Mountains On Fire Again? Nope, Just An Awesome Sunset!

Just caught the last bit of a gorgeous sunset with my cell phone this evening. This baby is getting "memed" for @youarehope donor report tomorrow for sure! Liquid proceeds from this post will got to @youarehope, too.

It is very "crisp" tonight, fall is definitely in the air. It is also "crisp" in the field again, we could use some more rain before we need to start burning wood for heat!

20180919_200453 (2).jpg

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its all natures splendor, but I prefer the non-destructive sunsets over fires ;)


It is extra-special to see them after a long summer of smoke so thick there was barely any sunrise or sunset at all!

Great sunset image Claire! (please forgive me if i got your name wrong 🤞🙈) here's to hoping you get some rain! It's been rainy here almost a week. Got sun today, yay, but it was so misty at 5:45 am the insides of my car windows were dripping (so weird).


I lived in the humid south for years, I DO enjoy my arid climate where it no longer rains INSIDE my car... lol! And yes, you have my name right, even the spelling which most leave out an i or an e lol!

You scared me! It better NOT be burning up in them thar hills again! lol
Stay well fishy hugs


Yes, a blazing LOOKING sunset is way better than a blazing mountain lol!

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Sure looks like mountains. Nice shot and thanks for sharing @fishyculture


Thank you for stopping by, my friend. It is good to see those mountains again, that is for certain!