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Lightworker, healer;
I have been since youth, and for
many lifetimes more

I'm not certain how old I was when I was first outed as a healer and lightworker, but the first instance I recall clearly was when I was seventeen, and was attending a party at the home of a friend of my dad's.

One of the guests was a woman who read palms, a talent I had read about but had not seen in action previously. At one point she looked into my eyes, as I was standing a few feet away, and asked if she could read my palm. I looked at my dad, and at our friends standing with him, and as they were all nodding encouragement, I said yes.

I remember that, when she took my hands, she looked startled, and was silent for a long moment. And then she told me that I am a very old soul, that I've gone around for many, many lifetimes, and that I am far more powerful than I realize.

And it felt true, and right, as if I had realized it all along, though in fact I doubt if it had even occurred to me before that day. And the most remarkable thing is that she is only the first of many who have told me, substantially, the same thing.

A year or so later, I was introduced to a spiritual church in Hollywood, whose members chose people from those attending to read for, and in the half dozen or so times I attended, I was chosen all but one time. And, as my friend Tony said, who introduced me to the church. he knew people who had been attending for many years, who had yet to be called on even once.

And the most interesting part, to me in any case, is that it has far less to do with how special I am, than it does with the simple fact that, as I feel other people, including often what is going on with their lives, other empaths feel me.

To them, if to no one else, I am an open book.

I also remember an incident the first time I took The Silva Method, which resonated strongly with me, as I have somehow known since childhood that the human brain/mind is capable of far more than "modern" teaching even attempts to access, including transcending space/time.

When I took the course, I understood innately that many people simply "got" Silva training, and I "got" them, without really trying. And others, no matter how hard they tried,never "got" it at all.

As part of the training, when asked to try to "put on" the heads of people who were ailing, in order to feel what was wrong with them, I was asked to tune into a woman whose story was provided by a woman I was working with in the exercise, and the first thing I felt when tuning in was a pronounced heaviness.

The woman who had provided the case immediately said no, that the woman in question was slim, but then our facilitator, Judi, who later became my boss and friend, asked her to become more objective and allow me to continue, after which I tuned in further and felt that the woman had severe edema.

The woman, in fact, had severe edema.

This incident taught me that, even when our instincts are right on the money, we sometimes insist on getting into our own way, and resist the information that is coming through. No need. Allow and let it come.

Ultimately, I have tapped into a number of people over time, both present and remotely, and have thus ascertained a great deal of information that I had "no way" of knowing, and yet felt anyway, despite distance and a lack of concrete information.

We "know" far more than we think we do, far more than is "possible" to know, and we are here to help others. The sooner we realize this, and embrace the possibilities, the more effective and satisfying our lives are likely to be in the long run.

I initially had a longer piece, but somehow much of it was lost thanks to electronic glitches, and jumping kittens and cats, so evidently, this is what what was most important. Be blessed.

So what does being a lightworker mean to me?

It means looking myself in the mirror, on a regular basis, and asking myself, "How much good can I do in the world today?"

And it means, whenever possible, inspiring others to do the same.

Imagine the world in which the Donald Trumps of the world, rather than seeking ways to take advantage of others unfairly, simply asked themselves, "How much good can I do in the world today?"

How, amazing, over time, could our world become, if we were all to do the same?

Life is wonderful, and getting better, better and better.

Let's accelerate the process.

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I understood innately that many people simply "got" Silva training, and I "got" them, without really trying. And others, no matter how hard they tried,never "got" it at all.

Years ago, after it first emerged, I would use it to manifest a parking space near my apartment in a very crowded neighborhood...It usually worked.


I introduced it to my dad, through the book, and he used to use it in the same way, as did I.

And yes - it usually works, far more than mere chance would allow. ;-)


Yes, for me it was almost 'every' time; even in the wee hours after all the parking spots were usually filled up.