YouAreHOPE Transparent Town Hall Weekly Episode #2 - Where I foretell the future, rant, cry and tear apart a high profile steemitizen for racism.

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I believe this might be my most honest hour of broadcasting in a career of being behind microphones that first began in 1988 and has since seen me spend countless hours on FM, cable, and internet stations over the years

In this episode, I discuss some mistakes I've made this week, and hold myself accountable to you all in earnest and make a cry for help, because I'm overwhelmed with the sheer volume of people and things that must be addressed each day since creating @YouAreHOPE last fall.

We discuss some potential futures for charity on steem and the amazing potentials here.

I talk about why we are STEEM exclusive and my commitment to that staying true as a STEEM witness (#78) and a true believer.

I talk about why we do not go off the steem chain for other sources of donations or register as a non-profit with the "government" which I strongly do not support, and I explain in detail why.

And then I get mad. REAL mad, at a steemian famous for basically being nothing more than the Kim Kardashian of Steem, a person who is famous for more or less no significantly discernible reason, who publicly made an incredibly crass, heartless, and downright racist comment last week on another streaming network.

Utterly, one of the most disgusting displays of arrogance and ego I have yet to see on the chain. And I've seen plenty of assholes at the top of this food chain. Fakes, charlatans and charades. But this takes that cake and shoves it in your face.

And I let go full blast with both barrels.

And if you saw this, wouldn't you get pretty fucking angry too?

Racist much?

Pretty arrogant, because you know she means herself, if you saw it in context...

The people who are being being fucking funded were pretty fucking heartbroken to be thought of as stage props.

These are my international family, my brothers, and I got news for you. They are not your fucking crutch to fame.

THIS is an episode not to miss. I will not retract a single word of it. And as it turns out, a large community supports my position.

So without further ado, please watch and share this video, if you ever resteem anything of mine at all, this is the one. Please!

So there's that.

Yours in transparent service,
Steem Witness 78
@YouAreHOPE Foundation

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As a supporter and Original founding joiner/ Security of YAH I back @ SirCork and also my own initiatives that serve to be a Supporter to the Supporters,,, am more an Office type then anything. That being said, I have not listened to this yet but will.
Africa was carved up already, do we really need more of that?
@battleaxe .... (Love)


We definitely need less of that, division over race, country, gender, that's what this woman's prime directive seems to be about. Typical of SJW types, so blind that they cannot see that as they shout "tolerate me!" they are simultaneously the least tolerant fascists ever and in this case, also racist.



Well everybody can be accountable FIR something, trust me,everybody has flaws and you're doing well.


Thank you Jose!


Always @sircork, you #youareHope is so exemplary, best thing ever here

Thank for the update @SirCork. I am just getting started with more involvement with empowering communities such as YAH. I am thankful for the updates and still continue to balance my time to contribute. Much respect to the likes of you and @BattleAxe who continue to empower others getting started and keep going with STEEM.

Respect to Africa. Beautiful People. Rich culture. Very happy for them and all cultures receiving the support. I believe other local communities can also benefit from steemit. Locally in St Louis there is healing economic tensions, there are underveloped areas in need of self support and awareness. There are local small business that struggle to live the dream. And my beloved #improv community has a real opportunity to contribute to many crypto communities once that bridge is crossed. It is an uphill effort at times, but in time, I have faith all will be well.

Side note: We are what we focus on. May you always appreciate yourself and the little triumphs in time. May we all not be too distracted by the little things that pop up in opposition to our goals. All will be well. Looking forward to getting to know everyone better, learning and appreciating your communities, and sharing the humble intangible living joy from #improv.




Wow - Thank you so much for those gracious and thoughtful kind words. Your advice is well taken and received for me to chew on.

I am enjoying getting to know you as well. We are very fond of you over in YouAreHOPE. :)

It was my first time joining and it was a great learning experience. One that I hope that I will be able to have our @giftinkindph be run as you have run YouAreHope.

I will continue to support and will have campaign to have you voted by our little community @steemitfamilyph as one of our witness.


Thank you so much for coming. I've enjoyed seeing your input in the communities we live in together, and I look forward to continuing to get to know you better.

I will help you in anyway that I can with counsel and guidance and lessons learned from the YAH experience as we journey together on this shared vision of giving on the chain.



Mav, things are looking up :-) Is @giftinkindph your baby? What do you need me to do too please?


Yeah we have been doing it for the past 11 years and this is the first time we would be crowdfunding from outside our immediate circle.

I'm pretty nervous about it.

Hmm if not for one thing I will do this for one love and selfless mind we both shared. @sircork #youarehope


One love, Samest, we've known each other so long now, you are truly someone im proud to call family. And always will be.

...heading over to give it a listen in a bit.


Thank you Blue!

You are damn right and a genius for that matter. Some just be feeling like a king on top of nothing on this platform with nothing to show for it but arrogance and stupidity. I am supporting you full time buddy. You are such a good man.


I am just a man, my brother, just a man. And in many ways, you are a better one than me. In others, perhaps I have some strengths.

The beauty is that we stand shoulder to shoulder - as equals, without our color, country, age, or gender or anything else even a consideration to us.


Yea, just a man but with conscience, a man that cares more about others, especially the poor just to see everyone happy and equal every where, cleaning the the tears of the unknown secretly and may heaven also reward you in all you have done secretly just to help the masses and see them happy. I applaud your effort buddy. Words won't express what you have done to the orphans through me, but heaven knows and sees your effort.


YOUR effort. All I did was make words.

You're great man (you're already know this)


I am a tool and a servant to men like you, doing great good for others with your bare hands and brains.

I am nothing more.

You replied, I came, I see direct action good deeds. Perfect. What do I do next please ? Can I troll@dtube for only giving hundred dollar upvotes to white females under 30 who cook fucking eggs on video and not black males asking for help for an orphanage ?
Is the idea to simply raise funding and awareness for projects ?
Let me what the deal is please. Best wishes to you fella.




Hahaha yes to all of the above... but also....

We need fundraiser events, many communities run these for us. We need delegation to support the Agents of HOPE and we need copious documentation on the chain to be created.

Whats your skill set and passion? Writing? Tech? Art? Finance? Etc?

Further - where are you on Earth? Maybe you ARE an Agent in waiting?


I'll sort out discord and send you a serious reply, in the meantime, I'm 51, English, but live in Thailand though I'm in the UK at the moment for a couple of months.


Right then, mate. UK English deployed. I'm a bit knackered at the moment, but I will most assuredly be around.

Resteem now. Listen when I get still after while. Sounds like fun. :)

If it is who I think it is, I'm pretty sure she was expressing joy and amazement that she was able to help someone so far away. I try to give people the benefit of a doubt. I do love what you are doing. Thanks


Maybe, but after watching her operate in her own self-serving interests for nearly a year and rarely deliver on all her talk about ideas unless they are self-serving, I'm less than impressed. To say the most.

I so should have arrived earlier in the show, what I caught was lovely honestly.


Thank you for coming even for a bit, the encouragement of the community at large and lovely humans like you are what fuel us to keep pressing on against the odds and overwhelming amount to do.


Resteemed as you asked, due to data constraints, did not listen now, but will try to listen after 12pm at night.


Thanks! <3

You all know where I stand. Enough said.


I didn't have to name names on air, for even brand new people here to know who I meant, the dms were flooding in during the show with "is it so and so? - yep" and "you got that right" etc.



Slow clap. Standing. Loud thundering applause.

Keep going buddy!



Giving it all I've got, Captain.

You want to comment? Shut your pie hole and donate to these babies.


Spoken like a man who has already put his money where his mouth is.

I had a really high opinion of her before this because I heard of all the great things she was doing for Steemit. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and just think maybe she didn't really mean it, but seeing her comment is just sad. Those are actual people who need help and other than their need, are just as important and valuable as you or me. Wonderful work you all are doing!!

@youarehope, very good innitiative,please kindly find time to check my posts.Am new at this kindly advise.

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