#1 Tip to Increase Rewards on Steem: First zappl.com Post!

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Post with @zappl, @dsound, @dtube, @dlive, @busy.org, @utopian-io, @dmania, and @esteemapp instead of using steemit.com because these apps have huge upvotes! I posted this using https://zappl.com/ because it is like Twitter for Steem!

Extra Post Text for Steemit.com!

@zappl gives up to 240 characters for the post which I now am expanding with the steemit.com post! Here are the direct links to each app! Sign in with the posting key to get started!

@zappl at https://zappl.com/@jerrybanfield
@esteemapp at https://esteem.ws/
@dmania at https://dmania.lol/
@dsound at https://dsound.audio/#/@jerrybanfield
@utopian-io at https://utopian.io/@jerrybanfield
@dtube at

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Thanks for taking the time to check out our application.

I have published a publication in #Zappl now, but it does not appear ? why ??

Did you update the post on steemit? If you edit posts on any other platform they will disappear.

That is crazy because editing on Steemit.com helps the posts to be more user friendly to those not using the app! Will you make it so the posts do not disappear if they are edited because that might help a lot for mass adoption? I want to edit almost any post I made on another platform to appear best here.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well we don't even allow markdown in our editor. We do this to prevent people from turning normal 240 character post into 1000 words post on zappl.

Its a preventative measure against abuse, zappl is meant to host zappl data and when you edit data it messes with the filter method of only showing zappl content. Once app:"name" changes which it does when you edit a post.

We will look into how spaces and breaks are handled in the code on post to insure the quality of how you wrote the zap. Also as sames said we will be adding editing features soon to allow people to fix their posts.

There could be a second box for people to go in depth for other platforms. The main zappl post will be the TLDR. Not sure how well that would work out personally but just a thought.

For sure this Gonna work. Thanks for the advice
☻☻ @jerrybanfield

The lock was done to keep the character limit. I pretty sure they're working on adding editing and tags to zappl.com

Was everybodies posting keys comprimised? How should I reset mine if so...?

ooh yees i Edit my tags on steemit ... Because I did not find place tags on Zappl

You set tags in your post like you would do on twitter.

images (9).jpeg

I just signed in to zappl, and I am running a set of posts using the app now, I am loving the short, and direct feel. THanks for creating it @zappl. And thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this

images (9).jpeg

You didn't mention specifically how using these different apps can increase your rewards, but if I'm not mistaken, you can get a small upvote from the account of the app if you use their app? Is that right @jerrybanfield?

I know that I got a decent up vote from Dsound for my first upload, So I'm guessing the other apps are doing a similar thing too. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense, as a lot of the target audience to these apps are people who do not yet use steemit, so Upvoting the occasional post is a good way to get them hooked on the platform once they receive that first large payout.

That is correct @brandonp. Also, each app should be used to post different kind of content. For example, @dmania is used strictly for memes, @dtube works exactly like YouTube so you want to post videos ect.
You might want to take a look at each account to figure out which kind of content fits best.
Have a good one!

And if you don't get a good upvote from them you will lose some of your regular rewards to them because they cut some beneficiaries. It's important to let newbies about this too, but nobody mentions about these potential losses. When you use these apps for posting and use those upvote bots for promotion but don't get any extra upvotes(rather than regular) you are loosing something here.

thats correct

@brandonp exactly each app I listed here has a lot of delegated Steem power which can make for many small votes for users or a few big votes!

I've been trying to use dmania lately. Love the Steemit blockchain...

sir, is it safe to use zappl?

how about the privacy of the ACCOUNT?

how about the same on steemit.com ?

Yes steemit.com is developed by Steemit Inc the company that launched the Steem blockchain and holds the most stake.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

We are talking about steemit.inc knows private keys to the great majority of steem accounts.

I heard some of steemians that, they [other wibsites] made some upvotes for there own ID's. Is that possible? can they control the ACCOUNT?

If you gave them keys, why not?

sounds weird. if they can do this, then.........

You should give them weakest key possible.
And change master password (and hence all keys) regularly.

Yes I use the posting key!

Does busy.org claim a part of your rewards too?
What about utopian.io?
And how come you forgot chainbb?
These 'apps' participate in rewards for posts not posted through them.
Just exchange the word 'rewards' with the word 'reputation' and you will be on point.

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I just wish that you could organise your posts on Steemit.com in to playlists. That way you could direct all of your zapple posts to one and all of your Dsounds to another and your Steepshots also to its own. As you can probably tell, I like keep things organised and having everything that i post on all of these different sites being thrown onto my steemit blog in a random order tends to bug me a little. I like to think that some of my content will continue to be enjoyed years from now and so i feel that organising them would make our steemit pages look much more professional.

What's everyone else's thought son this?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is like my thoughts about it too! I only joined steemit late January and ive really been trying hard, and I am worried since all of this shows up in my steemit like a blog post i am going to lose the (very few and special) followers I do have if I post these things and they show up in the same column as my more detailed posts...am I overthinking this? I do tend to over think everything...

Exactly. I posted a Meme on Dmania the other day and now that's the first thing people see when they click on my blog, despite the fact that I've also been uploading my music to Dsound, which I've been working much harder on. Hopefully they add this feature soon, because I think it would improve the experience of content creators much more.

I guess you just have to hope that for now that all the people that do follow you want to see everything you have to post... I guess when you follow someone on other social media you tend to follow the same people anyways (at least I do) I guess the same concept applies here. I just hope people want to see that much of me... :/

I feel like theirs a broader audience on steemit than most normal social medias, but I'm sure if you keep making good content, you'll get plenty of followers.

Yes I hope they add playlists too including for resteems because then if I wanted to tweet five times a day with @zappl then I could have that separate from my songs, blog, etc.

Well I guess you're in the best position to make this happen as you have a lot of influence here now. It seems like an obvious addition so I'm pretty sure It will happen at some point.

Interesting...I will check out. Thanks for the info! Upvote & Resteem!

Hey, what did you find out? I'm interested in learning more about this as well, but I'd also be interested in what you have to say.

I think this is the way to go. I believe we have to diversify our social media platforms moving forward to make sure all of our efforts aren’t concentrated on the future MySpace of blockchain based social media platforms. Not sure that anyone can predict which platform will be the next Facebook, but if you’re on many of these platforms then the chances of great results increase dramatically! Also, all these applications are built on the steem blockchain. This means good things if you own steem or steem power. It will only increase demand for the coin. However, there are other blockchains that will compete in this space in the future, but we’ve got 6-12 months before that’s a real possibility. This means for the time being steem has an amazing head start and could be hard to catch from a blockchain based social media tech! EOS could compete in the future, but they have a ways to go!

Excellent- thank you so much for your help! I'm still learning in all of this, but I've found that the people on Steem are incredibly eager and willing to help out, which is huge! I'm optimistic about what 2018 holds in store!

For sure! Incentives are aligned on this site unlike anywhere else on the internet! Hard to spend time on Facebook anymore! 😂

I dont understand how posting from these apps will increase your rewards, you don't really explain that in your post!

If I'm not mistaken, I think the more exposure you get the more likely you are to get rewards.
So by posting on multiple platforms it allows your post to get even more views from different places.

Thanks for the post

I just tried @zappl (twice) but it doesn't seem to work for me at the moment. I'll give it another go another time! Plus your 'Zap' doesn't appear in my feed on Zappl (nothing does), which it should as I follow you…

Yes Adam it seems editing the post on Steem removes the post on zappl which hopefully they will fix.

Well if you made this post initially using Zappl then edited using Steemit, well now your Zappl post will no longer be on Zappl.com. Just an FYI.

Thanks for the info @jerrybanfield

@jerrybanfield, thanks, these are some nice tools I have to take a look at.

I am also working on a small project to support the Steemit community. I want to develop an Artificial Intelligence to help curation and minnows. It is called TrufflePig and I'll post another update tomorrow to showcase a prototype and explain how it works. Take a look if you are interested :-) Cheers!


From Jerry come all news

Thanks @jerrybanfield for this but I want to ask a quick question, please Is there a particular kinda post you do that makes these apps increase your reward ? This is because I have used busy.org and esteem apps but my reward didn’t increase. Pls enlighten me more.


Thank you for posting. @jerrybanfield

It becomes clear after posting in Steemit that posting from associate networks brings support from that network. Thank you for making this clear to everyone. I use DSounds and busy but would like to try zapple, esteem and utopia.

When I like something then I will vote them as a witness like when I voted you as a witness.

First I have to try the product. A lot of these networks use steemconnect so they are easy to use and login without giving out active or owner key permission.

I have been using esteem but I didn't know there was any benefit to using it for posting. Excited to check out the others especially @zappl. Thanks for the info @jerrybanfield



amazing jerry u great person

Interesting...I will check out. Thanks for the info! Upvote & Resteem!

thank you friend @ jerrybanfield for your usual tips hope it helps

resteemit done...

@jerrybanfield and the fact that it is much like twitter is cool

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

An interesting application from @zappl , but we - we beginners should learn more basic level first in order to be able to continue application of high application and cool - teach us always. thank you

Great post 👍

My brain is going to explode, just when I thought I was getting used to Steemit there are 100 million more things to learn!😱 I have heard of busy.org but I’ve never used it. Looks like that will be the one I try to research today.

if you want to use busy.org you should add "busy" as the first tag to get an automaticlly upvote

Oh I didn't know this! Thanks for the tip :)

you re welcome i'm a new here & i'm still learning !! if you have any tricks i will be glade to hear

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My tip for a newbie would be.......use SteemFollower to upvote some posts and you will get the same amount of upvotes back in return, it's worth it in my opinion :) https://steemfollower.com/?r=12362

i'm already their but i don't log in each day ;)

thank for ur sharing the post

Thanks for the information bro.

I really like your post thanks for sharing the things I can learn from you

I have a bad feeling Zappl posts will take over steemit with a ton of garbage posts...

There are no notifications like YouTube but still I am early :D

Thanks for giving this idea. I am using busy.org. But will try to post in zappl in my next post. Thanks again @jerrybanfield

I recently joined Zappl too and I love the functionality and diversification it brings to your social media account here on Steemit. With Steemit it feels more like a blog posting articles and videos, etc. having Zappl in addition provides you more of a Twitter like addition to your account to provide general updates, feelings, questions, even photos and videos too and the tagging is super easy using hashtags.

I'm a huge fan and I plan to be a big user of Zappl.

Thanks for sharing because I'm sure there's still a ton of people that aren't even aware this exists.

thank you very much for the information @ jerrybanfield i will try to post in the application ......
maybe i can be lucky

Oh thats great now i myself do the same thanks alot for such a good information post

@jerrybanfield, I'm @avowal, a fan of you. I joined steemit this month and it's a mixed feeling for me so far. I observed that you help newbie a lot to promote and resteem their post. I wish you do the same for me. I look forward to you endorsing and helping me. Thanks. You gesture will be appreciated.

@avowal thank you for joining Steem and commenting on my post here!

Thanks for sharing this!
As alot of us have little or no idea about this, keep steeming.

Wow. I never knew that posting using the listed site could increase reward. I must be living under the rock. I just connect with busy.org. i cant wait to see how it will boost my reward.

@jerry I have a question , my busy org account is not opening although master key is correct , what should I do now?

Wow !!! Thanks for this information,
am gonna check it out.

Thats interesting
I know dmania,dtube,utopian-io gives some of the great reward but I came across one things that these platform getaway with big chunk of the post.I know they built it they need to be rewarded for that but if platform like dmania getaway with 50%.that seems huge.isnt it?

Interesting... O_o

I see that they do have big upvotes, but who do they upvote? I have posted few videos on DTube and from your post as I understand I should have been upvoted. But I haven't been upvoted.

If you could expand a bit more on how do they upvote, that would be great. <3

By the way, thanks for introducing these platforms. Most of them I didn't know existed. ;)

Each platform has different ways it upvotes. I test each out to see who upvotes me the most as well and if we all do that we can help find our best posting strategies here where our contributions are rewarded the most and give back the best.

i will cheke out .... Thanks for the information .

Thanks! So how did you create this with the zappl limit?

Was it: create in zappl -> edit in steemit?



Exactly! Unfortunately currently editing on steemit removes the post on zappl...

thanks for your advice interesting

Thank you and resteem.

Always a great resource of information. Thanks, @jerrybanfield!
Upvote and resteem!

I'm not sure that I understand the benefits of using these apps. Would you be able to elaborate?

Thanks for sharing zappl.com

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the tip Jerry, I have just started to look at some of the other tools used on the blockchain. Like Dtube and Busy.. I always enjoy your uplifting personality and bright outlook on things.. Keep up the good work. I have been following you since the time you posted about going all in on Steem.. I think it was back around July.. Hows that working out for you? you have to at least 2x by now.. Anyway you have my witness vote also bro.. Again thanks for all that you do.

@buzzard thank you up 3x in Steem power since July with having bought about half and earned half with the account value up 12x! I appreciate you helping me see the value of what I contribute!

Thanks Jerry. I especially see how zappl could help me. Didn't know of that one :)

thank you for posting,this is very informative!

@jerrybanfield these are all great apps built on Steem. Would you be kind enough to vote me as a witness. I owe you a great deal for the tutorial on how to set up a witness node but as someone with zero audience it’s a pain to get going.
Thank you and keep up the good work!

@xsorbik when you get over 100 others voting for you as a witness and get some proxies assigned to you, I will be happy to consider voting for you!

Thanks @jerrybanfield! I didn't know about Zappl yet :)

interesting 💡💡

I was actually considering using some of these. Definitely might start using them very soon! Never hurts to try right

@jerry I have a question , my busy org account is not opening although master key is correct , what should I do now?

Try the posting key?

I have tried master, posting key but did not work , I am really worried , should I apply new one?

What a great news! Thanks for sharing.

Thanx for the tip

I've tried 4 apps ie @steemit, @busy.org, @dtube, and @dmania. Great apps to collect the bitcoin coffers. After this I will try the app @dsound.audio, @ utopian.io, @eestimapp, @zappl @ and app @dlife. Your post is mr @jerrybanfield very helpful us as a beginner to go ahead and develop. success is always for you mr @jerrybanfield and keep the spirit to make a useful post for us. I always wait that

This is what the people need. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It helps the community grow

Thank's for info and link

Thanks Jerry! I am new, so this is useful info for me as I gain my footing here on Steemit. Have a great day!

I find http://chainbb.com useful, isn't it?

If I'm not mistaken chainbb charges folks for posting from their site, so does esteem. Zappl, Busy and Steemit don't.

Yes it is although I do not think it has any of its own upvoting power currently which is why I did not include it in this post.

As stated on the login popup:

  • chainBB uses Steem‘s Post Beneficiaries feature at 15% of all posts. This reward is split between the users who operate the forums and the chainBB development team.

Do you think this is wrong or unpolite, @coquiunlimited and @jerrybanfield?

Am yet to use dtube, dsound, dlive and the dmania.

I'll try it out


very good. Thank you.

Very-very good

I wish you would explain more about these options in your post.

@ferow I will be doing that in future videos!

Wow awesome

Wonderfull information... i will cheak out......@jerrybanfield (73)

This is good content that will help alot of us in this community but l was expecting a detailed information on how each app works. For instance, @busy.org is for writing, @dtube for videos and so on, even hidden things that will help us to have a good experience on steemit by using those app. Thanks!

I've been here a couple months and the insincerity is the first thing that stood out. There are people who share thoughtful comments and you can tell they're just trying to get a vote, but at least they put some time and effort into what they're saying.

The group that bugs me are basically e-beggars with lazy, low-effort "thank you for posting"-type content. It's like chicks fishing for compliments and attention on Insta, but instead of putting SOME work into a cute photo they just snap a pic of themselves laying in bed, messed up hair and face pushed back showing off the double chin.

Thanks for this list @jerrybanfield, a good resource page to get started on everything

My comment is below hit the button too quickly...lol

Thank you Jerry, I have been looking for a list to reference all the apps. Very helpful to me. These will let me "just keep swimming"...lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

what is the difference between busy and esteem?

Busy is free, eSteem isn't.

i understand.

Yeah. i think this is a great tip provided by you ... we should have to be smart to use this and make our rewards much better...
Thanks mate you are just so kind and always comes with new tips and tricks...
Just a thumbs up for you :)

Hell yea @jerrybanfield. Now this looks like a good tool. I want to start some dtube stuff myself. In the 9 days I have been on Steemit seems like I learn a new income tool or technique. Maybe one day I can move to Dolphin class.

Very good info, but it is secure to use it?

Very interesting to know other pages to increase profits.

Thank you for the update.
I just downloaded my zappl from my play store today.
I'll start using it. I have been making use of the esteem App, busy.or and utopian.io and they are good

Thank you for notifying us
I will resteem the post to make sure it gets to other steemians

Thank you for this wonderful tip. Will try it all out. God bless

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

This is a great, thanks for revealing this sir! I would surely try them out

It's really a good news..
Thank u so much
Well. I wonder why do we will have more upvote from them than posting directly through steemit?

super useful! Thanks Jerry!

I agree with a friend @brandonp who says
You didn't mention specifically how using these different apps can increase your rewards, but if I'm not mistaken, you can get a small upvote from the account of the app if you use their app?