Jewel of the Harem: Chapter 1 - The Capture of Mei

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Forgive my absence. The last story, The Commander's Concubine isn't finished, but for some reason the next chapter just isn't coming to me, so here is my next story. I'll come back to TCC later.

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The man who had captured Mei carried her up the spiral stairs, opened a huge wooden door and entered a room lit only by a single small candle flame on the wall. As she heard the door shut behind her, he hefted her off of his huge shoulder and dropped her onto her back on a vast feather-bed. Immediately, reflexively, she scrambled back from him and pressed herself against the wall, and it was only then that she got her first chance to see her captor clearly.
The huge warrior wore the bear-hide pants of the northern barbarians, tied with a belt that looked like it had been the skin of a great snake. Above the waist he wore nothing, and sweat gleamed in the dim candlelight, bringing out the outline of taut and rippling muscles unlike anything she had seen before. His shoulders were almost a meter and a half wide and the arms that stretched from them seemed like tree trunks. His broad and powerful chest heaved slowly with his calm breath, having seemingly shown no exertion from carrying her off over one shoulder. Every inch of him seemed to ripple with a kind of raw power she had never seen in her own land. He could probably overpower my husband and three or four of his best men with ease, Mei thought.
As for his face, his jaw was square and firm, with thin lips pursed cynically together. His eyes were fierce and cunning, and she saw that they were surveying her petite body with a shameless and unmasked kind of desire. Mei became acutely aware of how thin her cotton dress (the only thing between her and the bear-like man) actually was. “What… what will you do with me,” Mei asked in a quivering voice.
“Whatever I want,” the man answered calmly. “You’re mine now.”
“Yours,” Mei repeated in a hushed whisper.
“Mine,” the man repeated as one of his massive hands reached out to grasp her thigh unabashedly. “My captive… and I will do with you as I please.”
“You can’t just carry a woman away like this,” Mei said in a voice that she hoped was not shaking.
The traces of a smile formed around the man’s lips as he squeezed her thigh and pulled her, a bit roughly, closer to him on the bed. “Oh, I already have,” he answered.
A shiver went through Mei’s body, but it was not from fear. The sight, the touch of this barbarian were stirring sensations in her which she knew she should not have. As he climbed onto the bed, the hand that had been holding her thigh slid up the inside of her legs, past the hem of her thin skirt, to the place where her thighs met, and two fingers traced the cleft of her womanhood casually. Mei felt her face turn red as she realized that part of her was already soaking wet from the sensations she knew were wrong. “You can’t… I can’t…” she gasped. “I belong to another…” words became difficult to string together. How is he doing this to me, she thought. And with only his hand? Mei reached down to try and grasp his hand and pull it away, but his other hand caught her wrists –both of them- and held them away. With his fingers he continued to toy with the petals of her womanhood, seeming to take an easy delight in the way her body was already shaking. Her husband had never touched her like this. No man ever had. With her husband, sex had usually been a rather flat and emotionless thing.
For a moment the man pulled his fingers away, and Mei whimpered. “Oh, don’t worry little concubine,” the man said with a chuckle. “I’m not finished with you yet.” With a single pull his belt was off, and he began to tie Mei’s wrists (the wrists he currently held back with his other hand) to the headboard.
“Wha… what?” Mei gasped, but her gasp turned to a moan as his lips covered hers, silencing her as he bound her hands.
“There,” the man said calmly as Mei’s hands were securely bound, freeing both of his.
Mei wondered what he would do with her next. She didn’t have to wonder for long, and a gasp escaped her as he seized the neckline of her thin dress and ripped it from neck to skirt with a single pull. She bit her lip as her eyes met his. Her hands were bound (not that she had been able to resist him when they were free). Her body lay bare and helpless before him. But the thing that left her the most vulnerable, and she knew it as her eyes met his, was that she did not even want to resist. He knew it too, and had known it since his fingers ignited her flame (if not before). The smirk in his eyes made that obvious.
The man reached one of his enormous arms under her waist and lifted her toward him, leaning down to wrap his lips around each of her small, girlish breasts in turn, biting down teasingly and flicking his tongue over each rose-colored nipple before his tongue slowly traced a line down to her navel. All the while, his other hand continued to dance around below her waist. Gods, if he gives me an orgasm with just his fingers I think I will go insane, Mei thought as her breath came in fits and starts, and faint, piteous moans of protest against a kind of pleasure that should not have been pleasure began to escape her lips.
Without warning, the fingers that were both tormenting and exquisite were withdrawn, and Mei could not restrain herself from pushing her hips upward trying to reach them again. As she did, the man lifted her hips higher and his tongue drew a line further down. Soon, his tongue was moving in twisting circles where his fingers had been a moment before. Mei let out an unbridled, animalistic groan. She had heard of men doing things like this to their women, but had dismissed it as a fantasy in the minds of wanton young trollops. There had only ever been one thing her husband had been interested in entering her flesh with, and it had never stayed there for more than a few frantic minutes.
Soon, Mei could feel her climax drawing near. She quivered, knowing that it would be explosive and unrelenting, unlike any of the momentary bursts she had felt from her husband. She felt the snakeskin belt digging into her wrists as she tried to pull against her bonds in a desperate urge to grasp this man with both hands. As her body trembled and her skin tightened around her, he withdrew his tongue, and Mei sensed a change in the way he moved. No longer were his movements slow and taunting. His breath had quickened and there was a fire, a sense of hunger in his eyes. Mei heard the sound of his bear-hide pants being removed and falling to the floor beside the bed and began to wonder what was beneath them. He did not keep her wondering for long. Within moments, she felt what she knew was the tip of his manhood rubbing against the now-saturated split where his tongue had been. “God, yes,” she heard herself gasp, not even managing to feel ashamed of herself.
“I’m going to take you now,” he said in a low voice that was equal parts growling and seductive. “Your body is already mine, and now I’m going to take possession of everything that you are. I’m going to fill you, over, and over, and over again, as you have never been filled before. And when I’m finished…” he moved his lips closer to her ears before whispering “I will own you.”
I think we both know you already do, Mei thought. “Master,” she moaned. “I’m your captive. Do with me as you please.”

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Awesome. That was an absurdly quick submission on the part of Mei, lol. Then again, her marriage was very sexually deprived. And that was also too gentle a barbarian hahah. Whenever I think of an abduction like this, it goes more like the Rape of Nanking.

Thanks for the feedback. :-)
Mostly, i think the only reason the barbarian is so gentle is because Mei submitted so quickly. He shows in Chapter 2 that He can be rough, and He will show that again in Chapter 5. Most of the scenes where He is "barbaric" will be in His treatment of other men though, or of rebellious girls.
i'll check out that link you sent though.

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