that have a very low market cap. He has a big following. So he has more responsibility about the things that he posts. Ethics just come in to play and if you want to promote a fraudulent person. Go ahead. But I am here to defend the naive people that may be putting money in shitcoins because of his TA.

On an ethical point of view he's just being a very toxic member of steemit. Thats why I'd flag him.

Just because simple minds are deceived by complex and complicated topic matter, doesn't mean it's unethical to teach. He does an excellent job of explain how TA is to be used, and that it should not be blindly followed. He also provides some material to help people get educated on Eliot Wave counting.

If you have a formal proof of why it doesn't work in certain situations perhaps you should post them to help out the community. But by down voting to "protect us" from his educational lectures is non sense as one of the principles of the platform is uncensored. If we want to watch content that you or anyone else approves of we can go to another site.

He is one of the most responsible analysts I've ever encountered. He goes out of his way to explain how his analysis should be applied in conjunction with ones own analysis. He choices his words very carefully and is very precise in what he says.

Thanks for defending us little guys, but no thanks... I'll decide which analyst I want to follow and listen to. Please piss off and stop flagging the content providers I follow. I'm sure there are plenty of TA or analysts that you follow that do piss poor jobs, but I'm not out flagging them.

Everyone must do own research and to make own decision . I`m agree with you :)

I have long observed shitty the quality of posts which makes this narrow-eyed, but on my comments about this he silently pose me flag... And now he can only justify and read about a lot of shit... To be honest, I'm even glad...

Hello, nice to meet you! Would you help me get 5 steem in a post for a task please

While it's hard for me to even make $1 per week, he made thousands per day through his totally nothing but selfishness. 😑😑

lol. you invested nothing and do less than a post a day... how can you compare yourself to one that has invested large sums of time and money? Work harder and you may get similar returns... learn from others rather than complain it will do wonders for you.

I'm not sure if you realize this, but what he's doing to effectively amass thousands per day takes a lot more than selfishness.

Join the club

so lets start a small guy club who actually upvote eachothers posts and read them and leave legit comments, this is how to gain power here

That's the minnow support project in a nutshell

Minnow Support Group would be a better name. We can be like, "hi, I'm bagzinga and I'm a minnow."

Their discord is kinda like that already.

he only takes 15 hours to get 700 dollars,
I only take 10 years to get 800 dollars,this is one fact that really exists ,,
we just keep trying and stay so we can like them keep the spirit,

Thank you for demonstrating just how exploitative, his behaviour is @dewi1

you are cute

Translation: "I haven't learned to form my own reality and bring the things I want into existence so until then I'll not only blame other people but limit by powers of manifestation by seeing everything through a lens of duality instead of embracing and accepting the oneness that just is"

How does he do it? And if you had the means of doing it, wouldn't you do the same? Why is it selfish to want to make 1000's a day? I just don't understand this whole thing.

  1. since when is posting content a bad thing on steemit. Nobody should be accused for posting too much content. Posting content is bringing value to steem.

  2. the content of Haejin may not be valuable to you but is to others. Clearly u can see this buy checking his upvotes and views, twitter followers etc.

  3. if the upvotes Haejin receives would be a bad thing or abuse all of steems design is flawed. The point of the platform is to post content and get rewarded.

  4. flagging trolling of content that is valuable directly destroys value of steem and keeps users from joining the platform. I have had many people come to me and ask why haejin gets attached like this and how this makes any sense. These people are generally disgusted with steem and dont understand how something like this is possible, as it would get censored on other platforms.

  5. most importantly who gives anyone the right to say what kind of content is ok to post and what not. This sort of „i am the god of steem and only i know what is good content“ is shit u can do if ur a dictator or owner of propaganda platform. Since when has steem become just that.

  6. show me just one guy that brings as much users to steem as haejin?! Show me one other account that has this much consistent content every fucking day nomather what? We should be glad some users are posting this consistently on here and giving users a reason to check in several times a day.

  7. of accusing others of greed u should look at your own fucking jalousy. Why dont you produce 10 quality post per day plus videos and try to be as succesful as Haejin.

  8. as an investor everyone attacking haejin or trolling him are destroying my value and as a user my experience of reading his content.

Exactly dude! Why are all of these people bitching about people trying to make money on here? Are they just jealous because some people are successful and they aren't? What a bunch of socialist bitches on here.

Do you see people IRL behaving any differently?

I don't get why they don't learn from him?... if they would post useful content consistently rather than spending their time down voting and complaining the platform would be much better. All the consistent content providers seem to get rewarded by followers and up votes... that's how it's suppose to work.

Amen! The only thing I have add is that you can't just go and say the new MCU or Star Wars movie is taking too much of the audience and the other movies don't get enough of an audience. I actually remember a scene from Atlas Shrugged where the amount of copies of books you can produce getting a government mandated cap so that all writers have can sell their books and nobody buys too many copies of a book. This is ridiculous and anti Laissez-faire.

Even 50 Shades of Grey deserves to keep its ridiculous sales as long as it is voluntarily given by people. It's nothing more than a glorified Xhamster story that went way too long. But as long as NAP isn't broken, I support the right of the writer to earn the rewards for her garbage.

And finally....... @haejin is nowhere near garbage.

his TA is pretty garbage. IMO he's abusing the rewards pool.

I'll just tell you what I've experienced. I don't keep tabs. I've been one of the early followers and I've made some very good profits based on his calls. For about 10 of his posts there are 1-2 bombs that miss about 1 that's practically out of a crystal ball where the charts play out exactly as he predicted without any significant deviations and the rest are just helpful.

I should say that I pre-select the coins that interest me and don't even read 1/3 of his posts. But I've found the ones I've read to be valuable.

IMO he's abusing the rewards pool.

That's something for the Steemit.Inc They should implement something like a dynamic cap on payouts based on several factors/ diminishing payouts after X posts per day etc. Blame the game not the player. He's at least producing content unlike Grumpy and BS accounts which abused the reward pool with content that are not even 5 words long.

Educating the people who up-vote on his posts is a better way of fighting the perceived injustice.

That's exactly what we need. We also need to do protocol level upgrades to make things better instead of pointing fingers and starting wars.

I am very new to Steemit. But what @knircky says here rings true to me. The response to allegedly manipulative content should be to expose it, not censor it. @transisto's open letter admits that he/she flags posts that he/she disagrees with or disapproves of. That violates the etiquette guidelines that I just read yesterday, doesn't it?

My own views are quite politically incorrect. If I am going to be flagged by people just for sincerely speaking my mind, just because they want to silence my point of view, and if the Steemit community is ok with that kind of censorship and mob thinking, then maybe I'll have to keep looking for a place where diversity of thought is really valued and, not just tolerated, but cherished.

Downvotes are just as important to steem as upvotes. He isn't saying that he is the"god of steemit" he is simply voting how he wants. If you don't agree, why are you the god of steemit? You upvote and downvote how you choose and transisto will upvote and downvote how he chooses.

Too many people are all too happy to accept upvotes but get all bent out of shape about downvotes. Haejin has a huge whale voting on all his posts and I don't hear him complaining about that. But when a different whale disagrees and downvotes, he throws a temper tantrum.

Similar topics and not useful for users

So you are the content god and know what is good for people? It so happens that haejin gets 10s of thousands if views a day he pulls in via google, his twitter and from followers. Yet u deem it not useful. Show me one other user that does this? And explain to me how this is not valuable for steem.

exactly. he doesn't seek any valuable target
only seeking self-voting

Yes, this platform is for collective action and we all benefit from hatred

Most information about the Steemit.. So dont miss the chance to watch it... May be it becomes important for you

Thanks for sharing this @transisto - it's good to see that you are doing your part for the community!

As a full time ICO consultant, I spend a lot of time looking at price projections, hyped up coins, and the general volatile market. I specialise in white paper analysis and strategic marketing (basically How To market an ICO effectively as opposed to simply getting influences to pump it!). It is worrying to me to see people giving such bullish projections for coins that aren't great, in fact it worries me more than it probably should - if we want to bring in serious investors and a lot of people to Steemit, we need to at least try to post somewhat honest, relevant, realistic content. I'm all for freedom of speech, but there comes a time where certain people need to be regulated to some extent, which seems to be what you are doing. I know that other people, such as @fulltimegeek, who are also doing this, and I think it really stands to the strength Of The community that people are doing this.

I have been considering flagging posts like the ones you mentioned, but my issue is that I have such little protection with my lack of Steem Power and a low reputation compared to those that I would be flagging - I'm currently looking to build some really big projects on Steemit, and am actively seeking support for them, therefore I want to make sure that I look at credible as possible to potential delegators/people who want to be involved in my project - maybe it's a case of having community leaders offering some form of protection to those who support, or maybe it should be left to the big players like yourself - I'd love to hear your thoughts anyway.

Finally, I'd like to take this chance to offer my services - like I said, I'm full time in the ICO industry. I would be more than happy to review any post that may seem unrealistic etc. and talk about its credibility, if you or anyone else is interested.

Thanks again for doing this @transisto, it really does show your dedication to the community and the fair distribution of rewards.

I'm all for freedom of speech, but there comes a time where certain people need to be regulated to some extent, which seems to be what you are doing.

Flagging doesn’t affect anyone’s freedom of speech. Flag all you want.

That's what I said @sneak, I think that maybe I miscommunicated! I mean that flagging should be used in cases.

90% of whatever "predictions" @haejin is doing are just speculation. He is making a small fortune for what is essentially astrology or tarot reading, while many others struggle to make a few bucks with actually useful content.

and there is nothing wrong with it.
IF Haejin was daily predicting the price of chicken heads with astrology than that is also content. I really don't get what he is doing wrong. :D
He can also post and upvote himself 10 times a day. This place is great because there is no censorship. If big whales start to censor the shit im out.

The more he makes by voting himself, the less everybody else makes. The reward pool is specific every week and is shared based on the distribution of voting power. Meaning, everybody's rewards lower the more he upvotes himself.

And he has that right because he invested a shitload of money. I assume steemit is still based on a capitalistic society.

So tell me what he does wrong. Being annoying or useless doesn't count as something that needs to be censored.

He has not invested any money into Steem (as far as I know). IF he had invested any when he joined Steemit, it was less than $5000.

Almost all the money he has in his account now is from and because of the @ranchorelaxo upvotes, nothing else.

What does he do wrong? He focuses 95% on himself. While misleading and potentially misleading thousands.

He censors anyone that shows these numbers and disagrees with him.

Recently I posted two Posts that speak facts and opinion about how his actions are damaging to the Steem / Steemit platform. And he 100% downvoted/flagged both. My posts were not mean or vulgar, but he saw it good to CENSOR me.

He is not leading by example in:

  • Supporting and growing the community.
  • Censoring or not censoring opposing opinions.

Because if that is allowed, then everyone will give up on trying to create good content and will just be self voting worthless posts, ruinning Steemit in the longrun.

-Most people don't create content for the money.
-It's allowed to upvote yourself 10 times a day, change the rules. (maybe an idea steemit)
-It really sounds like an error in the structure of steemit. In the end this is business and he isn't breaking the rules.

He is maybe an asshole but it's all legal. (It's also legal to downvote him to death)

Everything you say is true, but not many are willing to pump 100K in STEEM just to trash this guy.

So that makes him a legal asshole or law abiding asshole? :P

The more u make when u got upvoted the less everyone else gets too.

It seems u are greedy and not him.

I am struggling to make 2 SBD per week with my helpful topics, and guys like haejin with their useless topics make it even harder. Like it or not, I am losing my incentive when stuff like that keep happening.

Haejin used to make cents per post. I was one of the first user that upvoted him and pushed him. I still vote for him but now i am just one of many.

So i suggest u keep working as hard as he does, publish 10 or more valuable posts per day over a view months, see how easy that is before u compare urself with him.

What happens if you invest in a vote bot to advertise your post?

you increase your reputation faster and earn less income

Alright so lets say he sells his steem power.
Is that a net gain or net loss the reward pool.?

He is making a small fortune for what is essentially astrology or tarot reading,~

um... you think technical analysis is like tarot reading?
Sorry but that is nonsense and impossible to defend. Identifying trends and patterns is not impossible we do it all the time, what on earth would make anyone think in this case it's now impossible

if it was possible, everyone would be aware of every change in prices

I am always torn on such an issue as your describe. Certainly there are efforts to protect people but, at the same time, people need to be responsible. Using the analysis of someone else, as an adjunct to one's own research, is fine. However, relying on someone else to make decisions for one, especially off the Internet is down right dangerous, if not borderline stupid.

There are many on here using different models of TA (and fundamental for what that is worth)...and all arrive at different conclusions. Are any of them worth following? I guess if one believes in the particular technique used, then sure...but one still needs to not blindly adhere to what one is posting.

If that is the case, the buyer beware banner needs to go up.

There seems to be two rules that apply no matter what the market:

Rule 1: never risk more than you can afford to lose
Rule 2: do your own research to make your own decisions.

that's all right

besides all the BS about TA value, and other bla-bla-bla, here are the MAIN TWO FACTS:

Does anyone still believes, that these 2 accounts are not closely related? Or owned by the same person? Or at least sharing all the profits from steemit?

Sounds like a group of people pooled resouces together to make some decent money. Or a private indivdual has outsource some low paid freelancers to create posts for him and make money. Could be a clever person that knows how to play the system for all its worth.

How many more must die before this war comes to an end??? It's time to change the upvote rules around here.

SBD at $100....somewhat Okay?

I know there are differences in analysis but do you seriously see that.

Certainly as a content producer I would love that but I find that to be a bit unrealistic. People think I am crazy with my prediction of $100 STEEM by year end but I fail to see how people will pay $100 for something with a face value of $1.

I guess it could happen...just find it surprising that something so wild falls into your somewhat okay category. And we saw how quickly it pulled back from $16 or $17 when someone pumped the hell out of it.

As for the rest of your list, it is a fair list overall.

The thing is STEEM isn't backed by anything and it can theoretically go below a cent. SBD on the other hand can never go below $1. Even BTC can go below a cent and it's expensive to use and super slow. Compare SBD with BTC. Tell me which one has better fundamentals.

So what is SBD backed by so it doesn't go below $1?

1 SBD can be converted to 1 USD worth STEEM. I know SBD has been traded for 90 cents and few times around 85 cents. Anybody who buy SBD at the price could have converted that into 1 USD worth STEEM if they were willing to wait for 3.5 days. Each SBD is backed by 1 USD worth STEEM. If you buy SBD below $1 you are buying USD at a discount (but it's only spendable to buy STEEM)

SBD on the other hand can never go below $1

It's gone below 1 dollar many times

Yes, 100$ SBD seems astronomic and incredible to say the least. I don't think SteemDevs and Witnesses will allow such a thing to happen. However everything is possible in this market.

I really do not believe they have to do anything.

As long as people take 50/50 payouts, there will be more SBD created which, at a certain point, will crash the price.

We were at 3.5M when the peg broke now we are over 7M...

At what point can the market not handle it? I dont know the answer to that but I do know there is a point.

The one benefit is that Steemians can really power up while there is the disconnect and people outside are paying up for something that can ultimately be redeemed for only a dollar worth of STEEM.

Agree! Biggest winners from this are the voting bots in my opinion. Their owners are making big bucks.

Hope to see it back at $10.

Yes, $10.00 would be great, but I don't think we will get an up movement for SBD, I think it will probably stagnate or go down.

I also hope with you.

good replay
please give me vote

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Could someone explain exactly how SBD is pinned to the dollar? When I convert SBD to STEEM I convert it on the marketplace for market price, which is not $1. Perhaps I am missing something, but I don't seem to see why exactly SBD should be $1 in anything but name.

It was the initial model for SBD to always be 1$, but then it was treated as its own currency and kept moving away from that concept. Not that different from what happened to BTC that keeps getting spliced into subcategories of the same currency.

But is anything actually pinning it down? If there's no way to cash it out for $1 of goods/currency then I don't see why it would stay at $1.

It is created at a faster rate when >$1.

Most of the developers of Steemit still want to pin it down (I don't know how) so it will look more secure for people to start using it, instead of treating it as a scam that will one day burst like a bubble. The value of STEEM is the only thing that is supposed to change, and even then only for reward payouts withing Steemit. Meaning, the only fluxuation is "supposed" to be the amount of SP you gain, not its value in the market.