You Are H.O.P.E. Weekly Donation Drive #3! - Show Some Love Steemitizens!

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You Are H.O.P.E. Weekly Donation Drive #3! - Show Some Love Steemitizens!

Time to show YAH and @sircork some love! I am doing a weekly donation drive for YAH, and I am going to be counting on each of you to step up and make some donations, resteems and 100% upvotes! This past week we got $1.5 SBD in post payouts, and it is a start. Soooo....

You know what to do so let's make it happen! And if you do not know...

YAH is an awesome charity that is ran by @sircork and friends, that does a great deal of good around the world. Just check out some posts such as: Fundraising to Restore Playground and Weekly Donor Report where @fishyculture keeps us up to date on all the donatiosn to YAH. :-D

So Why Do I Make These Posts?

YAH is one of my favorite charities on the Steemit Blockchain, and I am an avid supporter and will continue to be so for a long time to come. And I said I would, and here I am doing just that! Great things are happening, and the YAH membership is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Join the YAH Discord, and see what you can do to help out. And if you are alrady a member, then get on the channel again, and lend a hand.

What Else Can You Do?

I am hoping that each and every person on Steemit will consider donating some Steem, and or SBD to YAH. Every donation helps no matter how big or small, it all ends up where it supposed to be, helping people that need it around the world. It is time to show your love for YAH!

Come on... hit that upvote button one time, at 100% if you please!

Thank You for your time and attention, let's make it happen!

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Awesome. I have been thinking about doing posts like this for @youarehope as well and donating the SBD to them. I am happy to see there are already people that are doing it.

Thanks @derangedvisions :-) Cool, make a post or two, the more the better I would think. Have a great day.

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Done d ;-)

Thanks my friend! Much appreciated. :-) Have a great night.

thanks a lot for sharing your experience

Thanks @masterlegend have a good day.

thanks for your share
i appreciate your work

Thanks @mdraidrahman26 have a good day.

🎶"Toot toot! Hey! Beep beep!"🎶
Upv 💯% and Rsd to get the word out!

Thanks @ninhaskin! Appreciate that my friend. Have a great day.

You're very welcome and the same to you! @inthenow 😀

Awsome work guys!

Thanks @annhoyblog! Have a great day. :-D

This has to be resteemed obviously :)

Well said @zen-art! :-D Thanks, appreciate it a bunch. Have a great day. :-)