#2 Weekly fundraising post for YouArehope (Community-chest Program)

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A few days ago @YouAreHope made an announcement that would be incorporated into the Alliance as part of a larger plan to grow the foundation and have a better direction and greater reach.

Within that post they were looking for volunteers who wanted to collaborate with YAH and one of the ways to do it is to create a post and donate the rewards to @youarehope. It can be on any subject.

Imagine what would happen if 100 people donated at least 1 steem (which does not impoverish or enrich anyone) in 4 weeks we would have already collected the amount of 400 steem !! and that DO can make a difference for many people in the third world, who are benefited by these donations!

So this is my post helping.

All liquid rewards will be sent to @youarehope.

@YouAreHOPE was founded by @SirCork, witness in the @noblewitness team in the USA and his co-founding partner @Malos10 of Venezuela on World Food Day in October, 2017, and has since delivered direct results in more than a dozen countries, touching nearly two thousand children's and adult's lives with much needed fundamental assistance and services.

@youarehope uses donations in steem and sbd from steemians like you to help people from all over the world in beautiful ways.

What makes YouArehope amazing: it's real people who help real people. It is not an organization that accepts donations of governmental interests or large megacorporations. It's simple people like you and me helping people in worse situations.

And everything is possible thanks to the help of the great Steemit community

They say that an image says more than a thousand words, so a video says more than a thousand images:

If you have a humanitarian aid project that you would like to be supported by @youarehope this is what you should do:

Before creating any post with the tag #youarehope or our logo, you must join our discord server and get in touch with @sircork @michaeldavid @enginewitty or @malos10 in Spanish, tell them about your project and they will evaluate if it is a project which is worth supporting with the alliance committee. If your project is supported we will proceed to ask you to make a post where you publicly explain what you want to do and send you the funds.


Liquids funds from last week:

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Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Very interesting and generous this publication, @ malos10. It is a great initiative, a good job for those who need it. I hope you can raise what you need to keep going. These actions generate many hopes.