The people of France are rioting-Yellow Vest Movement

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French people are getting really tired of high taxes on fuel and the general dysfunction of their country, apparently they can't afford to get to and from work, but what really seem to unite the protestors seems to be a strong hate towards their elected leader Macron.

The French Yellow Vests have even vandalized their own national monuments, barricades have been burning all over Paris for days, people have been severely damaged by the police and shoot with tear-gas and rubber bullets, one 80 year old lady was killed by a teargas canister fired off by riot police, at least three people maybe four have been killed.

The 80 year old lady that was killed, (this woman was an Algerian immigrant), image source:

There hasn't been these kind of riots in Paris since the 60ties, the protestors seem to be a loose coalition between the left and the right and everyone else who is tired of seeing their country fall apart.

Image source:

The government has "caved in" and are now trying to negotiate with the Yellow Vests, and they are promising to lower the fuel taxes, but this is not enough the protestors are still angry and I think their goal is to have Macron resign...

According to the news-clip below the protestors are now camping and making fires to keep warm, and the people come with food and support the protestors, (they are still occupying the center of Paris on 5th of December 2018). Watch this source video:

I personally ride a bike myself and I never been big on fossil-fuel to begin with, but I can understand people who can't transport them selfs from home to work, being upset, and I guess this is what it looks like when angry French car owners riot. Lets see what happens next. Prayers and sympathy to the victims and their families.

Edit, some more facts about these riots:

At least three possibly four people have been killed during these riots.

"An 80-year-old woman has died after being hit by a tear gas canister at her window during Saturday's fuel protests
in the French city of Marseille."


"French riots over proposed fuel taxes and higher living costs have killed three people as protests continue after two weeks, according to police."


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Please everyone share/resteem/rewrite this article, people need to know whats going on!

New article on the same topic, 65.000 police officers and the military have now been called in...


Think they have finished.. I hope. My son is there at the moment.

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I seriously doubt that they finished @riverflows

Hopefully they will put more pressure on Macron. Otherwise all this effort will go to waste.

ps. your son is safe if he isn't going to be joining riots. They are not targeting random people and all he need to do it to stay away from Police and special forces.


Oh okay. He said there was nothing much going on today so I was relieved. Not too keen on watching news as it just makes me worry unnecessarily.

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I don't think you need to worry about your son as long as he is not like one of the people rioting or if he goes to search for a conflict or tries to be an independent journalist or something... He should be fine as long as he's not a riot police or join the yellow vests.

Because of the "media-blackout" and fake alt news/fake MSM news, it's hard to know whats really happening, but if he/your son said things have cooled down then thats probably true, it is December after all... Shouldn't people be Christmas shopping? Gift of the year a "Yellow Jacket" for winter outdoor activities? lol 😅


Today students are keeping riots up, @friendly-fenix

thanks sweetheart, I did tell him to learn 'Don't spray me with your firehose' in French, and advised to NOT wear a yellow vest. ;P xxx

Hi @friendly-fenix

It doesnt surprisse me that french are upset about raising taxes. They are having one of the worst taxes our there in europe.

what really seem to unite the protesters seems to be a strong hate of their elected leader Macron

oh yeah. This guy will not have an easy future. So arrogant. Every time I see interview with him I wonder if he understand that he is a president of the country. Not a president of his own rich-man club.


I don't know much about Macron, I have tried to put my head in the sand, so to speak, politics and news now days just makes me upset...

But like I said if you're a politician don't mess with the middle-class, try the homeless or immigrants or transgender people, much easier to fight off and slander smaller defenseless groups in the media (MSM)... 😃

@crypto.piotr I have RC problems, so if I don't get back at you on all comments, don't get upset, thanks for all your comments, made me happy to see that steemians are not just a bunch of "dead mindless fish" when it comes to things like this... feel free to resteem or write something yourself about the situation...


I'm with ya on the whole politics and news thing. It's just as bad here in the states, especially around election time. Too much negativity on the screen...

Yeah... @ddrfr33k... I totally agree...

What baffles me is that this "Yellow Vest movement" is covering such a large political spectrum, it's pretty much: "left, right, immigrant, lets all join the fight!" 😐

And since the middle class in France still have some "cojones" and did some serious protesting, their government have all ready promised/made some policy changes...

This is not very common... I guess it proves that when the middle class is angry enough and organize across the political spectrum, things can be changed, not in favor of violence or destruction of property, but it looked like it's working this time...


hi @friendly-fenix

I have RC problems, so if I don't get back at you on all comments, don't get upset

I understand that. I will delegate 40 SP to you tomorrow or monday (the way I do with others, until end of jan 2019).

Hope it will help a little bit.


Okay cool thanks. Thats really nice of you @crypto.piotr!
But maybe there are others newbies who need it more maybe?
Im just wasteful, and re-edit all the time... =)


Dear @friendly-fenix

But maybe there are others newbies who need it more maybe

Maybe. But you're very responsive and supportive. On top of that your replies are mature which I like a lot.

My goal is to support people who I value and who share similar interests. And clearly you are one of them so it will be my pleasure to make this little delegation.

Have a great sunday ahead

Cool well thank you very much, cheers why not!
You are very responsive as well...


This is actually about a lot more than high gas tax, that's just what the mainstream media wants you to believe. They don't want more people joining in on this so there has been a media blackout for nearly 3 weeks before it made headlines here in the US and they changed the narrative when reporting because they couldn't simply ignore it anymore.

Yellow vests are actually a grass roots movement spreading across many countries about inequality, the elites are getting richer while everyone else suffers and the people are finally sick of it over there.

Not only are they already taxed to death at close to 45%, now they want them to pay more for things like climate change!?!?! Meanwhile the elites are getting richer and richer and bigger and bigger tax breaks while breaking every law on the books and never getting punished. The people have finally had enough.

This yellow vest movement is spreading like wildfire across a lot of countries and now it's spilling over to the eu with brexit getting destroyed by elites and shoving down the throats of the citizens.. Telling them (and i quote) "This is the best deal you are going to get on brexit so you better take it!"

If you want to know a lot more about these protests check out alt media news stations, they are covering it heavily.

As I mentioned @moderndayhippie

French people are getting really tired of high taxes on fuel and the general dysfunction of their country,

I read a comment on one video on youtube it was made from a French little old lady who was to old to go out and protest but she was like full on "cray-cray" and was talking about putting this Macron in the guillotine... Then she also wrote that she was against the violence, in the same comment... =)

When the middle-class unite and do something like this, Left? Right? Immigrant? French? who cares it's just "Hey Ho Let's Go" to quote the Ramones...

The politicians actually get really scared of the middle-class, they can't just get away with anything either, if this was a just bunch of Leftwing-Feminists or North-African street kids, this would be gone a long time ago...

The middle class has tremendous power they can read and write on social-media, they have kids, they have jobs and tremendous credibility, they are the real voters so to speak, making them mad is not so smart if you're a politician...

The reason I wrote about it, (I usually don't write about politics and riots, wars and such), but yeah there has been a "media-blackout" like @moderndayhippie said, and yes there is probably a lot more to the story then fuel-prices, but these type of grassroots-movements sometimes gets high-jacked by lunatics/infiltrators, who try to push their own extremist agenda into it so we will see, I hope that this doesn't happen... And that the French can fix all these problems in their country with out further bloodshed...

I absolutely agree with everything you say here, I was just trying to point out the fact that the mainstream media is trying to call it one thing when its actually something totally different, its a revolution! People are sick of macron and the globalist agenda and like you said when the people come together they scare the elites.. The people really do have all the power when they decide to use it in the correct manner.

For too long have the people been divided and hence controlled by the establishments/elites, now the people have had enough and its starting to catch on all across the world. I love seeing this! Power to the People. It is truly time for change. :D

I can't say that I love seeing this, but I think Macron should go back and work maybe for an investment bank or something, like he did before, and I hope France can find a leader that wants the country to function for everyone not only for the rich...

Thanks for your comments @moderndayhippie, you are a brave out-spoken person, I respect that.

And please check my new post on the subject it has more info and such...


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Who would win? Stubborn French leaders, or this choppy boi?


I guess we will see @appalachain...
I just hope that the politicians address all these social injustice problems quickly enough...
Because the French people do have a history with that machine vs their rulers...


Lol, well.... I said that earlier, and just happened across this.

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Interesting art installation, is it Banksy again? =)
To be honest I really hope they don't use that thing ever again, Im a peaceful man....


Please keep in mind the fuel taxes are what they want us to think it is about.
It is actually a protest to the way macron is running everything. From immigration policy, open borders, globalist ideas, being apart of EU and allowing control by central banks.

As I wrote:

and the general dysfunction of their country

Of course since according to sources both left wing and right wing extremists are involved, they are going to try and push their own agendas into it, and some real ugly shit might come out of this...

Also there is probably going to be a healthy amount of "agent provocateurs", I mean it's even a french term, so...

What Im hoping for is that things end peacefully and not like in Mexico City 1968...


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