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By the time her Master was finished with her, the exhausted Jewel slept so soundly she nearly missed the sound of the door to the bedchamber opening, followed by timid footsteps upon the cold stone floor. Jewel, lying on the side of the bed where her Master was between her and the door, stirred and pressed herself closer to her Master as she leveled her eyes across his body and toward the door, expecting to see Scarlet again. In her place, however, was Jasmine, smiling the same transparent, unassuming smile as she beheld Jewel lying next to Arturis.
Jasmine favored Jewel with her smile for a moment before turning her eyes solely to Arturis, who lay silent and motionless on the side of the bed closest to the door, clutching Jewel against him. “Your tea, Master,” Jasmine said sweetly in the same squeaking voice as she knelt by the bedside. As she knelt, she bent at the waist until her head was almost as low as her hips, and held the tray with the tea kettle above and in front of her head.
“Pour a cup of it for me, little one,” Arturis said calmly.
With a soft “yes, Master,” Jasmine straightened back up, placed the tray on the polished marble block that served as a bedside table, smiling as her eyes met Arturis's before turning her attention to the tea kettle. Jewel tried to watch, but her Master grasped her hair, pressed her head against his chest and commanded, “Jewel, lick.” As her tongue obediently slid over the statue-like muscles of his broad chest, she listened for any clues of what Jasmine was doing. She heard the sound of tea being poured, and some other sounds she couldn't place. After a few moments, Arturis released his grip on Jewel after giving her rump a firm enough squeeze to leave red marks where his fingers had been, sat up, and swung his feet onto the floor. Tentatively, Jewel rose to her hands and knees and crawled to a place beside her Master where she could see what the younger concubine was doing.
Jasmine was kneeling as she had been before, except that her hands now held a single cup of steaming tea. Where Arturis sat, his feet were inches from Jasmine's face and as he took the cup from her hands she lowered them to embrace his feet, kissing each one and nuzzling her cheek against them with a contented sigh.
Not very subtle, is she? Jewel thought as she scowled at the back of Jasmine's head. She turned toward her Master, who still sat, as undressed as she was, taking casual gulps of tea. Unlike the previous morning, when he had finished it off at a single gulp, this morning he sipped slowly and Jewel noted that the fragrance of the leaves had time to fill the room. She also noted, with some annoyance, that it was the fragrance of jasmine flowers. Unwilling to let herself be overshadowed as she had been the previous day in the Seraglio, Jewel slid her arms around her Master's enormous bicep slowly and began kissing her way along his arm.
Once his tea was finished, Arturis set the cup on the bedside stand and, with no preamble, grasped Jewel by the waist and brought her across his lap, her legs on either side of him. She had no sooner realized that her Master had grasped her before she felt her hips impaled upon the steely pillar of His manhood. She cried out, partly from shock and partly from the pain of being taken so brusquely. His hands squeezed her waist tightly and moved her hips up and down upon Him, and after a few moments she began thrusting her hips with the movement of His hands, taking Him as deep within her as she could.
Taking her Master's grunt of pleasure as her cue, Jewel began pushing her hips this way with more intensity. Meanwhile, he slipped his hands under her thighs and around behind her back, holding her back straight and her legs so wide apart it was almost painful, and began pulling her downward on his own. Jewel heard a moan escape her lips as he speared her bloom so deeply that she felt his hips against hers with every thrust. A wave of self-consciousness broke upon her in an instant as she remembered Jasmine, still at her Master's feet below her. I never imagined I could do this with another woman watching, she thought, biting her lip, but let her see it. Let her see every minute of it, and know that it's me who He is enjoying.
“My Lord,” Jewel gasped breathily as her arms slid around His neck, her own head craning back to offer her neck to his mouth. “My Lord... my beloved...” her words became lost in a string of groans as He forced her down onto His hips with a vigorous virility that began to seem almost angry. Jewel felt her cleft growing raw and sore as He continued spearing her hips. Reflexively she tried to close her hips together, but His body was in the way. “Master, please,” she called out in a voice which she could not tell whether was a plea for mercy or a plea for more. For an instant she thought of Jasmine, below her, still licking Arturis's feet with adoring reverence, and the thought propelled her to open her legs wider in spite of the pain, wanting only to take more of her Master within her.
Jewel could hear His breathing growing faster and more intense as He clutched her collar with one of His enormous hands, pulling it back until her breath tightened and forcing her to arch her back. His thrusts grew slower, more deliberate, and stealing a glance at His face she saw an intensity that frightened her. Does He realize how fragile I am? She thought as an involuntary shudder racked her entire body. A moment later she felt the wet warmth of His fulfillment shooting through her hips and as He relaxed, she felt herself collapse against His chest, gasping for air. She dared not lift herself off of the shaft until He removed her on His own, which He did not do until giving her buttocks a few hard slaps.
“Good girl,” He said with no more than casual approval as He slid her up, withdrew Himself from her and laid her on the bed next to Him. “Jasmine,” He went on, pointing to the slippery shaft, still gleaming with the wetness of Jewel's petals, “clean me.”
“With pleasure, Master,” Jasmine said in a contented half-sigh as she raised herself up onto her knees and took His manhood into her mouth, sliding her lips slowly up and down its full length.
Jewel watched this with more than a bit of surprise. Her eyes scoured the younger slave girl's face for even the faintest hint of jealousy, but she found none. Instead, the girl's eyes were locked adoringly onto Arturis's face as she pleasured Him with her mouth. I'd probably cry, tending to Him after watching Him ravage another woman like that, Jewel thought. Yet there's not a single thought in her head except Him. And by all the gods, how does she fit His full length into such a tiny mouth?
As Jasmine continued her service, Jewel felt one of Arturis's bear-like hands grasp her by the neck and lift her to her knees. The other arm slid around her waist and lifted her, bringing her breasts to His mouth. He released His grip on Jewel's neck (and Jewel felt a pang of regret as He did so) and she was faintly aware that He was grasping Jasmine's hair with it, taking control of the speed with which she slid her mouth along Him as He continued hungrily feasting on Jewel's bosom. Jewel whimpered a bit with each bite, but a painful smack upon her rump silenced her.
“Quiet, Jewel,” Arturis said in a growling voice.
“Yes Master,” was all Jewel could say as she struggled to stifle her cries of alternating pain and ecstasy. She knew He would leave marks upon her, yet her mind was focused on the choking sound from below, where her Master's thick and robust manhood was being forced ever-deeper into Jasmine's throat. Jewel listened intently for some sign, any sign of resistance from Jasmine, any sound that might indicate she could not bear Him, and she felt her face growing hot as minutes ticked by with none. How can I compete with this little nymph?Jewel thought with a groan that she barely managed to mask as a response to another of Arturis's bites.
Finally, His lust apparently fulfilled, Arturis released His grip on both of the girls, Kissing Jewel once before laying her down beside Him and pulling Jasmine by the hair toward Him, where He kissed her as well and (somewhat gruffly) tossed her to the opposite side of Him.
Jasmine quickly lifted herself up to her hands and knees and looked directly at Arturis's face. “Have we pleased you, Master?” She asked eagerly, her wide eyes never straying from His face.
We, Jewel noted. It's as if there's not a hint of competition here in her mind. The thought entered Jewel's mind that this was precisely the mindset she would have to adopt if she hoped to be happy living in a harem, but for the moment she put that thought aside.
“Quite so, little one,” Arturis answered, beginning to don His pants and belt. “Both of you. Now then, you're to be exempt from normal duty today. I want you to keep training Jewel.”
Jewel looked at Jasmine and saw a smile that was breathtakingly transparent, though her eyes, Jewel noted with sneaking admiration, had never once left Arturis's face. “As You command, Master,” Jasmine answered in the same soft and squeaky voice.
Without another word, Arturis strapped His sword to His waist and left the bedchamber. Not until the heavy wooden door closed behind Him did Jasmine finally turn her gaze toward Jewel. Jewel braced herself for a confrontation, but instead, the young concubine favored her with a smile of unassuming admiration. “Well done, my sister,” Jasmine said. “Our Master enjoys you quite a bit.”
Jewel smiled back, uncertain of how to respond.
“Though you still have some things to learn about how to really be at your wildest and most wanton in His bed,” Jasmine added.
Jewel tensed, expecting to look back at Jasmine's face and find a hint of cruelty there, some reminder of the younger girl's greater experience in pleasuring their Master. Instead, Jewel noted in surprise yet again, there was only a grin of conspiratorial mischief. “So come on,” Jasmine whispered, taking Jewel's hands in her own. “Let me show you.”
Jewel stammered for a response, but Jasmine put a finger over her mouth. “No arguments,” she insisted, still smiling. “The Master commanded me to train you. Put on your silk and let's get started.”
In spite of her confusion, Jewel felt herself smile as she began to tie the diaphanous harem-silk around her sore body. I actually think I'm beginning to like this one, she thought as Jasmine led her, giggling girlishly, from the bedchamber.

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