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Steemit-helping-hands embarked on a survey around the slum area of agboyi ketu.

Teaming up with legal medical experts and consultants we intend to organise A FREE MEDICAL DAY where every drugs ,test , consultation and mosquito nets would be given for free.
The free services provided by Steemit-helping-hands are:

  • malaria test
  • Hiv test
  • blood sugar test
  • blood pressure test
  • consultation
  • mosquito nets
  • administered Drugs


@steemhelpinghand will also provide medical experts and their equipments which will all be rendered for free at the same location

The medical equipments necessary for conducting various medical tests would be provided by Steemit-helping-hands and used on the community for free, these equipments are:

  • BP machine
  • Blood glucose machine (x2)
  • B. M. I machine
  • stethoscope (x2)
  • safety box
  • consultation papers
  • prescription papers
  • Registration papers and form

Steemit-helping-hands would provide and collaborate with a team of legal medical professionals who would carry out the various medical services needed, they are:

  • Health Educators
  • Consultants
  • Drugs attendants
  • Specialists in charge of various test

@steemhelpinghand met with the leaders of agboyi ketu Community to seek permission in carrying out the free medical programme within its community.
The three communities has different leaders called OBA or BAALE, each leaders has their different palace and communities to rule.

Agboyi 1 palace


We presented each leader of the communities with our organisation's permission Letter which were granted approval and signed to commence the programme at our convenient time..
We agreed to merge the three communities at a particular location to make it successful in just a day due to distance and expenses, the community head leaders showed their approval with their signature on each letter presented.

We Agboyi 1 community leader signature


Steemit-helping-hands use this medium to solicit and appeal to the steemit community for support in order to carry out the free medical programme, it has been our vision to put smiles on people's face and one of our dreams to organise a free medical day to the poor and less privileged.
With recommendation from our experts we have listed several things needed ranging from the drugs to the instruments needed at the location.
We greatly appreciate all the help received from the community and we urge us to continue with our good works because through it we are making the world a better place and raising great people for future generations.
No amount of help or contributions will be too big or too small to help the poor people of agboyi live a healthy life.


Agboyi-Ketu oriodo, a community in under Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, surrounded by blackish dirty water without a link bridge.


Sandwiched between Ogudu and Alapere, the community is quite close to the hustling and bursting of Lagos modernity, yet it is far from urbanisation. But, that makes it to be quite close to nature.

You can easily notice cluster villages on an Island – Agboyi 1, 2 and 3 and OkoAgbon, so named because of the abundance of coconut plantation in the enclave.

The community members prefer to use local herb sellers when feeling sick,majority of pregnant women in the community patronise the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) more than the Primary Health Care (PHC) centre located abit far from the area because of the level of illiteracy, their is no pipe borne water, electricity and other social amenities,
This riverine area is with over the population of 50,000 people, poor access roads.
Their forefathers believed in rituals and sacrifices’ and so they have upheld that till this day and they ensure that they do that at least once in two months.

While the others, the Christians living among them pray and fast for the community as well as the Muslim brethren.

Inaccessibility of road is one of the greatest challenges facing the community.

A village without a link bridge and good access road is automatically cut off from the rest of the world, such a place is bound to have challenges.

If the road is accessible, pregnant women will not have to face challenges when they want to give birth as they can easily go to any hospital to deliver.


The three communities share just one school ranging from crèche to senior secondary school which is clearly the peak at which their children and youths could attain


due to its poor occupants and surroundings their main occupation is fishing.
Almost all the youths are jobless with most of them becoming touts and aggressive looking.

Lack of clean water is another challenge the community faces, residents in the community spend much in buying drinking water as the available one is not good for drinking.


The water around is not good for drinking because it is polluted and could cause sickness, they bathe with the blackish river water and cook with it, but they buy the water they drink and buying water is very expensive.


Buying of water is not applicable to some people that can't afford portable water.


As black and dirty as the water is, some people drink, defecate, wash clothes, plates and bathe with it which increases their level of getting diseases and sickness.
The major diseases in the community are malaria,typhoid, gastro-enteritis, enteric fever, injuries, diabetes, hypertension,obesity.

pictures were taken with an infinix mobile phone

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We have sent 125 STEEM to get you to the goal we discussed and in combination with the proceeds of the posts your group is making, it looks like you will make it in time and with enough to cover the costs.

Naturally we wish we could do more, but have only limited funds to work with across so many possible projects and missions in progress already.

Thank you so much for caring enough to take action for your fellow humans.

Thank you also to the generous @YouAreHOPE Donors who make this sort of mission possible.

Yours in Service,
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Member of Team Witness #64 in full partnership with @Beanz & @RhondaK

A million thanks for the selfless donation and the support to make our dream a reality.. We are grateful to @youarehope and @sircork for all the supports... May more blessings come your way

You are quite welcome. Go forth and do good work! <3

THIS IS EXACTLY what we don't see on the TV news in USA.
This WHY we need P2P News and STEEM based NGOs like this.


Thank you so much @surfyogi steemit helping hands is here to bring you, as much news as we can gather, but we are a team with the heart to provide solutions to news like this, all we need is all the support we can get from steem blockchain.

Pocketsend:10@steemhelpinghand, hey as a unique bonus for your great work promoting and using steem for bettering a developing nation's people, here are some pocket tokens which ARE worth something and they WILL become valuable, only around 1 billion token supply and they're based entirely on the steem blockchain and work inside our comments section! I just sent some to @surfyogi and @sircork :D

I am out of the office right now, for the rest of today and tomorrow morning. Please contact me (@sircork) with some more information about your budget requirements for this mission. I need more information about the actual costs and execution of this mission to determine the extent that @YouAreHOPE can potentially assist in reaching your goals.

Thank you,
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Steem Witness #65

Thank you for reaching out to me directly @phunke. I will be cranking up the fund raising engine tomorrow as discussed, and mentioning the project on my Steemitizens of Steem show tomorrow on the @SteemStarNetwork

We will do all we can to reach your goal.

I just sent an all members announcement to the nearly 500 members of the @YouAreHOPE discord as well. Hopefully we can make your goal in time to get the funding to you for this urgent mission.

Thank you again for your giving heart.

Yours in service,

Finding people like you with a heart towards others,gives us the strength to move on. Thank you @sircork

This is awesome of you @sircork. We are certainly very grateful for the support.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Good job @sircork, youre doing great work, Just make sure you keep focused on the work! You can become VERY Steempower Wealthy and have the resources to really alleviate poverty in West Africa like this!

Very cool system we have developed here!

Glad to be resteeming @steemhelpinghand


Awesome work @steemhelpinghand, after looking all the pics, we can visualize the condition of the place. It will need a proper periodic attention to improve the health life. And I know you guys will make it happen with your dedication. A big thanks to @sircork and @youarehope. This man, @sircork is the real hero. I love the way we are moving ahead towards a healthier life and a healthier community. Steem forever

Do you have any ideas of how to get good water for people? I know they make those personal water filters, like LifeStraw, but they don't really solve anything. Could a well be dug, or do you just get into the same brackish water?

@fishyculture , yes getting a good water source is possible but it requires huge funds which we are lacking presently, this is because the water around the area is contaminated and getting a good water source requires going deeper than normal which would cost alot..
But We will look into your suggestion and we hope we achieve that too..
Thanks a bunch

Oh, I think what you are doing is AMAZING - I did not mean to belittle that in any way! But I was thinking as maybe after this, maybe if this goes well, see if another effort could be made to get the water issues addressed.

Noted @fishyculture.. May God see us through

A great idea, Please blog a step by step plan of what tasks you will carry out to solve this problem, and what resources / people / manhours you would need to solve each step.

Nice idea @starkerz , thanks for your contributions

Am deeply touched.
Your rewards might not come now, but definitely it will in the future.
Just keep up the benevolent and selfless spirit.
God bless y'all

Wow ....very nice your post [email protected] very nice photography boss and very nice your wafrica....Thanks for sharing

This is just awesome and I have upVoted. With Steem making a difference in their lives.

Thank you for using your time to be a helping hand to these people.

Thanks for your support.. Your contributions to save lives will bring you back goodness

Thank you for reaching out to the less privilage and the community of Agboi Ketu. You guys are wonderful

Huge and big. Wishing you such!

Thanks @eurogee..we appreciate

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