A letter from YouAreHOPE Foundation founder, @SirCork, and an urgent request for your love and generosity.

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Hello HOPE filled folks!

I am reaching out today to bring several bits of news to you and to ask, once again for your generous time, attention and perhaps a little financial boost in the form of donations to further YouAreHOPE mission work as well, if you feel so inclined after reading this post.

To begin with, some gratitude is owed...

I haven't had time to just sit down and write a blog post for YouAreHOPE in quite a while, and for that I apologize profusely. I am however, very grateful that @fishyculture has helped to fill that gap by graciously and confidently taking over the publication of our weekly Thankful Thursday Transparency & Clarity Reports.

Thank you so much for doing that @fishyculture, you are a gem who shined just when I needed you to arrive, and I'm so glad we were lucky enough that you found and chose to volunteer for the YouAreHOPE home team.

I'd also like to extend a big shout of thanks to @InTheNow who has been running weekly fund raising campaigns among his own communities as well with posts like this one:


Thanks for that VERY much, @InTheNow, we are all thankful to have awesome folks like you around us, helping however and whenever you can!

And of course, all the generous members of #TheAlliance who run nearly continuous fund raising campaigns for YouAreHOPE as well.

And this came in AFTER I made this very post, so I edited it to include it right away! Thanks @lupee, this is very, very kind of you, and isn't our friend @malos10, just awesome!


These shout-outs are not to suggest the smallest donations we receive from the generous minnows among us don't count just as much to reaching our goals, but I just felt compelled to love on these people above for doing these things so continuously and consistently. For that and all of you, we are truly grateful.

Upcoming Missions that deserve your attention and need your love...

Our most pressing upcoming need for assistance from the community really needs to be centered here:

Read the whole heartbreaking story of this place here:

This initiative, brought to me by the ever so big-hearted and dedicated steemizen, @phunke of @steemhelpinghand, is quite a big undertaking to bring mosquito netting, medical supplies, medicines, and actual medical professionals to this incredibly distressed village in Nigeria for a free health care day of treatment and education for the local community members.

Many of these people suffer from diabetes and many other ailments and nutrition deficiencies. Show some love on that post while it remains open for reward, and send donations to YouAreHOPE to support the amount we are gathering to transparently contribute and track in terms of project completion and accountability. We have just one week to gather funds to receive and forward them in time for the event.

A complete breakdown of costs of the effort and all the things related to it necessary to deliver the mission AND validate this as a genuine mission are included in the post above with full documentation.

We've done SO MUCH together, all over the world since we launched last October, but need is never ending.

There are more projects already in progress, or coming soon and we need all the help we can get for them as well.

These include ongoing efforts previously documented on our blog or soon to be announced formally, such as:

  • The playground restoration project already in progress via Agent of Hope and YouAreHOPE Co-Founder @malos10, at the children's school in San Cristobol, Venezuela.

  • Collection of donated shoes and distribution to those in need, once again, by @malos10 and his family, in San Cristobal.

  • Two parallel projects to establish on-going support and income programs via the establishment of new businesses funded by initial charitable gifts, but then becoming self-sustaining for widowed women in Kenya, who in turn will perpetuate kindness and generosity to newly widowed women in need who can come participate in these programs/business opportunities. One of the businesses is a catering business and the other is a commercial peanut butter factory run by these empowered women. These are being orchestrated by @cdphipps. She is new to steem, but I have known her and her family since we were 4 years old. We grew up in school and church together. When she saw what was happening here with @YouAreHOPE and has herself spent the last decade or more visiting Africa on mission trips with various organizations as well, it was kismet for her to join steem and reach out via @YouAreHOPE for assistance here as well.

  • We helped some students take their final exams so they could continue their educations and change their futures for the better in Nigeria.

  • We sent some solar phone chargers to Venezuelans faced with corrupt government, inadequate public utility maintenance and multi-day power outages, so they could remain on steem, via charged cell phones and continue both making a living and extending the generosity of YAH to their communities in a couple of cities in Venezuela.

  • Gosh as I make these bullets, I realize I could keep going and going and still probably manage to forget things and leave them or important people out. We do a lot, fast, and I stay so busy in the fray, it's hard to keep up sometimes.

Please support these amazing steemians, doing amazing things for people that need it the most, all around the world!

The people who need our help, and all of us at YouAreHOPE, would greatly appreciate it!

Yours in service,
Founder @YouAreHOPE
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Steem Witness team member in full partnership with @Beanz and @RhondaK

Video by @malos10

Video by @inthenow

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Respect to the all the people that pitch in and take the time to help and support @youarehope and the related charity works through Steemit, @fishyculture and @inthenow are doing fantastic taking their own time to create posts supporting charity and donating the rewards.

Steemit is a massive community, it costs nothing to Resteem and Upvote this post and spread it around your own community. It isn't how much an individual upvotes - it's how many - the more upvotes whatever the size can make a massive difference to helping make people in real need's life better.

I do as much as I can to support @youarehope and @sircork because I believe they are doing some incredible work to support the most needy communities around the world via the Steemit blockchain, but I can only do so much and already try to help and support many on here. Everyone can do something though - it takes nothing really a little time and thought that is all.




You are an awesome human.


Well said my friend! Hitting that upvote button at any amount is better than doing nothing at all. And to reiterate... Everyone resteeming this post can't hurt either! Just sayin... :-D And I agree 100% with @fishyculture in her comment. Have a great day.

@SirCork.... Well done SC AND all of the people that helping... RESTEEMED

I REALLY like the comments from @c0ff33a AND he just gained me as a Follower, as did @FishyCulture and @InTheNow...

Keep Up the Great Work that is being done.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to You yet on Discord, been very busy on
my side of the computer.

Cheers !!


Thank you, your support and kind words are much appreciated!


Hiya @sacred-agent :-) Thanks for your support, it is appreciated! Have a great day.

nice initiative , you are doing a very good work , super like it..... ;-)

@adityajainxds #thealliance

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!


I normally don't sign up our witness account which is also my personal account or the @YouAreHOPE Foundation charity account for such things intended to help our community's minnows, as I feel those rewards serve their purpose better as originally intended, but thank you so much for operating that valuable service for African's from all the countries in west Africa.


Thank you so much @SirCork ,@fishyculture and @youarehope for your massive supports to the organisation of our free medical day.. @steemhelpinghand appreciate and recommend your efforts... May unlimited goodness come your ways

It is truly an honor to be part of this. I have seen too much of what "charity" does when it is run by governments or worse, being run to get a tax break. It give ME hope to see people who have always been ready and willing finally ABLE to assist each other directly in such a meaningful way. Thanks for taking me on @sircork!

This post has received a 1.31 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @sacred-agent.

I have very little time to be on steemit right now, so my account is pretty small but I have made a small donation, and I will start making a promo post a week and donate the payout from that. Anarcharity... gotta love it.

You are a True Inspiration my friend. And I am glad I can be of service to YAH and those in need. Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it greatly. Have a great night. :-D

wow !
you are great guy,,,and so good insperation for us,,thanks supportng,, i like you very much,thanks for post

You have been defended with a 45.31% upvote!
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