My YouTube Account Was Terminated

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I noticed I wasn't logged into YouTube today. After trying to login, I was redirected to a support page that said I'm unable to access the Google product, i.e. YouTube. Later on I checked my YouTube page and saw that it was terminated...


Unable to access a Google product

If you've been redirected to this page from a particular product, it means that your access to this product has been suspended. Read on for more information.

Your access to this Google product has been suspended because of a perceived violation of either the Google Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service. For specific product guidelines, please visit the homepage of each Google product you're interested in for a link to its Terms of Service.

Google reserves the right to:

  • Disable an account for investigation.
  • Suspend a Google Account user from accessing a particular product or the entire Google Accounts system, if the Terms of Service or product-specific policies are violated.
  • Terminate an account at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.

Next steps for suspended accounts: If you believe your access to this product was suspended in error, contact us.


I don't comment. I haven't uploaded any original content in months. It makes no sense. I told them that in contacting them to understand what is going on.

Then I went to my YouTube account and saw the message:

This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

They didn't even warn me, or let me remove the content.

There was 1 video of a 1 minute clip from a BBC movie on Orwell's 1984 that I had uploaded 4 years ago. That's it as far as I know. What are these multiple third-party copyright violations? Psshh....

I await to here back from them to see if I can get my account back. I've never even had a violation notice or anything sent to me. I had tens of thousands of views on my account for the content I created and put there. This is really lame.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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You're not so much guilty of copyright but wrongthink my friend. Sorry but thats what happens when you're on the "wrong" side to gulag. Looks like it's D-Tube, and BitChute for you!! Dw I'll follow u on all. I deleted my Gulag account entirely ;).

LOL, yes, I have put a few on dtube, but haven't been doing much video.

Are you on Bitchute or tho?

Fuck YouTube!...

Of course they would do this , people just don’t understand honestly and the people who did it are worse . Time to switch to Dtube?

Yeah I'm not a big youtuber anyways, but might add some to dtube in the future.

This happened to a friend of mine last May ane he still can't figure out what went wrong.

First he got this letter.

We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account has been suspended.

After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content (

He had never used his YouTube account, didn't even know he had one. He has a gmail account so he assumed youtube probably came with that but his gmail has two factor authentication and nobody attempted to log into his account via gmail so it couldn't be a hacking situation.

He had never logged into YouTube, never posted a video or even viewed one, let alone made a single comment. When he wrote in to ask what in the world that was all about they never did tell him. Just wrote this instead ---


Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit for more information.

Please do not respond to this email. Replies to this email will not be processed. Please refer to our Help Center for more information.

The YouTube Team


That's what I got too. They won't look into my appeal because it was for copyright claims, yet Ic an't know what or from who... no ability to counter.

Sorry to hear you have been on the receiving end of the censorship now, although not surprised given the topics you write about here. Going to get to the point where people will have to start pretending to smear the sensitive topics while actually pushing the truth out there.

Ah that's exactly what I was thinking. If you look at what @krnel writes about and then look at the content that is getting banned... he's right in the pocket.

Don't mean what you say, and talk in riddles :P

Maybe it's because you are an evil conspiracy theorist...

Yes, I'm evil to think and wrote about topics they don't like :P

The empire that they run is coming crumbling down. They use bots and algorithms to scan the content and they ban people for content they don’t like. Someone I follow closely has had his channel shut down for content he posted privately; no one could see it publicly but the algorithms found it and shutdown a channel with 35k subscribers.

They use bots and algorithms to scan the content and they ban people for content they don’t like.

Ah, I guess that would make sense lol. Bastards!

That rots. Even though it was probably just a false positive from some overzealous bot, it still rots.

Oh wait... it's a division of Google. They also arbitrarily suspend people's AdSense accounts without explanation or recourse... typically the week before you hit the payout limit. Usually there is some "lame" official reason (IF you can get one) but it often amounts to "we don't like your point of view."

Not to be all conspiracy theory, the "multiple claims" bit could just be a single individual with an axe to grind, sending complaints from a variety of email addresses, or using shills. Piss off someone, recently, that springs to mind?

Anyways, it rots and I hope you get it sorted.

Thanks. Could be, who knows lol. The account is gone forever.


Unfortunately, if your channel has been removed due to copyright infringement, we are unable to process your appeal. Please visit the YouTube Copyright Center for more information:

The YouTube Team

Lame crap.

You're just another casualty in the #informationwar it's clear that Google is extending its reach and has moved beyond silencing the likes of Alex Jones. Anyone with an alternative perspective on something or dare challenges the narrative we are fed by the mainstream is now a "terrorist" or "fake news" distributor and needs to be stopped.

It won't be long before we all descend into China style censorship, which will silence everyone regardless of political ideology. I don't think the left realises what they've started, it has grown so big it's outside of their control now. We are all doomed.

Yes, the dark path you outline could be correct.

@krnel - my heart goes out to you. I know what it feels like to feel like someone just stole something fro you.

You spend ALL this time, work, energy & love into your YT channel, & then they just steal it from you.

It's a violation of the Law of Nature.

I don't give a SHIT if it's on their platform.

And yes, they will dig back years to find something you did to take you down. They've done this with others too.

But I hope you had prepped for this, because all alt media channels knew (or should have known if they were watching at least The Corbett Report) what was going on even a year back.

In fact he said it started 2 years ago.

Yeah I still have all the audio and images that I can re-encode what I want ;) Thanks for the sympathy :)

@krnel - well at least that's something.

I know it will take a TON of man/woman hours to redo.

Maybe try using a CDN account.

I am not sure if they are for vids, or only images, but they usually run $10+ per month (I think)

Easy to accuse the big media but they must apply the laws of different countries under penalty of very heavy fines. It's the GDPR. The biggest censors are the ones who make the laws and force the companies to apply them. Steemit will have to comply with the same laws. The GDPR is a real problem for the development of blockchain.
It's good to be critical but we don't always choose the right target.

You, dear Sir, have not the least idea what the GDPR is.

First of all, it has nothing to do with copyright. There is a lot of shitty copyright rules out there, most "created" by Disney (and other actors) and the worst is probably the DMCA, but the GDPR has nothing to do with that.

Copyright is included in GDPR as intellectual property.
Please, don't mix up censorship by a company and law enforcement of a country.

Please point me to a single article fo the GDPR where it changes copyright.

And please point me to a single article where the GDPR mandates censoring.

Also explain to me why it affects the blockchain.

First, before saying that my words are wrong, take the time to inform yourself. It would have taken you a few minutes to find that on Google, there are about 9,490,000 results (0.26 seconds) that deal with the subject "Intellectual property GDPR", and about 10,500,000 results (0,40 seconds) for the subject "blockchain gdpr".

Companies have two years to comply, which is why websites request permissions (cookies, etc.), modify the Legal Info, check the data and close accounts. This is not censorship on the part of companies but compliance with the law.

Here are some texts that touch the very core of the Internet and the blockchain.
Good reading!

Well, I only read the first.

And it still holds true: GDPR is not changing anythign at copyright. Nothing has changed.

Okay, I might correct that a little bit:

Changed is that rules are now for all European countries what was standard for e.g. "my" Germany and most other countries.
For example, if you provided for German users, you were responsible for data protection wherever on the world you are.

But copyright (and this was the point) - nothing has changed there at all.

Again, be informed before writing.
There are approximately 42,800,000 results (0,66 seconds) on the topic "copyright intellectual property difference".
In short, the IP is "You can think of Intellectual Property of an umbrella of sorts that encompass thinks like copyrights, trademarks, and patents."
IT, social media and blockchain face a real problem: the GDPR, the AML / KYC laws and the laws of "fake news" and false information in several countries.
The laws are

  • extraterritorial
  • the author and publisher - including blockchains - are responsible for the content and may be sued.

Many projects are stopped, abandoned or awaiting clarification or changes in laws.

Believe me, I am well aware about the copyright, patent, trade marks and the difference between the European and the English-American system.

Again, the author wrote about copyright.
He didn't wrote about patents censoring him and I never said that. If IP includes more then copyright or not is of no concern.

And again, all you wrote has nothing to do with copyright.
And again the GDPR does not change copyright.

Dont throw text masses on people if you want to prove something. Point them to something.

If you cannot do that I must assume that you can't find anything that proves your point and are just trying to make me waste time and give up.

There's more going on than they say. I think they were looking for a reason to terminate you because of where you stand on many different issues. I mean, an old 1 minute clip posted 4 years ago was the real reason you terminated, and it happens now? During this new age of censorship?

I hope I'm wrong though, and that you get to the bottom of this soon.

Yeah, seems like just an excuse to get rid of someone :P

With every act of censorship by the big social media companies, a new Dtuber/Steemian is born! I don't know why people still use Youtube and FB after everything they have done.

Probably from ease of access and use. For the most part, most don't care as long as they are not affected. FB did an awesome job at making using it a breeze. But one day the platforms will change or the people will.

Looking for info and searches, youtube has content to go view. Not everyone makes video. I put a few on already on dtube. Haven't been doing video much.

if they are not moving the goalposts to stop you remove your monetisation they do this type of thing. Absolutely anything they can to avoid pay out. I have started to move my back catalogue to DTube now. I see no future in Youtube

Abuse of power and authority, that's why decentralized social media is the future...

So far there is no proof of abuse.

There may be an (99% likely automated) overreaction, but not abuse.

That does not make it a lot better, but you should be a bit more careful with accusations, don't you think?

That accusation has been verified a thousand times over.

I don't think you understand
A) the difference between this case we are talking about and other cases
B) the concept of abuse

I don't think you understand that both of our comments are generic. How could I possibly not understand the concept of abuse? Don't insult my intelligence.

Then don't write stuff that is simply wrong.

LOL you've already admitted that I'm right.

A) the difference between this case we are talking about and other cases

You've already implied I'm right about "the other cases". The statements are generic, so we aren't talking about a case. Welcome to being aggressively incorrect. Can you admit that you're in the wrong here, or are you one of those people who never does?

Even if I was wrong you're still rude.

I'm allowed to be rude because you're writing incorrect things.

This is your argument? Really? This is really the argument you want to make? Doesn't even deserve a response.

You've already implied I'm right about "the other cases".

No. I merely stated that each case has to be looked upon as single event. You can't say this one case is abuse just because there were (if they were) other cases of abuse before.

And in this case I don't see anything that shouts abuse.

Can you admit that you're in the wrong here, or are you one of those people who never does?

I admit I am wrong if you can proof it. Not when you just make it up.

I'm allowed to be rude because you're writing incorrect things.

This is your argument? Really? This is really the argument you want to make? Doesn't even deserve a response.

Where did I say that to you?

Well it's wrongfully done in my book. I don't think I deserve it, so yeah abuse of power ;)

I guess you know you're moving in the right direction...

Keep up the good work!

Looks like it's your turn. You must have told the truth somewhere. They will be after all of us soon. The good news is you must be doing something right . There should be metals folks can wear proudly.

Yup, anyone is game. I guess it's a medal indeed ;)

I'm sorry to hear about your termination. I've heard of other truth-tellers who have been suspended or terminated. It's a shame they censor information fit their agenda. Thank you for your continued to fight to share the truth @krnel

Welcome, thanks for the condolences ;)

Ordinarily you would get 'strikes' and be notified of them - however, sometimes they occur and you just don't see them. Pootube Sucks!

Yes it sucks, I see how bad it is when even I'm dropped this way :/

Well, if you will be such an extremist ;)

YouTube sometimes delete account without aby reason, that's why i am here on steemit

Yeah, better here even if less content to find stuff about ;)

Sorry to hear this has affected you. YouTube and the likes will become irrelevant before long for this reason. And thank goodness for DLive :D.

Yes, they have a market, but not good to stay when time and work gets deleted from history.

It is strange that is was terminated at once.

Of course it could always be one of the filters going berzerk, that happens from time to time.

Yeah, but they don't seem to care, I get no appeal anyways.. :/

Why should they care?

I guess you are not someone who has thousands of views.

Youtube is a company. If you don't have a running monetization, then every single second someone from Youtube has to waste on you is money lost. So they don't waste time on you.

That is free market capitalism.


There was 1 video of a 1 minute clip from a BBC movie on Orwell's 1984 that I had uploaded 4 years ago.

Besides this, what other types of videos did you have on there?

I mentioned that one because it's the only one I can think of that has copyright issues. Most are my content, and others are clips from some people like Mark Passio or Stefan Molyneux. I would think a chance to remove the content would be in order before termination :/


Alex Jones was the most obvious of examples recently, which may be partly understandable for a few reasons. But then again, there’s also stuff like @crypt0 getting banned from a Facebook - which is fucking crazy, as he’s such a straight-shooter of a professional.

Who knows what the fuck is going on. Nonetheless, all more valid pushes for decentralized alternatives... :-/

Apparently they've been going through a rampage censoring many YouTube accounts. I follow dutchsinse for earthquake stuff, and he's saying he's moved to Twitch to prepare for the eventual day that YouTube bans his account too.

The terms of service are set up to allow this sort of fuckery. It's a shame that they use their strong arm tactics like this. Especially when major recording labels use artists music then pay the artist practically nothing for millions and millions of plays.

The system is set up to render power to the elite branded sounds. Record labels with legitimate claims to sounds is another place where gate keepers use their positions to sex in the Harvey Weinstein school of production.

@activistblog - Yup.

I've been mulling over if I can do anything (I'm an entrepreneur/netrepreneur) to help artists get out there WITHOUT the fucking asshole record labels.

I know there's a way, I just can't believe no one has done it already.

Check your emails, Youtube channels get 3 copyright strikes, they disable it after the third . If you have only one strike then appeal for account review.

I hope that helps.

No appeal the email said.

That is just crazy and that is why a lot of people don't like youtube since they make their own rules and do what they want.
Good thing we have Dlive and Dtube which are awesome.

Yup, good alternatives.

So sad!
May God bless YOU!

Better start working on dtube

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I had my account suspended when I did nothing wrong, hope you can get your channel back!

What about your pending payouts? Are they all gone?

That's a very strange move from Google, but they did a similar thing to me back in the days with blogger, known as blogspot at that time.

Try to appeal that, meanwhile consider Dtube.

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