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This reminds me a lot of the book “Runt.”
Also, it’s kind of darkly hilarious how when the humans didn’t listen, the whole pack showed up XD
It’s kinda unfair to the boy crying wolf though, because he actually is seeing a wolf! Dang.
All in all, this ties up and makes for a very pretty read (that’s the best way I can describe it?)


Haha thanks, @caleblailmusik! I know, I screwed the boy over a bit, haha. When I chose that story to re-write I thought, what if the boy wasn't lying? What if the wolf was tricking him? That's what led me to the story you now see, haha. It was fun.


Very smart! I’m glad you enjoyed writing it, that’s when writing is, like, worth it.

Wonderful, Rose! I love this and you've nailed it.


Thank you very much, Anike! :)

Such a great job, Rose. Beautifully written.


Thank you, Tiny <3

I love your post my dear @therosepatch

Beautiful work, @therosepatch. Your prose flows so fluidly, and you are a master of dialog! And I agree with Bex. Tremendous ending.


Thank you, @jayna! <3 I love writing dialogue, so that part was easy, haha. :)

I really love how you finished this one. Great work--and I know just how much work it was to create this perfection. Worth every minute, isn't it?


It really is! Thank you for such a fun challenge!

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This is fantastic. I love how you've characterized Rayni. Really wondeful. Great job.

I really enjoyed this, both the writing and flow of the story. I have included this post in this weeks The Library. Thank you.


Thank you, @naquoya! I really appreciate that :)

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I really enjoyed this. It can be challenging to take a non-human character and make them relatable but you did it well. Thanks for posting, it was a good read.


Thank you very much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)