YouAreHOPE Thankful Thursday Donor Report!

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Well, this new alliance with The Alliance may need a few bugs ironed out... There was a tag that was supposed to be used, #chainofhope and so far I do not see any posts using it. I know I made a post for YAH yesterday and forgot to use the tag...🙄. (I am going to go back and add the tags as soon as I publish this!)

I KNOW people are making posts to support YAH, I have seen them go by in my feed but I cannot find them now... I tried checking the #community-chest tag and found this one:
I do want to correct a statement in that post: You may make a DONOR post without joining the discord or getting approval. To get a project supported by YouAreHOPE, you DO have to go to discord and get your project reviewed and approved.

A very special donor I want to mention is @crescendoofpeace who is donating a portion of ALL OF HER POSTS for the rest of 2018 to YouAreHOPE and a couple other steemit charities. THANK YOU lovely lady!!!
This one is almost expired but it is still a message worth reading:

These three are more recent so you have a few days to drop some love here:

Those posts are still current as of this morning, so upvotes on those will result in donations to YAH! And of course, your upvotes on this post help too! Any and all donations will be used to alleviate suffering all over the world. If you make a post that is to benefit YAH, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider these factors: Posting on Wednesday will allow me to add your post to THIS post, and leave time for people to upvote it. Posting on Thursday means by the time I pimp your post, it cannot be upvoted. I will continue to check the tags #chainofhope and #community-chest and #youarehope for donation posts so do use any or all of those tags to get my attention!

Time to say "THANK YOU!!!" to the fabulous YouAreHOPE supporters this week! You folks put smiles on many faces, including mine!!

11.370 STEEM from @thealliance Community Chest
2.151 STEEM from @msp-foundation Donation
5.000 STEEM from @emjoe donation to help extend more hope to many globally
4.170 STEEM from @malos10 Community Chest Program
3.000 STEEM from @robertandrew This is from my Post to raise proceeds for #youarehope ( rounded up)
2.174 STEEM from @msp-foundation Donation
0.328 STEEM from @criptosonido 🎼🔹"Post semanal"Recolección de fondos para YouArehope(Programa community-chest)||@criptosonido🎼🔹

As always, a special "Thank you" to the patron accounts who share their profits with YouAreHOPE day in, day out:


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An honor to help out such a worthy Cause

The #chainofhope gag will be used for when we start doing supply lines, so that won't appear quite yet😎 thank you @fishyculture🤗

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#ChainOfHOPE guys, always be branding ;) I know, we cannot use caps in tags, but you can in links ;)

For posts right now the tag is #community-chest

Help, Opportunity, Purpose & Empowerment


Appreciate the clarification!


Thanks for clarifying!

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