Restoration of a kids playground in a school in Venezuela Final Outcome THANKS STEEMIT & @Youarehope

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Mommy, Mommy, they are fixing the children's park and it's getting very awesome !!
A boy talking with his mom at school.

Wow how beautiful is the entrance, it was already missing life.
A representative talking with one of the teachers

When I heard these and more comments from the children and the representatives while I worked, not once but several times, my heart was filled with happiness and I knew we had done a good job!

My sincerest gratitude to you who voted/resteemed the post

@Youarehope Fundraising to restore the kids playground of a school in Venezuela

You, the steemit community! you make this projects possible and through them we bring hope to my country, one step at a time, steps that are getting bigger and more significant thanks to your support!

I am very happy to be able to show you the final result:





Steemit Mural

In the days that I spent working in the restoration of the park I could hear many teachers complain about the little they earn from salary, that they did not have enough to eat, hearing these teachers talk I could realize that they were really there by vocation, because They like to be educators, they do not do it for the money.

Because of this I could realize that if we had not restored the park, it might have been years before someone restored it and it would have continued to be damaged every day ...

That is why I thank you very much, because you are the ones who make this projects possible!

If you want to see more about the restoration process, i invite you to see my father's post @rapo

Restoration process of a children's park thanks to the support of STEEMIT Y @YOUAREHOPE

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Well done for making a difference to their lives!

Will be added to the next MAP Resteems post.


Thaaanks you!! @accelerator is very much appreciated <3

Awesome job on the restoration effort! Grats to you both for making it happen on the ground in your community @malos10 and @rapo. :-D

It is SO nice to see a project "for the children" actually benefit the children!! Love that steemit mural too lol!


Exactly like that !!

Much love from venezuela my friend <3 and thaanks for the resteem <3


Thanks for resteeming #thegoodnews @fishyculture! Reading your resteems is always fun!! This is just so awesome! Kudos to everyone involved 🌸🌹🏵🌹🌸🏵🌹🌸🏵🌹🌸🏵


Thank you for your steadfast support!


I am enjoying my first few days with a slidy bar!!! Whoooo!! LOL


Congratulations!!! 🥂


Thank-you!! 😊

Nice project, kids must have been very thankful :) upvote!


the kids, the principal of the school , and the teachers, they all were very thankful with @youarehope !!

All is Love.....
God Bless You @malos10 , thanks to you and yours and all Steemians who helped with this act of pure love.
tenor (8).gif


Somebody have to take Care of the need in this country!! Im doing my part!!

People say that to make the world a better place you have to start by yourself

Well, thats what im doing with the help of all the amazing steemians supporting us!

Great work once again, brother. You do such great work for your community!


I think we all should just throw aside anything that gets in the way of that which is love in action
@youarehope and my brother from another mother @enginewitty
I gotta lay music on ya'
float like a butterfly , sting like a bee..... a honey bee :P


We are making this together, you know it! You made this possible with @youarehope donations and all the work you are doing behind scene <3

Excellent work @malos10 and @rapo


Thanks you too for being always around here pensive!!


Is the concrete by the swings smart though, the ground is far more forgiving in its natural state.


The idea of putting concrete there is so that children do not get dirty with mud when playing.

because to the representatives make it more and more difficult to buy soaps and articles of personal hygiene due to venezuelan inflation


That doesn't sound smart by any standard despite the appearance of it being frugal, one busted face, one busted mouth or even a gauging knee or elbow will invalidate any "savings", plus that concrete could have been used for paths and you could have placed down mulch or sand for almost nothing.

Good job guys. Your community is happy to have you. Kids are our future and greatest treasure, and their happiness and smile are the greatest prize. I wish you luck in further projects.


Thaanks you for that sweet kind comment <3 is nice when people appreciate your work!

i can tell you that kids really loved the park!!

This is absolutely amazing and working with kids everyday, I know how much it means to them. Love how it turned out and so much hard and amazing work behind it.
And the artwork is Awsome, love it
Big heart ❤️ amazing!
Thank you for sharing.


Yees, the kids really loved it!!

i enjoyed A LOT doing the art work for them!!

You have done a wonderful job. For your work the universe will necessarily reward you. Good luck to you and Love.

Вы проделали замечательную работу. За ваш труд вселенная обязательно Вас вознаградит. Удачи вам и Любви.


Thaanks for that kind comentary my friend, for sure we always get blessed when we do good!

Thanks for sharing the photos. It is nice to see one small positive thing done in the face of such a crisis. My heart goes out to the Venezuelan people in this crisis.