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To: All Employees who took part in Cyber- Monday Specials!
From: Lex Tenebris (SITE #874246-M3)
Subject: Re: Subject: Cyber-Monday Specials

Renee Neauveau's Email

The recent addition of several thousand new assets which require both supervision and maintenance has put a significant strain on the current trained workforce. In the current environment, it becomes ever more important to keep in mind the axioms that we strive to work by:

  • Excellence in All Things: Others may find it sufficient to merely indoctrinate and educate their new compatriots, bere here in M3, we go the extra step. Do not only push the button, do it with a fond smile. Should one of the New September team-members require a full cognition-wiping in order to preserve the work/life balance of the team, proceed with the utmost respect for their potential-decades of accumulated experience and possible family left behind, and do not giggle. (Gigglers will be referred to Engineering for remote auditory muting control.)

  • Compassion For the Weaker Form: Not all of those who work in Plant Operations have had the privilege and honor of physical augmentation past the point of simple humanity. While these people, if they are people, are grossly functionally disabled, they are still our coworkers – even with their flaws and lack of capability. As such, we must respect their limitations both physical and mental and accommodate their disabilities whenever possible. If the accommodation of a fellow PO operative begins to impact the quality or volume of your work, you will be held accountable. If you perceive this to be likely, please contact your superior for guidance.

  • Forward Together, Forever: Some have suggested that the terms of their contracts with BlockCorp are term limited to simply the length of the contracting life form. This is not the case. Administration urges you to examine the wording of the contract that you signed before being allowed access to the resources of the Corporation. As long as the cognitive processes which define "you" are capable of being sustained, you are a valued member of the BlockCorp workforce and are not allowed to engage in behaviors which are contractually prohibited (suicide, murder – unsanctioned, impairing drug use, sleep – unsanctioned). Make sure that your New September employees and coworkers understand the terms of their contracts. In previous years we have seen a significant number of new employees violate the terms of their contract and require significant time out of work in order to be readjusted to their new circumstances. Don't let this happen to you or those you work with.

  • Work/Life Balance Is a Key Learning: Both long-term associates of BlockCorp and the New September onboarding employees are humbly encouraged to maintain social ties outside of the workplace. Administration understands that the demanding hours, sometimes months, of isolated labor on a singular task can take its toll on work/life balance. With that in mind, Plant Operations reminds you that brothels of all sizes and designs are managed and maintained by our organization. Should the Administration decide that your productivity is being impacted by insufficient social interaction, you may be remanded to one of the social interaction facilities that we maintain and held there until you are judged sufficiently reconnected to your fellows to return to work. As everyone can attest, those who have returned are always shinier, happier people who are much more pleasant to work with.

As always, the Administration is concerned for you and your well-being. Nothing is as important as BlockCorp productivity, and you are the key to maintaining BlockCorp productivity. You are our greatest product and we insist that you comport yourself appropriately. Let us help you whenever your time of need may manifest.

Plant Operations can be reached 35 hours a day, 12 days a week, but is closed on company holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, in the case of an emergency, you have been directly implanted with a communications device which will automatically contact a trained engineer and put you into a state of suspended animation until you can be properly maintained at the end of the holiday.

Plant Operation Administration welcomes both established employees and new to this coming year of ever-increasing productivity and an ever more well-adjusted workforce!

Happy holidays!

Expect the next communication from Administration in [REDACTED] hours.

Lex Tenebris (@lextenebris)
#BlockCorp Plant Operations Administration
Physical Plant #874246-M3

Messier M3,


So you want to join BlockCorp Industries? BlockCorp is a ‘business roleplay’ that simulates the exciting world of bureaucracy, corporate culture, and beyond! Jump in and join us, all you need is some imagination and the ability to work for peanuts! We are in the business of mining blocks, but really the world is our oyster to pillage and destroy with capitalism.

Check out our intro post about the ‘acquisition’ of here:

-- BlockCorp Industries is now Hiring! (aka How to Play the Game)


You sure about that room name?

It certainly was at one point; looks like that was harvested from old data. Thank you.

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