About My Culture [A Steemit Story Challenge]

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This challenge post was authored by @sndbox member @aaronli. [Guest Authors receive 20% of the SBD rewards, and an opportunity to showcase unique activities, projects or host challenges within the community.]

#AboutMyCulture Challenge

@aaronli: Hi Steemians, I am grateful to be the first guest host of a @sndbox challenge! This challenge is all about cultural storytelling. A culture is full of stories. Every town, city and nation has treasured narratives about the people and places within it. Culture is the glue that helps to create the communities that we are all a part of. So, Steemians, would you like to introduce your community to us? What about your city? This challenge is a great place to start!

The #aboutmyculture challenge is meant to encourage all Steemians to learn more about one another through the blockchain we are all connected to. With this challenge, I encourage you to share a story from home. @sndbox will sponsor this challenge and all upvote prizes.

Challenge Topics & Example Ideas

Participants are encouraged to choose a single topic and share the story behind it. The topic must be related to your local culture. This “topic” could be a festival, local custom, unique food, local art, architecture, or something in nature.

Here’s an example:

Bamboo scaffolding in my hometown; Hong Kong. Focusing on bamboo, I would share the story of the art, history, technique and how it is a signature of my community. Here’s a great example from @prch who is introducing this unique construction style: https://steemit.com/cn/@prch/bamboo-scaffolding-in-hong-kong-construction

General Guidelines

Each post must answer the following questions -

  • What is your cultural topic?
  • Why did your choose it?
  • What makes it special to you and your local culture?

Please follow all criteria in order to be eligible for a @sndbox upvote:

  • Please tag your post with #AboutMyCulture
  • Share your post link in the comment section below!
  • Entries must be original work / images properly sourced.
  • Deadline is Wednesday March 28th @ 10:00pm EST

Sndbox Upvote Prizes

  • 1st Place: 50% upvote
  • 2nd Place: 30% upvote
  • 3rd Place: 20% upvote
  • All Participants: 1-3% upvote by @sndbox (depending on number of applicants)

What are you waiting for? Interesting stories are all around you! Go and explore your neighborhood, take some good photos, and share what you find! I am looking forward to seeing your #AboutMyCulture story!

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thank you @sndbox~

Thank you @aaronli for guest hosting such a great challenge! We're looking forward to some incredible stories and learning more about cultures around the globe :)

Do not forget to select and follow

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Just done with my submission :) It is about my hometown, Penang! And it is more on architectural approach. Thanks for the great topic @aaronli!


Rapai geleng is one of the most popular dances in Aceh, Indonesia. This dance is not just a regular dance. but there is advice about life and also there is a sense of togetherness, cohesiveness, and other positive. here it is my artcile #aboutmyculture :


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Thank you @sndbox for this educative, creative and original challenge you bring to steemians on the regular, you guys are really awesome and also thanks to @aaronli for coming up with such wonderful idea about us showcasing our culture here through the chainblock. This really brings unity in diversity. Here is my aboutmyculture challenge entry

My entry I hope you enjoy reading as I write about this culture.


Ohhh thats great idea i will be particepent in this Hope you will find me in this challenge keep it up You are doing great work for the community keep it up I wish you all the best

That's a great way to serve the community @sndbox,
Beautifully Described @aaronli.

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i really like about culture,i like this idea,
my dear friend @sndbox,thank you for sharing with us,

This is just superb.I am surely going to take part in this competition. Also hope to win some upvote.Thanks for such initiative.This will help a lot of steemians to show their talent.@upvoted and resteemed

I love this idea, it affords us opportunity to learn more about our own culture and that of others.
I must write my entry for the #AboutMyCulture challenge.

good challenge.contest makes a man more skillfull and smart in the work.good job

@sndbox always entertaining us :)

That's a great challenge @sndbox :)
I will try to participate in this challenge :)

wew.. i am currently thinking...

Dear @sndbox Our culture is written here.

 What is your cultural topic? 

 We are native to Bengali culture and we are born Bengali because of our cultural Bengali.  

 Why did your choose it?

 After birth, we hear the first Bengali language from mother's mouth. Mother brought us in Bangla language and made our life involved with Bengali culture. We have been teaching our parents since we were born, we are residents of Bengali culture. I am proud of myself as a citizen of Bengali culture. 

What makes it special to you and your local culture?

 There are many rituals and cultural shows in our Bengali culture. Our Bengali culture has a lot of importance in First Boishakh.We celebrate Pahela Boishakh with great pleasure. Our parents teach us rituals through many of our cultural festivals.We celebrate Hilsa fish and panta rice in the morning of Pahela Baishakh. First Boishakh is a very important event for Bengali culture. First Boishakh is an important event for our nation which we celebrate with great pleasure. This festival is a festival of Bengali origin.This is the first festival of Baisakh, which is considered to be a very important festival for Bengali culture.

Hi @tetas08, make sure you publish a post and follow all of the guidelines!

  • What is your cultural topic?
  • Why did your choose it?
  • What makes it special to you and your local culture?

Please follow all criteria in order to be eligible for a @sndbox upvote:

  • Please tag your post with #AboutMyCulture
  • Share your post link in the comment section!
  • Entries must be original work / images properly sourced.
  • Deadline is Wednesday March 28th @ 10:00pm EST

Of course, I will try to prepare a good content my dear friend @sndbox :)

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@sndbox awesome, i will participation for this contest.

Introducing culture @sndbox. Thank.

I was waiting for this kinds of contest.I have already decided to join the contest.Thanks for this contest.


thank you , i am working on it and submit my entry shortly

This is so challenging digging up the culture characteristic...thankyou @aaronli and @sndbox

Thanks @sndbox ..

The reason I took the title of this post. I am interested in the traditional process of salt making. Interestingly again the grandfather with his wife is very diligent trying to meet the needs of everyday life. Hopefully this post becomes one of the @sndbox categories.


Awesome.. Lets spread the world, Very interesting @sndbox, I would try it :)

Hi sndbox! I am invited by my fellow countrymen @jrvacation to participate in this challenge. I am from Singapore and I will do my best to represent my country. Upvoted!

Loving this! It’s going to be interesting knowing about different cultures...

Good yuo posting

Resteemed this wonderful initiative will all my heart and I do hope I can find time to participate.
Thank you @aaronli for the idea and @sndbox for supporting & hosting it.

Great idea @sandbox

Sure making my post

Fabulous challenge @aaronli & @sndbox, look forward to writing this one, thank you!


I can write topics in Spanish?

I write English well, but I never thought I would ever create content on my own...


Hello, @sndbox!

It's amazing how you always come up with these initiatives to suppport creatives within the platform. Thank you for all that you do. I do have a post that I have been drafting since a few days ago when I saw this. It is a great coincidence that it also talks about the bamboo, although it has a completely different take from that of @prch.


fantastic idea ! It would be a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and life styles ! :)

This is so challenging digging up the culture characteristic...thankyou @aaronli and @sndbox

Nice contest! Not sure i have time to participate but let me resteem first so others can see and particicpate!

So interesting challenge. I will take part of this challenge, I really like about culture. There are so many cultures that I want to promote. A positive challenge for cultures around the world. So, everyone will get to know all the cultures in different regions. Thank you @sndbox.

it's about a culture of herbal medicine that is beginning to disappear in the traditions of Indonesian society. And one of them is "Impotent" treatment.


Great idea. I will join this challenge @sndbox

Good idea I will try to participate, you will find me in this challenge, continue. You do a great job for the community, go ahead, wish you all the best

Really cool idea @aaronli . I've read some of the entries, and yeah, culture diversity is an amazing thing! Lot of wonders to see, lot of stories to read, and lot of people with their uniqueness.
Also btw, here is my entry
It's about our local art performance. Thank you :)

This is what the steemians are waiting for. Thanks for the sndbox

Please explain @sndbox
In the form of an article or in a form such as answering / interviewing

It's something very nice and I am waiting for. .. imagine the culture and customs of great society all over the world can be exposed and known by many societies as well as the special attention ... I support it!

Hi this is my entry for the culture in my homeland, Malaysia:


Thank you for such a meaningful contest!

MY Entry


I Posted my post in blog about 12 hours ago, but was not able to share link it here due to electricity problem in building (light out).

Good challenge.. i will try this contest!!..
Thanks for you post!!

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Hi, Nice to meet you. @sndbox Thanks a lot.
I have followed this challenge please you see on the link below.


Thx for that quite informative post. Keep up with creating interesting content.

I just came across your other post and I really liked it.

I decided to check your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)


  ·  last year (edited)

Sir @sndbox Here Is My Participations Link: #AboutMyCulture https://steemit.com/aboutmyculture/@tetas08/about-my-culture
I hope you'll check it. All the photos I have taken and some pictures have been edited by me, That's why I could not get the source link of my pictures.

Best regards.

Hey guys! This is my article about Russian traditional nesting dolls, which is my hobby https://steemit.com/aboutmyculture/@liverussian/matryoshka-the-russian-doll-aboutmyculture-challenge

I love the theme of this contest, had great fun with this, thanks and here is my entry!

Thanks, @sndbox and @aaronli for this sharing of cultures, it's an inspired idea. Looking forward to checking out the entries!


This is my link for the contest. It's about the cultural dance of my tribe https://steemit.com/aboutmyculture/@jade56/igbabonelimhin-esan-cultural-dance

Hello! I also have my entry. :)

Here's the link: https://busy.org/aboutmyculture/@creyestxsa94/about-my-culture-a-steemit-story-challenge-naliyagan-festival

I hope you'll like it. :)

a very good post ,,? much to the meaning of the picture. very good..

This is very cool, a sndbox cultural challenge... Can't wait to go see what I will come up with. Expect my entry yo! Lolz.

Hello @sndbox! Here's my contribution... Henna Body Art: An Arabic Culture inspired by my beautiful officemate today. :D

Thanks for coming up for such a wonderful contest @aaronli!

Hello! I'm here.
Here's my entry. It's about Esan Marriage Culture. https://steemit.com/aboutmyculture/@bredjo/esan-marriage-culture-23b9f79d9c9c1
Thanks for this privilege.

I think this is my first contest, hope not to do it soooo bad.


Hi @sndbox and @aaronli. Thanks you so much for initiating this challenge. This gives me a way to introduce my beloved country's precious games. Please see link below;


  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you @aaronli and @sndbox for this challenge. I actually dedicated my blog entirely for writing about culture. I 'm happy to see people so passionate about culture. More power to the both of you. Below is my entry.


  ·  last year (edited)

My entry is a photo essay about Minneapolis' urban waterfall, Minnehaha Falls, and its park. https://steemit.com/aboutmyculture/@tcpolymath/photo-essay-in-praise-of-minnehaha-falls

Thank you for the motivation.

This is my entry for #aboutmyculture. Thank your organising this. I have fun writing it as well as snapping photos.

This is an interesting contest that would go a long way in promoting cultures around the world. please find within my submission

A very good project, may be always successful brother 🙏

woew, that's amazing news. I have been waiting for such an event, and I will also participate in it. hopefully his event @sndbox smoothly

Gracias por permitir encontrar inspiración con sus ideas, que las conviertan en promociones, ya resulta genial. Son el coach de contenido que se necesita.-


Hola amigos.
Aquí les dejo el link de mi post. Espero les guste :)