Invasion // Apocalyptic Nightmare

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Invasion // Apocalyptic Nightmare

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They're coming.

You've seen the reports on the news, but they won't say what the epidemic is exactly.
You watch as each day, more and more countries are effectively infected with this mysterious virus that causes its victims to become viciously aggressive.

They warn you to stay inside.

You've waited, hoping that the officials in power could solve this Global crisis, but it only seems to be getting worse.
You've now seen reports of the epidemic only thousands of miles from where you live.
You don't want to leave, but you need to go out and stock up on supplies.

Most of the stores are now closed and your city is like a ghost town.
The only place that is still open looks like a tornado hit it and most of the shelves are empty.
You manage to gather enough food and water to last for a few weeks, but you still don't have any weapons.
You don't even know where you would buy a gun.
You've never even shot a gun before.

You're screwed.

You go back home and try to call your family and some friends, but your cell is no longer working.
News reports become more sporadic and confusing.
Some reports say to avoid contact with other humans at all costs.
Others say to travel to the nearest quarantine area.
Graphic footage shows hundreds of infected being shot in the head.
The infected look like something from a horror movie.
You can't believe this is happening.

You don't know what to do.
You are paralyzed with fear.
You gather the only weapons you have in your home which are 3 steak knives.
You search your house for other items that can be turned into weapons.

You wait.

Days pass by as you eat sparingly, desperately trying to ration your food and water.
The electricity has now gone out.
You have no heat or running water.

You are so cold.

You look out your window and see armed soldiers going door to door.
You hear a muffled scream.
You hear gunfire.
Are they evacuating your area?
Are they shooting on sight?
You are too terrified to find out so you barricade yourself in your basement and spend most of your time sleeping in a depressed state of denial, fear, and exhaustion.
You are all alone.

The silence is deafening.

You awake one morning to the sound of scratching and moaning.

They're here.

You've gone through most of your rations.
It's been weeks since you've had contact with another human being.
You either stay where you are and die from starvation.

Or you go out and die fighting.

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Cool story! Seems realistic, makes me glad I'm in the country. I couldn't imagine the city, people would be so screwed were something apocalyptic to happen. At least here we could hide in the woods or something. Eat from the fields and hunt.
You know, I probably shouldn't say it, but the one common thing I have heard from several gun proponents is that if something were to happen, hordes of people would flee the cities for the country in search of food. They say they need guns to basically fight off the hungry starving masses. Sad, but there is no right answer. I like to think I'd share, but how does one share with a hungry mob? Do we fight them off the fields or let them have it and starve our families?
That's what most of their arsenals of weapons are for. Not for coyotes, government or invading armies, but rather the hungry starving desperate masses..


Very true. Sad and terrifying to think about.

Woow! What great writing, very reflective, a very real horror story. I really liked the writing, very exciting from beginning to end, especially to look like reality. Besides that the story leaves you in the decision of what to do, many do not know or just stay. I would go out with everything to defend my positions and thoughts. Great story, greetings and a strong psychological hug.

Thank you so much!!!

Wow great lyrics you've got there mam.

this is an awesome track. i can't believe you waited so long to whip it out. i'd like it even more intense, built up, so it really wails... but i'm freaky like dat.


nao listening to all de udder soundcloud tracks...


Thank you! Maybe I'll have my cats sing and wail on it....

Very beautiful how conceptual the music is from reading your post - you really are a wonderful storyteller


Thank you so much!

I can't get enough of apocalyptic stories, movies, games a.s.o! This text combined with the music really gave me that hopeless feeling of a zombie apocalypse, love it! It just happened that I recorded a song made from a poem I wrote a while ago. The interesting thing is that it tells the story from another perspective, the one of a man broken enough to realize he fits in when the world we know comes to an end :) I'll link it here IF you happen to have the time and interest to listen to it (I don't want to intrude, just got so exited after reading your text)


That's interesting because I wrote this zombie story while listening to the song I posted with it.
Listened to your song...very cool :)


Nice :) I'm gonna stick around, waiting for more inspiring material!


Oooh I like that zombie!

Quite some options left in that future... :D
Awesome post, a dystopia well written. Loved it, and the soundtrack too.


Thank you!!!

The story, The music, everything is perfect!

you now made me scared to go to bed LOLLL

Or you go out and die fighting.

Great last line!!!!!


Thank you!!!
Wohoo Snook approved!!!

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that's a scary situation and blends with the soundtrack.seems like the end.

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Wow! Beautiful work friend 👏 👏 👏

I guess it is time to go out and fight! And what a scary scenario!

Death is nothing, surely the fear is that you turn into one of them.

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