Writing Prompt (Week 1) — Falling Through the Weaving

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I haven’t done a writing contest in a while, but can’t pass up the kickass offer on this one, thanks to @themarkymark and some other awesome Steempeeps. Okay! #amwriting.

TENSION is the prompt for this week's contest. Such a tempting, wide open theme. I spent a few of hours writing something new, trashed it, switched gears and decided to freshen up the first chapter of an unpublished manuscript I’ve been revising forever—one that inspired me to do a series of posts called Radical Revisions earlier this year.

The fantastic thing about this writing contest is it got me to open this story and start editing again after months of neglect. Yay for motivation! And tension? It's the necessary element in any writing. Getting this entry ready, I wove new words and extra tension into this piece.

I hope you enjoy the beginning of FALLING THROUGH THE WEAVING.

falling title
Working cover of my own design.


Chapter 1
For the Love of Trees

FOR THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS my restlessness grew. Roots and branches twined through my veins, the taproot split between my legs. My feet throbbed. The call would not be ignored. I’d reached the point where chasing trouble was better than waiting for trouble to find me.

On the morning of the fourth day I found myself marching through the bush, uphill, feet keeping time with the music in my head, the straps of my backpack weighing on my shoulders. Ferns swatted at my thighs. Leaves cushioned my boots. The sky shone the super-saturated blue that marked the golden days of autumn, wind on the cold side of brisk.

Fresh air filled my lungs, but it lacked its usual effect of lulling me into a sense of peace. A current of anticipation snaked up my spine.

I was getting closer.

Ready to escape already, I plunged farther into the forest. What a mess, this world. A fresh start would do me good.

I caught myself hoping, dreaming that wherever the wormhole went this time, it would be an improvement. Stubborn, foolhardy optimism. I used to think humanity’s issues would get better as I moved into the future, but no. Didn’t happen. I’d hopped through seven decades in my thirty-odd years, and civilization was as messed up as ever.

And so I sought the sanctuary of the forest. Did the power of the tree call to me, or did my gypsy heart call to the tree?

It was always a tree, every time the unasked-for jump had come—except maybe when I was born. Mother-Number-One said I’d come from “the belly of the Goddess.” Whatever that meant.

I was long past mothering, now. Could’ve been a mother myself, many times over, but that would be a disaster. These days I didn’t stay anywhere for more than a couple of years, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t belong.

At least the forest muted my anxiety. Cedars grew all around, thick trunks and tapering heights reminding me of ancient sentries. Something in my core told me my way out was near, and for a moment I stopped worrying about the risk I was taking by changing the rules, seeking the tree myself rather than leaving it to chance.

Birdsong and the gurgle of a creek slowed my stride. Unable to keep the music confined to my head any longer, I opened my mouth and sang a wordless melody into the bluebird-sky and deep forest. The flow of notes came without thought, full of promise and mystery.

My feet seemed to float, each stride pulling me nearer. Closer. My chest warmed with energy that zinged through me in a full-body knowing. My trajectory became clear once I rounded a downed giant and saw a massive double cedar—each trunk in the pair easily four-feet wide—emitting a subtle multi-colored glow.

Found the tree.

I stopped in my tracks, throat too full of fear to sing. The light dimmed, but the pull in my gut did not lessen.

As planned, I envisioned my version of utopia, a peaceful green world where people respected each other and the earth. Twenty years into the future, maybe? However long it took for humanity to figure out that perpetuating war and destroying the planet were awful ideas, that’s when I wanted to land.

Preferably somewhere with a language I understood.

I would go somewhere with new instruments to play, new vistas to explore. Maybe with flying cars—how free would it feel to race through the sky?

Deliver me well, Goddess.

I drew a breath, made myself move forward, and reached both hands towards the tree. The second I touched it, everything went rainbow-black.

The wormhole sucked me in, and promptly spat me out again.

Original writing by Katrina Ariel.


Where does she go? Not at all where she was expecting… but that is another chapter.

Thank you for reading! Kudos to everyone supporting fiction on the blockchain. I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

Whatever happens, keep singing your song!

Peace. @katrina-ariel

Katrina Ariel
Photos mine unless otherwise credited.

Author bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, musician, tree-hugging yogini, and mama bear to twins. Author of Yoga for Dragon Riders (non-fiction) and Wild Horse Heart (romance), she's another free-spirit swimming in the ocean of Steem.

dragon art: Liiga Smilshkalne

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I can't express how much I love this. There are no words. Contest judges, I've been doing this a long time--evaluating the fiction of others. You guys know what you're looking for and I can't speak to that, but as a piece of writing, it just doesn't get more solid than this. Katrina, this is awesome. Keep 'em coming! You have a bright future. :-)


Massive gratitude, Rhonda, for the comment and your ongoing encouragement. Super appreciated!


Hear here Rhonda🤗

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nice work =) I don't read enough fiction lately. really any at all, ive been so busy, but I grew up with a book in my hand or pocket or backpack and it was usually fantasy or sci-fi. very intriguing first chapter, I'd definitely keep reading.


I hear you about being too busy to read. That happened when I had kids, then got compounded when I joined Steem, although I read a lot of posts. ;) Thank you for taking the time to check out this chapter. I love fantasy and sci-fi as well (which you can tell from this, I'm sure). Your comment is encouraging, and so appreciated!

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Thanks so much!!!

Very captivating and interesting with a great ending, I wonder where it will lead 💚


Thanks, my friend! It's the beginning of a grand adventure... I need to finish editing this manuscript, though. lol!

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You have such an erotic way of presenting your thoughts. I probably shouldn't read the next one🤣

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Well... it's sorta what I do, though this chapter wasn't even steamy! lol! Steemy maybe. Bad pun? Sorry, not sorry.

As for the rest of the book... I still have some work to do before Shelta and her story can be fully revealed. ;)

Hola @katrina-ariel,

It's a very good sign, when the reader wants to become the lead character in a fiction drama.
I want to be her, now.

Partly, maybe, cuz I want out of current days' madness. So much so, I'm ready/willing to be sucked into a vortex, knowing I'll be catapulted into an unknown. Forward in time? Backward? Anywhere but here is good by me...

Well done; your wordplay, descriptive flow, captivates IMMEDIATELY.

"Preferably somewhere with a language I understood."
"Deliver me well, Goddess."

Yes, more please!

Also, I'm gonna check out this contest...why the heck not? Thank you for the intro!

Peace and smiles


What a lovely comment! Thank you! Yes, when you want to turn into a character and go along for the ride, you know you've found a good story. So glad you feel that way reading this! :)

This is lovely, @katria-ariel! The tension is wonderful, and the story sucked me right in.

"And tension? It's the necessary element in any writing."

Truer words were never spoken!


Thank you! So glad to know you enjoyed it! :)

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