* "The best of life" is not planned, simply ... it happens *

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The best of life does not attend to plans or schedules. Most of the time it is enough to let ourselves go, to let things happen by themselves, with the subtlety of chance, with the opening of who is humble and does not expect anything, but in truth ... dreams of everything.

It is possible that you have already heard about the law of attraction. According to this principle, people should be able to achieve or become what we want thanks to those energetic units emanating from our own thoughts and emotions.

Under this perspective would enter that famous phrase of "you become what you think". It means that in the Universe there exists a kind of law of attraction where the own thought makes us reach our objectives. Well, it is not our purpose to criticize or defend this approach, because in reality things can become much simpler.

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Happiness is there

Leaving aside that kind of mind-universe attraction, we could say that life is a wonderful cluster of coincidences where happiness can be hidden in any corner, in any corner. However, not everyone can be receptive enough to see it, to get carried away.

It is not a matter of magic, but of openness, of wanting to see, of leaving the comfort zone and of opening those interior doors that we all have to allow us second chances. If one realizes that he deserves to be happy, he is already doing something great by himself.

It is "recognizing", it is nurturing that bond and that self esteem where things can start to be much easier. Because life is not planned and many times it is determined to contradict the plans we have made with all our illusion. Let's reflect on it.

Life simply happens and you have to get on that train to experience it to the fullest.


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You may dream of finding the perfect match. To that person who accompanies your days with affection, who is an accomplice of your desires and projects, lover of your smiles and the refuge of your hugs. You know how you would like it to be, an emotionally mature, fun, understanding, dialoguing, humble and fearless person living in their voids.

So, what do you think if instead of "dreaming" you first reach all those dimensions you want in the person you love? Become someone who is worth spending a lifetime with. Be that one or that you dream, because if you feel good about how you are, the happiness that you contribute to whoever is by your side will be more complete.


No, we are not talking about the law of attraction. It is something much simpler. Think, for example, of those people who have lived an affective failure and who decide to close the doors of their hearts. And even more, they build a shell around them and live on distrust, resentment.

Nobody deserves to live like that, even less in a prison that one creates. The key is to start tearing down interior walls: I deserve to be happy, I deserve time for myself, I deserve to enjoy my hobbies, go out into the world, I deserve to laugh and see myself well.

When you gratify yourself and give yourself what you really deserve, you open yourself to the world again, you become more receptive to what surrounds you, to what surrounds you. Until in the end, when we least expect it, life brings you what you need.

Is magic? Are the invisible strings of the Universe? No, it is to maintain optimism, to be receptive and to maintain a mental and emotional openness.


Beware of the card castles, with "our happiness is forever" and the "nobody will hurt me again". It is impossible to achieve emotional invulnerability and a story life where every dream is fulfilled because it is written that way.


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Life has no reins, no one can control what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone plan unattainable goals. Dreaming is not bad, not at all, feed our illusion and by extension the strength and resources we use to achieve our goals. However, we must be humble and learn to let ourselves go, with more flexibility.

Now, "letting ourselves go" does not mean putting the autopilot at all and allowing things to happen the way random or inertia wants. We all take the helm of our lives and know what direction to take, and we will guide our days by weathering winds and storms. With strength and integrity

BUT REMEMBER ... let yourself be carried away by the gentle winds, get out of your comfort zone and advance through those unknown islands, keep your mind open, your eyes awake and your heart receptive.

Life is not planned, it just happens, but coincidences must be seen because sometimes, LIFE IS NOT SPECIALIST IN GIVING SECOND OPPORTUNITIES


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