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What's CELF Magazine?

@celfmagazine is a bilingual (Español + English) content and curation project powered by Steem. CELF aims to build a decentralized community model of growth with a focus on culture, literature, art and constructive feedback.


Storytelling - For this contest, we're teaming up with @celfmagazine as we look for undervalued posts focused on the art of short stories. The blockchain is a fascinating and diverse forum for storytelling. There's so many different writers, authors, and poets from as many unique backgrounds. It's Sunday, and a perfect time for a nice read - please share your stories with us. Stories can be in English or Español!

Stories must have been published within the last 6 days. You should also include a short 2-3 sentence description of your entry with your comment, below. Not just the link ;)

Upvote Rewards

Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for inspiring and thoughtful favorites. This contest will last 24 hours. Your entry cannot be more than 6 days old. Share a short story post entry in the comment section, below.

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox post upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

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I saw this beautiful piece by @theeinkslinger with reputation - 29. This seems to be the first post for the one-month old account published about 19 hours ago. Though I've not met nor known @theeinkslinger, I discovered this piece while curating the #story tag and hope it comes out successful in this contest. @theeinkslinger is skilled with captivating the audience with the suspense-stricken story which assumed as a love story but turns out to b e a father daughter cometogether.

Happy reading @Sndbox and @Celfmagazine


That's the spirit, uyobong! That's how we build Steem, by opening the door to new talent and encouraging new members. I've used my votes today but will check out that story later. Also following you!


Thank you @agmoore for the encouraging words, I appreciate. I just followed and viewed your blog, it might interest you to know what i'll be doing with @writeandearn


Congratulations @theeinkslinger! You've received the first place upvote this week.

Thanks for participating in our contest. Swing by @sndbox Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9.


Thank you so much for the kind words! I very much appreciate it and this was the first time I've ever shared my work publicly. I'm still trying to figure out Steemit!

Hi @sndbox, I want to share with you a story I've just published. I hope it is allowed. It's a story written for the #freewrite challenge, based on three separate prompts. I love doing these special weekend freewrites as it is quite challenging do wrap your story around specific prompts!


Congratulations @marie-jay! You've received the second place upvote this week.

Thanks for participating in our contest. Swing by @sndbox Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9.


Comparto un relato creado a partir de una imagen realizada por @vermillionfox e inspirada en "Medusa", un personaje mitológico... Espero sea de su agrado.

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Muy buenas! Esta semana publiqué una carta a los reyes magos, un microrrelato de ciencia ficción y dos poemas; un Haiku uno de ellos. He estado dudando entre traeros el microrrelatos o algunos de los poemas, pero no sé si se admite verso o sólo prosa aquí... así que, mientras me aclaran esa duda :) , esta semana participaré con el microrrelato.

Es el capítulo 13 de "Las aventuras espaciales de Jack Star". Estoy publicando esta serie según los diversos temas que nos van dando en #microcifi256. De este modo, ni yo mismo sé como va a continuar cada vez hasta saber el nuevo tema... iiiiuuuuuu!!!! Esta convocatoria nos dieron "cibersexo" como tema y yo, por mi parte, intenté dar un toque simpático al concurso y a mi historia en este capítulo:


¡Que pasen una feliz acogida de año!


Felicidades @salvao! Has ganado el tercer lugar.

Gracias por participar, te invitamos al Discord de @sndbox: https://discord.gg/MacHHF9.


Qué bien! Gracias :D Pero permíteme reiterar la pregunta? Este contest admite verso??


Hola @salvao disculpa la tardanza, solo se admiten cuentos o historias.


Bueno no pasa nada... más vale tarde que nunca!! Ja, ja, ja... Estoy seguro de que tengo muchas buenas historias que escribir aún. ;)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. My story is written for a child to introduce them to cryptocurrency and explain the Steem platform. Below is the link: