BlockCorp Industries is now Hiring! (aka How to Play the Game)

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So you want to join BlockCorp Industries? BlockCorp is a ‘business roleplay’ that simulates the exciting world of bureaucracy, corporate culture, and beyond! Jump in and join us, all you need is some imagination and the ability to work for peanuts! We are in the business of mining blocks, but really the world is our oyster to pillage and destroy with capitalism.

Check out our intro post about the ‘acquisition’ of here:

Join us on at #blockcorpindusties to collaborate with your coworkers on ways to maximize our synergy or synergize our maximums.

Here are some helpful tips to get started!

Pick a character, or a dozen, and let your creative talents shine as you talk to your friends and coworkers about spreadsheets, work drama, escaped robots, and just who are those mysterious robed figures wandering the halls on the 13th floor.

All exchanges are all done by inter-office email. You can be as creative as you want. I like to format all my responses in posts and comments to resemble an email. Include pictures, links, funny file attachments to your heart’s content.

A fun BlockCorp styled email program header image can be found at:

The BlockCorp logo for your email signature can be linked from:
This image seems to enjoy being the thumbnail for a post!

We are capped at about 5 ‘levels’ for replies. If you run into problems, just make a new comment to the level above. Or start a brand new comment.

Don’t just upvote the original post! Upvote creative, in character responses from your co-workers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How come someone answered my ‘private’ email?”
A: There are no private emails on the blockchain! Also the F:Drive, in its infinite wisdom, forwards emails to whoever it believes needs to see an email.

Q: “What positions are available?”
A: All positions! BlockCorp believes in the most aggressive siloing in the industry, so we have positions for our positions positions! Be whoever (or whatever) you wish! Assassinate however many NPC’s as you want to rise to the position of your choice. The Witnesses are watching through, so watch out you may be next if your aspirations are too high. Can’t think of something fun? I’ve got plenty of job openings, just let me know!

Q: Should I use the hashtag BlockCorp?
A: According to Section 12.3 of the Employee Handbooks: Hash tags and You, you are forbidden from calling them hash tags. They are and always will be a ‘pound sign’ tag (Not applicable in UK Branch). The short answer is Of course! And it should be FIRST! Otherwise you may not get the response you’re looking for and your vital communications will be lost in time and space forever.

So, pull up a cubicle, fill out your TPS report, and get back to work or these blocks will never be mined in time!


Photo from Jacques Tati's amazing film Playtime


This is amazing!!! I'm so excited lol.

Very rad, as usual! :)


So is it a LARP?

It's BARP, Business Administration Role Play!

Sounds like an unholy child of Paranoia and Businesses & Bureaucies!
Cool. Cool-cool-cool.

I'll be watching. Muahahaha!

Don't just watch! Join in! Create your own email threads complaining about your lack of basic supplies to do your job or coordinate with your fellow employees to kill the VP of Copy Machines. The world is your cubicle!
PS. I know I stuck you with a lunch lady during our introductory post... of course you can reroll your character to better suit your gender, sense of humour and interests!

Perhaps I'll be a Ghost... In the Copy Machine! :-D

Can i work as gimp?

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