YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report!

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Storm Clouds Over NOLA
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Check out the exciting things happening with YouAreHOPE with this Transparent Town Hall meeting by @sircork! Want to know more? Here is last week's Transparent Town Hall post!

The boots on the ground are finding the people in need and doing an amazing job of making life a little better for these people, check out @malos new project here!

The need was demonstrated, YouAreHOPE responded with lightning speed!
Transfer 32.000 STEEM to @malos10 For this mission:

Be a part of this amazing effort! Donate and / or delegate to YouAreHOPE! Every little bit helps!

THANK YOU to all our beautiful donors this (and every!) week!!!
@lost-ninja and @sneaky-ninja continue to donate a portion of their proceeds to YouAreHOPE, they are a steady stream of assistance to those in need. Thanks ninjas!
1.000 SBD from @quochuy Donation
0.003 STEEM POWER from @gabyrutigliano
2.000 SBD from @littlescribe 2 SBD for winning contests in the DEAR LITTLESCRIBE show!
2.000 SBD from @artemisnorth from Shout Out Saturday post
1.000 SBD from @takeru255 To Share IS to care , Donation From the Saturday Share payout.
22.127 STEEM from @msp-foundation Donation
1.000 SBD from @thealliance 25% rounded up from Eyes On payout :)
4.367 SBD from @shadowspub Shoutout Saturday May 5th
1.170 SBD from @elizacheng 25% from MakeMeSmile Weekly payout
0.030 SBD from @sydesjokes - faucet
0.023 STEEM POWER from @gabyrutigliano
15.055 SBD from @derangedvisions Donation to change the world
3.133 SBD from @takeru255 All SBD raised for
0.500 SBD from @ancapbarbie rounded up from 0.49 from #bricklife
1.000 SBD from @ancapbarbie the 0.285 (25% of payout) promised in my #milliondollarchallenge post

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Every bit counts and helps. I specially love Steemit because there are many communities or individuals which/who are trying to improve the lives of people to some extent who still not able get the basic needs for their life and for their family members lives. And when they get some kind of help then that inturn giving the hope to them, that there are people who have and hold the concern and who are ready to care in whatever possible extents. I want to appreciate all those who donated for this cause and want to say that, good deeds always an investment for peaceful life because, whenever we help fellow human being, we feel an peaceful effect in our inner self and i believe that, that effect cannot be gained in any other aspect.

The owner of all resources is nature, so why you are saying it's mine, why you forcefully holding what you don't need, open your eyes and see those faces of helpless people who are pushed into the darkness without any reason.
-Own Opinionated Thoughts

THANK YOU to everyone who helps YouAreHOPE help others!!!

Awesome! Love reading all these good things.... rock on peeps

You are really doing a good job and I am just seeing this for the first time.
I hope to grow to an extent of assisting with the little that I can.
Great job you are doing.

Givers never lack , keep the good work up sir @sircock @youarehope

You are always awesome with power of helping people in need, that is so generous of you. Continue with the good work man.

Amazing!!!!! Thanks for everything you do!!!
Keep spreading the love <3 <3 <3

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