Few people make the big difference in steemit.

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In the short time I have been in Steemit I have known all kinds of people and although it has been an interesting experience, on the other hand, it is disappointing because I have seen people who have the option to help others and they do not. This is unfortunate, since it must be a community where they help people in need. and not community where people seek to get interested in themselves, Sometimes I can not believe if the person who comments on my publication does it because they really attract attention or simply because it suits them, but since there are bad things there are also good things, one of the good things that I saw and liked was seeing an organization called @youarehope that its members help people in need, it was good to know this since I realized that, as well as there are fake people, there are people who have a big heart.

Such is the case of @ malos 10 who by his blog helps people in our country and, although I do not know him in person, I can say that the events on his blog speak for themselves.

Or the friend @rapo that in one of his post drew attention to a gesture that had to give clothes to people in need in the community: Barrio el Rio

The organizations and people like that are what I admire because, through their gestures and work, it offers hope in our country Venezuela, how I would like the whole steemit community to be like this, but unfortunately most of the people in the community look for their own benefit, or take advantage of people. Why do I say this?. by my cousin @Proelite to be able to develop the steemit, he had to borrow 10 sbd, a person and thus buy a laptop, since he did not have a computer or a laptop in the house to develop this, the person lent him 10 sbd with the condition that he return the same amount with 2 sbd more I mean in total 12 sbd. This is unfair because I think they are taking advantage of my cousin, if I had that amount of sbd, Believe me that if I had them I would give them away without any condition and he knows it, but in the end I hope that someone has a noble heart and can help him.

I would love to continue to find more organizations like @youarehope and people like @ malos10 and @rapo, since I could say that steemit is not only a community where they look for their own benefit if it is not to help other people, I hope you liked my publication and, that you can support me as well as these organizations or people.

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Hi @lupee what a nice surprise to read this post! Thank you very much for taking your time to write such beautiful words !! the support is appreciated <3

Really steemit many people seek their own benefit, that's true. Not everyone thinks the same! But making a difference makes you stand out from the rest, always remember that!

Thanks for making this kind of post !! I really appreciate it, I found some help to you from the community to you!! <3

Well, there is always the good and the bad. Although, steemit wasn't like this before, I guess people infiltrated this beautiful community. But with people like these not reluctant in doing good. We are sure of our future here on the STEEM blockchain.


Of course you are right and regrettable that such a beautiful community is damaged by people who only seek the proper benefit


Let's not weary in doing good