Restoration process of a children's park thanks to the support of STEEMIT Y @YOUAREHOPE

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Two weeks ago we did a fundraising post where we presented a park in our city which was deteriorated, and the children of that school aged between two and four years needed it for their healthy entertainment.

The money collected by that publication in STEEMIT and the other part donated by the @YOUAREHOPE foundation, were used for the purchase of the materials in said repair, as well as the payment of two boys that we hired for work within the school, one of they painted a mural on the wall alluding to the STEEMIT community, which I will show you later, and the other boy to help him, he was a boy of those who are in the street in extreme poverty asking for food and we offered him work, what we convinced that working he can forgot about drugs and many bad things that go through his head, well he accepted and began to work with us, we gave him food and we paid his days of work, now I show our restoration work.

Everything that can be seen green was restored again because some pieces were not and others were damaged, now I proceed to paint them.

This is the wooden park, I find myself varnishing the slats that are damaged by the rain, as you can see they do not have swings, but we already made them.

Another day of work I find myself changing the slide sheets that are broken as the children were in danger of being cut.

After having changed the slide sheets that were broken i'm here with my son @malos10 painting the slide.

Well today I put the swings that I made in my house with the materials we bought, thank you, thank you, and many thanks to the contributions made by the @youarehope foundation, to steemit and to all of its collaborators, always aware of the social work for the benefit of people in need, such as: @Sircork, @drakos, @ausbitbank, @eturnerx, @pennsif, @staceyjean, @eeks, @thealliance, @beanz, @melinda010100.

After having placed the swings and painted the wood and other missing parts on this day, we are straining a cement floor so that children do not get dirty when playing.

This is the young man from the street that we gave him work. Here he is helping to paint and cutting the park grass, later I will talk about him in a post, he has a very sad life story, Some guys killed his mother and his four brothers the same day in front of his eyes, he was turned into abandon after having lost his entire family, my son @malos10 and I am helping him.

Cleaning the park after having finished the work.

Well that's how the park looked at the end of the job.

Steemit mural painted at school
@malos 10 and @rapo
If you want to see the pictures of before and after the park, I invite you to see my son's post @malos10

Restauration of a kids playground in a school in Venezuela Final Outcome THANKS STEEMIT & @Youarehope

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I am so proud to know you and your son and your wife @rapo, you do some pretty amazing things for the people in your community! Shining examples for all others to watch and learn from!


Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Member of Steem Witness Team #64 in full partnership with @Beanz & @RhondaK


Thank you friend since I was a child I learned masonry smithy, welding carpentry electricity, and my father told me that I would do with knowing so many things that I would be quiet, but now I realize that all things happen because God wants them to happen like this, now I need them to help people, we must leave footprints in the world before leaving, thanks for your support you are the steps to reach the sky


You and I will share a supper one day and reflect on all we accomplished, a good bit of it inspired in me, by your amazing son. Well done Sir.


Of course, sircork friend, someday we will share much more things

Amazing work! Thank you for being the eyes, hands and hearts on the ground in San Cristobal for those of us who can only send help from afar. It is people like you, actually carrying these missions out, that matter the most!

That last picture is fantastic! The mural looks great! :)


Thank You to all those who helped, will spread the word, much love to you @rapo for doing this

You have such Beautiful hearts! That play area looks wonderful! I love that you have the children in mind. Just today I found broken glass where my children usually play, luckily I was able to throw away all the pieces. I try to keep the parks clean so everyone can enjoy them. Thanks for sharing this with us! It made my heart so happy 💯♥ Big hugs and lots of love 🌸


thanks to you also your grain of sand was a stick for that park, there is also your footprint


And your resilience through hardships! That's the power of the human soul and community oneness✨

This is love! ♥ God bless everyone who makes this possible. I can imagine the children's faces and their smile! Great job! 👏👏👏


if they stopped at the door and I remember they said they are putting the steering wheel to the park and they jumped for joy, you are right, thank you for reading my publication you make all this work possible


More blessings to come! More blessings to share!

Excellent work, thanks for sharing!


thank you I'll take a look at your post

Great work @rapo. Very good to see such a fine transformation.


if thanks, what was done was done and with your support too


If that does not put a big grin on your face, your face has turned to stone! AWESOME work!


thanks for the support

What a transformation! Well done you guys! I'm sure the children are singing your praises!


if they were at the door of the room waiting to be able to use them excited, thanks for the support, you also put a grain of sand to make this possible