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youareHOPE Song
Nahu Padilla @nahupuku: Guitar
Valeria Bandes @valeriabandes: Voice and Percusion
Caracas, Venezuela - 2018

Our GIft to: youareHOPE and @sircork

Somos la esperanza, tu eres la esperanza...
Animate a ser un Agente de Cambio.

HOPE for: Help, Opportunity, Purpose and Empowerment

For the YouAreHOPE foundation on Steemit:

YouAreHOPE Discord:

Sir Cork words about the photos that was used in the video:

All the video photography in this video was taken by Agents of HOPE, from my YouAreHOPE Foundation on steem.
This is just some of the hundreds of photographs from our work across 8 countries now, since we founded the organization on World Food Day in October on a gut feeling, a heart felt desire to do something better with my life, and recent lessons learned from others about giving in general.

This its a very cool link to know about the YAH works/Sir Cork featured member from: @thealliance

I founded the first steem blockchain exclusive, worldwide international humanitarian aid foundation working in multiple countries at once to bring food, medicine, clothing, building repairs, hygiene supplies and more to orphans, homeless, sick, dying, impoverished or weather emergency affected folks... The fact is I am just a facilitator... There are over 400 members in the @YouAreHOPE Foundation discord and each contributes in some way. Fuel for this project is provided by the loving and generous steem community via donations, delegations (we need more of each please!), fund raising, resteems, helping publish and spread news and awareness and just plain old encouragement. The real gas that keeps us moving. Your love.

Witness #74
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork

And Thanks a lot to: InThe Now @inthenow for his first inspirational video about YAH

En "YouareHOPE Foundation" han habilitado una sala especial en YAH para Héroes Anónimos en la zona de Coalition of Causes, puedes unirte a nosotros en Dischord justo aqui

En el canal se pueden organizar donativos, encuentros de voluntarios, se puede escribir en ingles y en español

in "YouareHOPE Foundation" they create a special room in YAH DIschord for us: Unknown Heroes Foundation in the Coalition of Causes, here you can join us for chat here:

In this room we can organize donations, volunteer meetings, and you can write in English and Spanish, I'll wait for you people there.




steemit heroes.jpg

Valeria Bandes and Nahu Padilla steemit music links:


Valeria and myself have another posts about our music if you wanna check it out there its the links:

And this one with: @michellef

Some of my music post in steemit:

My Shamanic Guitar:

18301156_10158649516730261_8588616013784976220_n.jpgpukulogo STEEM.jpg

Special Guest: @valeriabandes

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What an amazing gift, thank you so very much!

I love the raw beauty and emotion in the song and your playing with your girlfriend's singing are beautiful!

I am so touched in my heart right now. If you had asked me a few months ago if I would ever be the kind of guy to found a charity, I probably would have laughed. Not at the idea of giving, but at the idea of me ever doing anything that anyone would care about much at all.

And now children are wearing backpacks in Ghana and Nigeria with my name on them.

And talented young performers in Venezuela are writing songs about it.

I think this is where I draw a sharp breath and fight back tears now.

Much love
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStar Network
Steem Witness #74

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amazing words @sircork, we like to recording this song too much- @valeriabandes and myself im honored to create a melody for this cause, put some joy music acoustic and with drum passion into a global hymn, the drum beats sounds just like the heart beating, and its a global traditional primitive sound, its like everyone in everywhere can be touch with this kind of tune and repeat the melody in theirs heads or in theirs hearts, for one simple message: help others, give HOPE to others and be a change agent in worldwide. Love is the answer! Bless.

This is wonderful @nahupuku
Thanks for singing for @youarehope
Keep doing you and you will be the best soon
And a big thank you to @sircork for @youarehope

amzing words! thanks a lot, im glad that you like it! bless to all

Thank you so much for this beautiful song. The real gifts here are your talents and giant hearts!


:D aww amazing words, your welcome!

Muy bueno 👍

muchas gracias :D

Hello my dear friend! You are indeed HOPE to everybody,a gift from GOD. I admire your work in helping the less fortunate people around the world. You are an inspiration my friend. Please continue your advocacy in helping other. “It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa, my favorite quote. And you will never become poor by giving. Thank you to the rest of your team, who never get tired of giving. I followed you and upvoted already. See you around. God bless you.

God bless you too :D - i like a lot the Mother Teresa works, very amazing too... thanks a lot for share with my her beautyful quote! thanks a lot for your words again! & Amen!

Gracias y siiiii somos la esperanza.............

:D asi mismo es mi bro! namaste

Excelente trabajo Nahu, cada vez más emocionada de que existan personas como tu, como ustedes, con intenciones tan puras como las de ayudar al prójimo sin esperar a cambio...
Felicidades, que se te multiplique todo lo que das, un abrazo ♥
Muy bonito el vídeo y la canción!

aww que hermosas palabras, gracias miles! :D Amen e igualmente :D ;)