Choose your fights wisely

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Choose your fights wisely, not every fight is worth your energy. I always keep to that statement provided my my spirit directs me to do so. I never attached sentiments while working according to the direction of my spirit, it was just a "do as the spirit directs thing" until few days ago.

It was late in the night, you know how unsafe it is for a lady to take bike at night, so I stoped the next drop, after much hig and hag we agreed at a price and i jumped in, the next thing, we were at my gate. Time for payment. I Handed him a fresh #1000 note and patiently waited for my #700 only for this young man to give me #750 balance

At first I didn't count the money because the sight of the #50 note in my balance angered me immediately, Oga we agreed #300 why the presence of #50 note in my balance ehn?
Oga now said I should check my balance that he agreed to drop me at #350 and not #300.. I was mute for a sec; did I not hear him well?since when did the sound of #300 and #350 start rhyming?

I wanted to shout back and start an argument with him but something in me told me to keep calm and actually count the money he gave meIn the course of my silence I counted the money and told him it's #750, he shouted "yes that's your balance, please come down, it's getting late I have other passengers to pick". Quietly i alighted and headed into my compound.

This is actually an extremely little illustration wen compared to the real realities of life but I shared it so we could know that really not all fights worth our energy because God has other plans for us. It's just a hundred naira difference today, it could be one hundred million next time

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