How To Write Powerful Headlines Your Readers Can't Resist (+ FREE EBOOK)

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Having a powerful headline is essential if you want people to read your post. This free ebook gives you tips to improve your headlines and get more readers

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Standing Out

Thousands of posts are being published every day. If you want people to read yours, you need to make your headline stand out.

This means you need to push the right buttons and make sure your potential reader can simply not resist clicking your headline.

You need to seduce them, persuade them,... do anything to get them to click your headline.



Writing attractive headlines isn't difficult - it is probably the easiest skill you can learn as a blogger. Once you know how it works, all it takes is some practice.

Here are just a few tricks that can help you to create powerful headlines:

  • Use specific numbers or data, make a list post.
  • Use questions.
  • Be controversial.
  • Teach your readers what they always wanted to learn. ('How To...')
  • Promise your readers their wishes will be fulfilled.
  • Trigger their interests.

Before I give you the link to the free ebook, which contains loads of useful examples of powerful headlines, I want to show you this interesting infographic first.

headlines cheat sheet.png
Click to enlarge


Free eBook

It's about time I introduce you to the free ebook I promised you.

headline hacks.png



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Thank you for this
I do need to put an effort in my titles
Am downloading this and thank you so much 😊

This post is sponsored by @SteemitBloggers in collaboration with @appreciator. Just keep up the good work.

Loved this, even though I thought the headline was a joke at first. I can certainly use some work on my post headlines, so I'll use what I've read here and see if I can get to work applying it.

Thanks! #steemitbloggers

Awesome Mike! I've read a few copywriting books that always talk about headlines to get people interested or past the actual headline and thought the infographic was helpful too. #steemitbloggers

Another good one @simplymike :) Thanks for sharing it.

I understand this, but if no one sees the book then it may as well not exist

The link to the ebook is right near the bottom

Great advice @simplymike! I know sometimes I wrack my brain trying to come up with something and end up just tossing something up.

Nice post, came here to make sure post promotion rules are being followed and that admins are not being lied to, stayed because the info-graphic caught my eye and lead me to read the surprisingly short post.

Glad I could make you stick around.
This is actually a perfect example of what I do when I have no inspiration to write. That's the reason the most is actually very short, but still contains a lot of info ;0)

Thanks .. I know mine need work lol #steemitbloggers

Mine too, lol. There's always room for improvement :0)

howdy there simplymike! great post with great information and thanks for the free ebook offer!

You're welcome. How are things with your 'other projects'?

Posted using Partiko Android

hey simplymike! I'm getting lots done but then get in and spend half the night trying to keep up with steemit followers and comments so it's not working very well! lol. it's all good though, and yourself? I hope you're doing great.

Great is a big word, but I'm OK. Dave got me all caught up in Steemmonsters, so now I'm a game-addict on top of it all.... :0)

haha! Well lets hope it is a healthy and profitable addiction then!

Mike, you always surprise with ever new tips and useful stuff! :)
one of the few people I observe who are always busy researching, finding something interesting AND sharing that with others! you're certainly an Educator, indeed. I mean: in your deeds, not just in words.

I have added this to my collection, will need some time to read it, digest and then employ in practice. :)

Glad you liked it.
Lol, the fact that I'm a teacher in 'real life' always seems to reflect in my SteemIt posts, lol. It's not intentionaly, I guess it's just my nature :0)

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I like to think I do pretty good with my headlines but I will surely read this Mike. Thanks for sharing it via #steemitbloggers.

You are welcome, @sultnpapper :0)

Hi @simplymike, I like that infograph... good information! Good tips as well for helping out people like me who sometimes struggle for a good headline! :)

I often stryuggle with headlines too. Even more with sub headers. I always want to put too much information in them, lol

That makes 2 of us... LOL Writing a novel in the subject! :)

I like that. The challenge is, though, to tailor your headlines to your market. I'm not sure one headline can do all that. :)

It can't. It's more about using power words and the way you build your headlines. Some things just work, no matter who your audience is

Hello @simplymike, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thanks a lot, @creativecrypto. It's an honour.

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