Fundraising to donate a food basket to 8 persons in Venezuela

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This is the prefecture of San Cristóbal in the Tachira state, Venezuela. In this institution is where people process permits for removals, letters of bachelorhood, birth certificates of babies are made at birth, letters of good behavior.

The people who work there provide a service to the population and receive a minimum salary of 2 dollars per month. And since this institution is administered by the opposition of the government of Nicolas Maduro, they do not receive any help from the government, as they are: bonuses, food bags, and even delayed payment of the salary for up to two weeks simply because it is the Venezuelan opposition. (This was said by the workers)

Why do we select these people to receive this donation?

For no one is it a secret that the minimum salary of Venezuela is 2 dollars per month so that most people who work in public institutions and receive minimum salary as they are: teachers and university professors, workers, have retired from their jobs to go to another country in search of a better quality of life, and those who retire and do not leave the country, are dedicated to resale food (purchase and resale at high prices products of basic necessities) and others for sale illicit fuel (sell gasoline) because this generates high profits, but unfortunately also hurt the country.

The people we interviewed in this prefecture say that they will not sell fuel or resell food, because that activity is sinking more to our country, leading to ruin, that they prefer to work honestly so they eat only once a day, until that a change comes in our country.

Honest people like them deserve this donation, most are single mothers with children and divorced who are the support of their homes.

In the prefecture also works a man of 34 years of age in a situation of disability (is blind), so we decided to include him to receive the donation too.

(Some of the people who will receive the food basket donation)

Blanca Zolano 68 years single mother of 3 children, support of home, minimum salary.
Helena Galvis 44 years old, married, 3 children minimum, children of school age.
Carmen Mendoza 55 years single mother 2 children support of home
Carmen toloza 46 years married has no children minimum salary lives rented
solveira Chacón 50 years 4 children, minimum salary the husband is a senior citizen is 74 years old and does not work, she sustains from home
Leydy consolation, single secretary, minimum salary, keeps her parents.
Jose Alberto Marin, secretary, disabled, minimum salary lives rented.


Many of the people in our country no longer send their children to schools or had to withdraw them, it is a luxury to get sick, they do not have to pay the rent on their homes, much less to eat. However, the people of this institution are still working for a miserable salary of 2 dollars a month, because they believe that there is going to be a change in our country, and they deserve congratulations and the help that we are going to give them.

Parts of the institution that are deteriorated because they do not receive materials from the government because they are opposed to it.

the people who work in this prefecture receive shoes and clothes and then give them to people in need. So why do not return to them a help from us for the social work they also do?

A food market for each person with the following items:

2 kg of flour bread (for arepas)
1 kg butter
2 kg of white rice
4 kg of grains (assorted)
2 kg of bananas
2 kg of cassava
3 kg of eggplant
2 kg of onion
2 kg of potato

Total expense: 4 steem dollar per person for all items on this list.

total: 32 dollar steem for 8 persons.

The delivery date of this food basket will be within 2 - 3 days!

I'll be getting it out of my own sbd. So I do not have to wait 7 days until the post gets paid.

All the sbd raised in this post will be used to buy food for families

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Good call, YAH Co-Founder Reny!

I am sure they can use some sort of basic meat with those groceries and the workers children need the nutrition of the items you listed and perhaps some children's vitamins. While I was away doing on air broadcasting when this was posted and didn't respond immediately, here is the sum of the need for the mission, and please use the additional funds to supplement the groceries with some more nutritious items as well as perhaps hygiene supplies for the ladies and so forth, I am sure you will be able to put it to the best possible use as always.



wow this amount is the exactly needed for the project!! so that let me with additional funds, so here is a couple things i'm gonna add now!

to the list i will add: Eggs, Cheese , soap, toothpaste, dedorant

and 2 more people for a total of 10 persons

Excellent work Reny.

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omg my friend thaanks you so much for this contribution!! that will be enough to buy the food basquet of 4 person!!


You are welcome. I am happy the A Dollar A Day project can help.

Reny how nice to see how people support you in these projects where you always help a lot of people who really need it. Blessings

Amigo @malos10, Aplaudo su excelente iniciativa. Mi Venezuela y su gente necesitan de manos amigas que ayuden a paliar esta gran crisis por la que estamos atravesando. Falta de medicinas y alimentos. Es increíble la cantidad de personas desnutridas en mi país. Al no consumir alimentos de una dieta en forma balanceada, poco a poco nos vamos deteriorando al no contar sobre todo con las proteínas que se necesitan.
Pero Dios siempre pone en el camino de sus hijos a Personas de buen corazón como usted. Lo felicito.
Dios le bendiga y se lo multiplique en salud y prosperidad para usted y los suyos!!!


Es lamentable ver como las personas se estan enflacando cada ves mas por la falta de buena alimentación, tal es el caso de una vecina que estaba en sobrepeso hace 1 año y el día de hoy se le ve muuuy flaca. todo esto debido a la falta de dinero para poder comer bien. Es lamentable esta situación, lo mejor que puedo hacer es aportar mi granito de arena ayudando de la manera en que pueda, las personas saben agradecerlo en medio de tanta necesidad


Así es mi mi amigo. Lo importante de todo esto es hacer el bien y usted puede y lo esta haciendo. Dios se lo Premiará, Saludos!!!

You are getting good support there my friend, which means you are doing good!

100% vote for you amigo!

Good cause my friend. I have a question however. Why do you describe 68 and 50 year old women as having children? Are they young children that depend on their Mother's?

Your post is really very nice.I am new user please send me upvhote.


Such a nice gesture ! Keep up with this kind of actions.