Andromeda, by Joe Nobel - Part 25 - A twist begins

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You don't have to start from the beginning. Just hop in bed and join the fun.

Last post, the girls talked of escape. This is how they motivate themselves into action...

 "...Hey! This is that old book of yours on witchcraft!”

 “No, it’s not! You misunderstand the words.”

 “I do not. I know what I’m reading.” Anna began leafing faster and faster. “Here it talks about the sabbats ... this page talks about summoning the elementals ... here are some spells ... a love spell, you’ve got a flower as a bookmark.”

 “I used it on Uri many years ago,” Liudmila said with a huff.


 “It worked too well.” Liudmila told her. “Then I used it on Aida.”

 “I hope you didn’t use it on me,” Anna mused.

 “I tried,” Ludmila looked at her. “It didn’t work. You were madly in love with Uri the day he took you.”

 “I was not!”

 “Hffff!” Liudmila reached for the book. “Now you’ve seen it, give it back.”

 “No way!” Anna turned away from her. “Hey, what’s at this bookmark?”

 “No! Give!” Liudmila tried to grab for it again. “Never mind what’s on that page. I wasn’t going to try it.”

 “Calling a god?” Anna looked up at her. “Who is Perun?”

 “He’s the chief of the gods.” Liudmila sat down again, frustrated. “The god of thunder and lightning, and of war. And you don’t call a god, you summon him. Besides, I told you, I was just reading. You know, today is summer solstice.”

 “I know. Pity we don’t have any virgins around here.” Then Anna saw the sheet of writing paper on the night stand. She grabbed for it, but Liudmila was quicker. “What’s on that?” Anna jumped on Liudmila, straddled her on the chest, and tried to snatch the sheet. Liudmila fought to keep hold of her notes.

 “Never mind what that is.” Liudmila struggled against her, but Anna quickly pulled the page free.

 When she unfurled the sheet, Anna saw a roughly drawn floor plan of the flat. Pentagrams were sketched in several rooms. The play room was circled.

 “You’re going to summon a god!” Anna laughed.

 “I am not, now get off me, you cunt!” Liudmila tried to push her off.

 “Why did you keep it a secret?”

 “Because you’d laugh at me!”

 “I’m not laughing!” Anna laughed.

 “You are, too.”

 “Hey, what’s going on here?” Aida stood in the door. “Have we all stopped arguing?”

 “Look at this.” Anna held up the diagram. “We’re doing witchcraft. Want to join us?”

 “It looks more like foreplay to me.” Aida walked in and sat on the bed, sitting next to Anna on top of Liudmila. She started reading the old book at the page Anna opened it to. “Cool. Let’s try it. Maybe we’ll summon up a freaky old spirit and he’ll fuck us good.”

 “You mean you haven’t been getting enough?” Anna said.

 “Do we get to be naked?” Aida asked putting an arm around Anna. “I hate being mad at you. Anna, we have to make up. Hey, does someone get to be an offering to this god? You know, tied up in the middle of the circle. If so, I think we should make Anna be the one!”

 “No!” Liudmila said, exasperated. “If you must know, I looked up this summoning spell because it appears that Anna, the famous spy that she is, can’t think of a plan of escape, so I was going to ask the god Perun to intercede for our release. Nobody gets to be tied up in the circle. We just stand around the pentagram chanting old Russian verses.”

 “It says here that a token sacrifice should be made.” Aida studied the page. “So, we can tie Anna down in the circle.”

 “It also says you have to burn the sacrifice!” Liudmila was getting impatient. “I think Master Uri will have something to say if Anna gets turned into a well-done lamb chop.”

 “We could drip wax from candles on her!” Aida said. “That would count as burning — symbolically.”

 “But, that’s not how it’s supposed to be done! Who knows what gods will show up if we change things around!” Liudmila tried to squirm free again. With the two on top of her, it was impossible for her to move. “Let me up! Please!”

 “If we can tie up Anna in the circle!” Aida insisted.

 “Alright!” Liudmila grumbled. “Tie her up if you want to, but I won’t be responsible for what happens.”

 “Just one thing,” Anna said, “you never asked if I wanted to be the one tied up in the circle.”

... to be continued...

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An unexpected twist....

i like being tied up! x