No Better Way To Celebrate Two Anniversaries In One Day!

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Hello everyone,

I just realized that January 4, 2019, is a little more jubilant than the previous six ones. Like 1-2% more festive, but still that's something that I can't overlook. If the prices ever go up and my 5k plus Steem translates to thousands of Euros, I will make sure to upgrade the % of my joy. I won't be unfair or ungrateful to Steemit, I promise ;)

To begin with, January 4 has been a truly SPECIAL day to me, as it's the day that my very first paid article was published by Listverse. Coincidentally, it was also the day that I posted my first piece on Steemit. According to, on January 4, 2018, I was posting this little self-introduction on this financial platform:
Introducing Myself from a Historic Athenian Bar (Saturday Night Live)

I guess the instance requires a treat....

I don't have much to say about my presence on Steemit, as most of you who follow me and read my posts know my story (or what I want you to know)! I would like to talk about my writing career though. The fourth of January is really important to me, as I laid the foundations of what I would describe as a very profitable and stellar career.

Exactly seven years ago, I received my first $100 for an article that was dedicated to my great ancestors, whom I love and admire so much! The article's title was: Top 15 Influential Ancient Greeks.

Regardless the joy and pride I felt seeing an article I WROTE getting so many views and compliments, I wouldn't focus exclusively on writing until the end of the following year (2013).

Since that day (January 4, 2012), however, no more or less than 1,256 articles and lists for 32 online outlets, print magazines, anthologies and books have followed. I don't even know anymore how many millions (could be over a billion at this point) of views, comments and shares all my articles have accumulative received.

What I know though is that I've received so many messages, little gifts, letters, cards and support from people located in every corner of our beautiful planet that I would never even know otherwise.

I honestly feel so blessed for doing what I am doing. Blessed by Lord for showing me the way in life. That's why one of my main resolutions for 2019 is to not complain about minor things in life (as money for example). My Lord and Savior knows better than me what's best for me and I fully trust Him!

Since I am commemorating my writing career, there's no better way to close this post by my most recent success. An idea I pitched back in May (2018) and first submitted as a draft on July, was finally published –after countless of hours, weeks and months of research, writing, editing, re-editing, interviews, corrections and rewriting– by the world's most prestigious Technology&Science website: Ars Technica.

This was my second article for Ars, but has been a way bigger success in comparison to the first one according to Nathan (the social media manager at Ars).

Actually, it has been such a big hit that despite being published as just another article, it was quickly upgraded to Ars' feature story (think of what the cover is for a print mag) and has stayed there for more than 24 hours now. I can't wait to know its first 24-hour views. Judging from the comments and shares on social media, I expect a number that will blow my mind :)

I couldn't help but take a screenshot to show to my grand-kids one day hahaha. My article, with my sooooo Greek last-name on, being the FEATURE STORY at Ars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Screenshot (5).jpg

Tales of an aging gamer: Why don’t I pick up a controller as often as I used to?.....Yep, that's mine!!!!!!!!!!!

It may sound kind of silly, but 2019 is already a year to remember for me. And like mama says: "The Best is Yet to Come"

Happy New Year!!!!


Congrats and Happy New Year !!! :)

Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Καλή Χρονιά εύχομαι :)))

Ηλία, άσχετο αλλά θέλω να σε ρωτήσω κάτι πραγματάκια για Βερολίνο καθώς πρόκειται να παω για δουλειά κυρίως, αλλά μιας και δεν έχω ξαναπάει σε αυτή την πόλη ότι valuable information έχεις καλοδεχούμενο ;)

To Βερολινο ειναι απο τις αγαπημενες μου πολεις. Ειναι αρκετα χυμα για Γερμανια .

Το Museum Island εχει μαζεμενα 4-5 μουσεια πρεπει να το επισκευτεις, αλλα θελει μια μερα μονο αυτο. Αν πρεπει να διαλεξεις ενα μουσειο , σιγουρα αυτο της Περγαμου.

Το Sony Center ειναι ωραιο , λιγο πιο μετα εχει μαζεμενα και μερικα αλλα μουσεια.
Απεναντι απο το Sony Center εχει αρκετα μερη να κατσεις. Υπαρχει μια μπυραρια με καλο φαγητο και μεγαλη ποικιλια απο μπυρες. Καπου εκει υπαρχει και ενα εμπορικο Αρκαντια ή καπως ετσι λεγεται. Στο επιπεδο -1 εχει ενα βρομικο που καθε φορα που παω βερολινο τρωω. Wolf κατι λεγεται. Εχει λουκανικα και τα ψητα τους. Παρτυ χοληστερινης.

Απο παραστασεις αυτη στο Palast ειναι εξαιρετικη. Επισης εχω δει το Blue Man Group ( απεναντι απο το Σονι Σεντερ ) και ειναι πολυ διασκεδαστικο και δεν χρειαζεται να ξες Γερμανικα.

Η AlexanderPlatz για μενα δεν λεει πολλα , αλλα δεν ανεβηκα στο ψηλο κτιριο, ειναι ωραια βολτα μεχρι εκει.

Στην gendarmenmarkt platz εχει πολυ ωραια κτιρια και αν πας απογευμα συνηθως εχει καποιους μουσικους να παιζουν κλασικη. Καπου εκει κοντα εχει ενα φανταστικο μαγαζι με σοκολατες.

Αν σου αρεσουν οι ζωολογικοι κηποι εχει εναν απο τους μεγαλυτερους στην Ευρωπη και θελει μια μερα για να τον γυρισεις ολον.

Αν πας μονος χωρις γυναικα θα μπορουσα να σχολιασω και παραπανω κατιδιαν.

Καλη διασκεδαση. :)

Ευχαριστώ πολύ ρε Ηλία! Είσαι φοβερός! Θα σου στείλω κατ' ιδίαν στο Facebook όταν έρθει η ώρα. Σήμερα έμαθα ότι θα με στείλουν μέσα Φλεβάρη ;)

Νασαι καλα :)

Ars Technica??

Whoa~! Keep rocking my man! Well-deserved!

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Congrats @tkappa. How are u? All good?

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Hey there. Wow, long time no see. I am great. I hope you're well my friend :)

Yes, long time no talk. I am good, planning my return here. I had a short stop in Athens on 29th December, but only for a few hours
Loved it once again

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