Let's showcase Authors with quality content in Life, Food and Photography #27. Shout out to the Teenvestors event attendees. Yehey's Witness Projects update and Witness earning reports.

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Before I showcase some posts I want to give a Shout out to the Teenvestors (Road to Financial Freedom) event attendees. A new group at Discord Channel helping many steemians on how to be successful writing good content. They provided guidelines and support to each other. They talked about many topics from inviting family and friends to steemit, poetry challenge, sports challenge, etc and how to handle rejections. Please join their next event at https://discord.gg/cCe5Dn4 and support these young entrepreneurs.

So here's the last weekend attendees.

And special mentions to the following Teachers (guro) who continue to mentor young steemians. Please check their posts and support all of them. FOLLOW and UPVOTE their posts.

I am up voting Authors with quality content EVERYDAY. My way to encourage hardworking Authors to keep doing what they love and us reading good stories.

PLEASE NOTE: I will un-follow you, if you post in these categories e.g. hates, adults, gambling and SPAM related post.

In Food category, @joyrobinson shares on how to make "Low Fat And Delightful "Two Layer Lemon Yogurt Cheesecake"

The photo really makes me hungry, she provided the recipe on how make it. Please continue to read her post https://steemit.com/steemkitchen/@joyrobinson/less-fatty-and-healthy-2-layer-lemon-yogurt-cheesecake-recipe

And @ami92 shares her own recipe to make "Soup Fish Meatballs"

Got you interested? Go ahead and continue to read to find out what needed to make it. https://steemit.com/ramadan-tkf/@ami92/recipe-soup-fish-meatballs-sup-bakso-ikan-bilingual-9a84af06018ea

In Photography, @ori-fernandez some nice black and white photos from Venezuela

Please continue to read her post here: https://steemit.com/spanish/@ori-fernandez/serenidad-en-los-contrastes-fotografias-originales-216ebebeb139f

Would you like your good content to be included? Come join us at https://SteemChat.com Steem Chat community and enjoy @Broadcast free upvote service.

and other stories I up voted for the last 12-24 hours. Apologies, if I missed some of the articles. Check them out.

Here's the archived of my up votes to minnows and authors with good content: https://steemdb.com/@yehey/votes?type=outgoing

Security Awareness

  • Phishing sites will not going anywhere anytime soon, specially Steem is gaining popularity. And many of the accounts are identified by their personal names, less work for the hackers to gather information about yourself. How can you minimize risks?
  • Please DO NOT share personal sensitive information online. There are many malicious users looking for their next victims.
  • Use your POSTING key to post and comment. Keep OWNER and ACTIVE key always SECURED.
  • Double check or triple check the URL address before you login to the website. If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask anyone in the forums.
  • Ignore the links that you're not familiar, always check it before you login.

@Yehey Witness Projects

  • @Broadcast giving FREE up vote. I increased the delegation to 1600 SP. Right now it is a self-funded project, hopefully other Whales will help out too. Please join our chat at https://SteemChat.com to say hello. Use post-promotion - channel $upvote [yourlink] to receive up vote from @Broadcast 24x7.
  • @Automation bid bot helping @Broadcast to gain more SP. The 90% stake goes to delegators/investors and the remaining 10% stake donated to @Broadcast project. Let your SP work for you earn daily rewards, delegate to @Automation to Power Up votes and helping @Broadcast upvote minnows with good content at the same time.
  • Community Bot (BETA) by @Council - members of the community can all chip in to power up the bot which will then go through the list of members and upvote the latest post by each. With our combine Steem Powers, we Upvote like a Whale.
  • https://Yehey.org (condenser website) Keep steeming for a better future. You need to have a backup website to access the Steem blockchain if Steemit is not available.
  • https://Steeming.com mobile web app (still cooking)
  • https://SteemChat.com Steem Community Chat at Discord server.
  • Managed Witness servers like a baby, up running and continuously providing service to the community. No changes to the servers.
  • Condenser sites with GEO/Load Balancer up and running.

@Yehey Earning Reports as Witness

  • This is very simple to answer. Since I became a witness for almost a year now. I haven't earn enough to pay for my servers e.g. Witness nodes, Condenser, Community Bot, etc. Being a Witness, it is not a profitable business unless you're in Top 50.
  • Maybe someday, I'm here for a long run.
  • No Power Down. ALL POWER UP.
  • I only withdraw SBD to help pay my servers. All goes back to Power Up so I can upvote many Authors with good content.

If you like what I do helping our community. Please Vote @YEHEY as your Witness.

Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses URL address then scroll down, type "yehey" and Vote.

I created a short URL to make it easier to vote, using this link https://on.king.net/witness simply click and vote. This will redirect to Steem Connect for safe authentication.

Thank you,

PLEASE NOTE: All images are own by their respective owners as mentioned/credited by the authors.

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Thanks for sharing your time with us @yehey!


It's fun talking to the young people of Cebu. It makes me feel young too or isip bata again.

Are you the one looking for a date? We should have a dedicated campaign for you :) or maybe @morken can help.


Yes that was me! HAHAHAHAHAH
Most of our conversations are like that, we never fail to release our witty sides 😁

I love the idea of having a campaign. Actually, @morken needs that campaign as well! Hahahaha

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. It is very overwhelming to have someone as experienced as you to have conversations with.


Hahahahah... don’t forget the other people who needs the campaign @smaeunabs! HAHAHAH...
hope you had a great and fun time with us @yehey.


Yes I enjoyed talking to everyone.


Thank you very for having such a great heart! I have learn so many things from you during the discord chat @yehey ....God bless....


Thank you and I enjoyed the event.

Maraming salamat po!

I’ll try to create someday about photograhy. Hihihi


I'm looking forward to see them soon.

Glad to hear and met you on the server @yehey. Thanks for being awesome.


Same here @jassennessaj. Glad to know the hardworking people behind the cebu group.

"I am up voting Authors with quality content EVERYDAY. My way to encourage hardworking Authors to keep doing what they love and us reading good stories." I wish to be part of this. vote ✔ follow ✔ upvote ✔ keep up the good work @yehey I'm glad i found this.


It's easy, post good content and my curation vote will follow.

Woah! Thanks @yehey!!!!


You're welcome and keep up the good work. I just sent some gift to the first batch, the rest to follow.


Thanks @yehey!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘

Thanks for your upvote. @yehey
I am glad you liked my work. Please look at it and give me some advice, any thing could reaĺly be of help at a tme like THIS.


Continue creating good content and I will vote again for the next rounds.
Keep steeming for a better future.

Thank you for attending the open discussion @yehey. Yehey!


Thank YOU for having me.

Thank you Yehey :)


Thank YOU for having me, talk to you again :)

Gosh! Thank you for the wonderful support!


You're welcome and Keep steeming for a better future.

so amazing souvenirs @yehey and amazing cake looks delicious @yehey already I vote do not forget vote back @yehey


Have you tried their recipes?


what is a recipe @yehey I do not understand clearly please about the recipe

Thank you for gracing us your presence @yehey


You're very welcome po.


Thank you so much sir @yehey for supporting us.


You're welcome and Keep steeming for a better future.

Ganda naman ng lugar paralang nasa faily tale ang effects ng scenery/

Nice one! I hope i can join nexttime and talk to all of you guys ;)


You should or maybe start a small group to support Ilocos region.


This is a good idea! :)
Ill let you know sir. Thankyou!

yep yep! I was there and I did value the moment I heard your voice... those words of wisdom from somebody like you.
I like it when you said, "If the invite doesn't give a positive joining response, then move to the next invite... or better after a year go back and show him your wallet!" ( hmmp...but make sure you have a good show😅 or tsk...tsk..lol) Looking forward for another time with you on discord @yehey

and super super thank you for the gift... yey!


You're very welcome and maraming salamat po.

Wow, Thank you @yehey ❤️
Highly appreciated ❤️
More power!
I love the vivid black & white photo