The YouAreHOPE Foundation In 2 minutes. A video gift made with love for YAH.

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YouAreHOPE Video

After attending the Transparent Town Hall last evening, @sircork mentioned that someone should make a video. So I figured I would lend a hand and make that video, showcasing what YouAreHOPE is all about.

So check it out! After some serious spell checking with @sircork, I think we got it spot on! :-D

All proceeds from this post will go to YouAreHope F.Y.I. So give it up peeps!

Got some free time? Hop in the YAH Discord and see what you can do to help out with YouAreHOPE.

Edit: Thanks to everyone for resteeming and supporting YAH! Let's keep that HOPE growing in 2018.

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Amazing video. You know I feel that the universe indeed draws like minded people.

I'm fairly new in joining YouAreHope and I am ashamed never heard of them until @underground asked us to upVote something.

From then on I was hooked. I never even knew teh phrase boots on the ground was how they described themselves, these wonderful Agents of Hope.

I don't resteem much but this is something that needs to be seen and brought focus on.

So many focus on the flags wars and some people selling their votes on 6 day comments and just not enough focus on these things that matter.

Things that can change hundreds nay thousands of lives.

This is where the delegations should go. These are where the precious upVote of people go not some useless color challenge or freephoto crap.

Let's change people's lives for the better. Be the hope.


Thank you. I feel exactly the same way.


I was thinking about your reply, and I agree. It is a shame that anything crypto related gets thousands of $$ thrown at it. Same with a color themed day. Mention starving people, and that gets barely a nod. Do not get me wrong, I am all for having some fun, but damn. Imagine how many people could eat for a year on some of these post payouts that some people are getting.

amazing video and amazing mission, very glad to be an Agent to HOPE too :) blessings


Thanks @nahupuku :-) Have a great evening.

I . Am. Crying. Right . Now.

All the photography in this was taken by Agents of HOPE, from my YouAreHOPE Foundation on steem.

This is just some of the hundreds of photographs from our work across 8 countries now, since we founded the organization on World Food Day in October on a gut feeling, a heart felt desire to do something better with my life, and recent lessons learned from others about giving in general.

I love you so much @InTheNow

This is amazing

Yours, In Service,
Witness #78
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork


Right back atchya! Love you too my friend & thanks for doing what you do. YAH is making a difference around the world, and helping people that are in dire situations. You are the quarterback of a very large team, with a lot on your plate. Keep on Rockin the HOPE! :-D

An amazing cause for charity we see delegation to selfish causes but I really wish to see a delegation to this selfless cause of humanity I know @ned can't here,

The bigger the delegation here, I think there will be wonders done, souls helped, @sircork is a true knight


Well said @josediccus :-) Have a great night!

Fantastic Video. Wonderful recap of just some of the positive positives happening on steemit. Well done.


Thanks @jacobts :-) Appreciate it a bunch. Have a great night.

Beautiful. Gives me hope seeing people do good like this. And, that Steem power is helping to make it happen. That's pretty dang amazing. Might not be able to help much, but I can try and help a little :)


Thanks @mikesthoughts :-) A little help is awesome... and so much better than no help at all. If we all come together for support, great things will continue to happen. Have a great evening.

amazing job, my friend. xoxoxo


Thanks a bunch my friend. :-) Have a great night.

See I knew this was a good guy hehe he is Awesome!
Much love @sircork

be well


Be well, and lovin' back at ya!


Indeed he is! Thanks @krazypoet have a great evening. :-D

Thanks dear sharing this video..I alwys see your post and follow you..

I stumbled on @sircork's post few days ago and that was how I got to know about youarehope and it's amazing to see what @youarehope is doing giving hope to the hopeless. Massive respect and much love for you @sircork. Thank you for all you do in making the world a better place. GOD BLESS YOU SIR

Thank you so much for doing this, perfectly executed. Really touched by this. We won't stop impacting lives


Thanks @aydayodeji :-) It is time to change the world for the better.

Wow this is so touching @inthenow
You did a great job

YAH for the future


Thanks @kofpato for making it happen, and changing lives. :-D

Do unto others as you would have others do for you. A simple prayer that we all know.

You are the Hope. Every little bit helps.

Upped and Steemed Tip!Worthy Post


Thanks @dswigle very much appreciated. And you are right, wise words to be sure.

This is so amazing! Keep up the good work 🖤🖤🖤🖤


Thanks @katrah :-) appreciate ya checking it out.

Wow 👏👏 creation do find means of getting people of same vision mission and focus together. What an awesome post and I really appreciate @inthenow for a job well done. Live on #youarehope and thanks to @sircork for bringing hope to the hopeless.... One 😍


Thanks @samest Time for change is now. ;-)

Lovely- shared to Steemit facebook group and resteemed.


Thanks @sunsquall :-) much appreciated my friend!



Thanks @battleaxe! :-D Much appreciated my friend.